Jimmy's Journal

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Entry 1

I was at the bar tonight with Danny and we see Karol. So, I go over to talk to her and get her too leave cuz she too young. She was with a guy and looked stoned. I talk her into leaving but he butts in and a she changes her mind like that. Weird.

He too old for her and I told him to piss off. He don't and gets mad. I try to grab her and go, but he has a helluva punch. I get up and kick him in the junk and throws me across the room. I don't know what Danny did but when I get up, he and Karol are gone. I called the cops and Danny went parkour on his ass.

And he, the guy, he was wrong. I mean, his face was… I dunno, it changed, like he had a devil inside. The cops come, but they useless. Don't matter she underage, don't matter she drugged, cops say Too bad. Danny, DANNY couldn't keep up and comes back hurtin.

So, I go home and have to tell Mom that I lost Karol. I slept for shit. Next day, I go to Ms. Danford's to find Jo and get her help with cops and maybe guns. We wind up in old man Luther's library and his face, that's a vampire face. Vampires got territory and they there so go looking. We go tracking and Ms. Danford come to call the cops if it hits the fan.

We find the guy and that fucker was strong. Bastard almost killed Danny, but the makeshift flamethrower seemed to work best. The blood-sucking freak heals bullets in front of us! Danny tosses a spay can and Jo shots it. Doesn't heal that. The. Danny chops his head off. With a Home Depot machete. Instant mummy.

We find Karol plus 2 other girls and jet. We put them and sleeping beauty in the car with Ms. Danford to go to the hospital while we take a cab home from up the street.

And, holy shit. Vampires. Are. Real. And I killed one. And, I got my sister back. That is some weird shit. I better make sure no ever finds this journal. I don't wanna go to the looney bin.

Entry 2

One of the girls died. That sucks. Karol seems to be doin good, but the docs keep haulin her in for tests. We all got to talkin about all the shit that went down, and we found out that Robert been lyin to us. We found out that my dad, Jo's dad, Mr. Danford and a couple of others used to go out and kill things like vampires and shit. Mr. Danford had an office in the basement that turned out to be filled with weird-ass weapons. There used to be books there too, but they was taken. Robert said that my dad, Jo's dad and Mr. Danford was all killed by monsters. I didn't see no monsters, though. I saw my dad get killed and there weren't no monsters there that I saw. We's gonna look into this, and try to find out what happened to them. The girl that died has disappeared from the hospital. Aw fuck, she might be a vampire.

Entry 3

We went out looking for Magdalena. We didn't find her until after the sun went down. Crap. Magdalena was in a church, and she seemed to be very confused. Unfortunately, when we found her she was also found by a gang of three other vampires. They not only didn't want to let us go, I thought that they weren't going to let us help Magdalena. It turns out that they were going to kill her because this is their turf. And they had figured out we were hunting her, so we were a threat to them as well. One, who said he was Miles, wouldn't come into the church. He told the other two to kill us and Magdalena. Danny just fucking killed one with that crossbow he has, after Jo put a shotgun shell into her. I fired as well, but did not do much. Magdalena ran, and so did Oz and Mrs. D. These fucking vamps can really move fast. The girl went out and up, then dropping into the church and grabbing Jo. Meanwhile, Miles went after Magdalena. Oz went outside and was attacked by Miles. I followed after Oz, and as he got back inside, I fired at Miles and then Mrs. D. closed the door. After that bitch vamp grabbed Jo, she started feeding off of Jo. Danny tried to help, and missed. He was then hit by a knife thrown by Miles, which nearly killed him. I then tried shooting the vamp that had Jo, and missed, actually hitting Jo instead. Goddamn vamp is too fucking fast. Miles threw a knife at Oz, and nearly killed him as well. We take out the bitch vamp, and Miles comes in. He bursts into flame, and Mrs. D. brought out some holy water and threw it on him. This fucking turned him to ash.

Entry 4

It took Danny way too fucking long to reload his crossbow, so I decided to make him a pneumatic crossbow. It's fucking awesome, can't wait to show it to Danny. Got a call from Karol saying that she thought she saw something outside her room. Jo and I checked it out. It was a raccoon. Jo talked her down. Then got a text from Oz: Ghost in hospital. Picked up Jo and she suggested going to Mrs. D's house so we can figure out what ghosts can do and how to do something about them. We got a shitload of information, pretty quick.

Entry 5

A while ago we all piled in the Scooby Van and drove out to meet one of my dad's cronies. This Hunter - no name out of respect - pointed a shotgun at us and told us to bleed before he let us in. Then, he said we was stupid to Hunt, but since we weren't gonna stop, he'd advise us. Good thing, too, cause it was his book that let us exorcise that demon.

After that adventure, he invited us over again and taught us some basic teamwork. Totally wasted some vampires with it, too. After we got back, Jo brings out these boxes with saint medals in them and gave us each one. She gave me a St. Michael medal, who she said is the patron saint of the police and was in honor of my father. Her choices were interesting. Any of us who had Hunters in the family, she gave us medals related to the family member while the rest got medals related to their abilities or what they do. So, if my father hadn't been a Hunter, mine would likely have been St. Patrick, the Partron saint of engineers.

Something that the Hunter said kind of bothered me. He said if we continue doing this, our families could get in trouble. I have a hard time beleiving that my father would do that without telling my mother, but I don't know how to ask her. I am thinking that I will start wearing the medal openly and see if she comments. Using it as an opening to a conversation.

Entry 6

We went to a Ball that was put together by the Phoenix Foundation. Oz was his usual high profile self, soon catching the attention of a vampire. He seems to have been whammied. The master vamp talked with Mrs. D, and says that his people didn't kill Mr. D or my dad. Jo doesn't appear to believe him.

Then some guy came in, and he appears to be being chased by nothing. Hell hounds, obviously. Daniel used his awesome to catch up to the guy, and saved him with some salt he got from Oz. We kept him in the room that Jo had gotten Mrs. D set aside for her (probably so that she could seduce Daniel), protected by Jo and Daniel. Meanwhile, the rest of us did research on hell hounds and crossroads demons.

Turns out crossroads demons control most hell hounds. These guys that have been dying have probably had contracts with the same crossroads demon. We talk with the guy and find out where the crossroads for this demon is. It takes a bit, and we have to set up an interesting trap, but we are able to talk to the demon. It wants to make a deal with us, but we can't do that. Demons can't be trusted. So we banish it. And it leaves a dead body there. Which we leave there. Which, of course, means that the guy was killed.

I'm beginning to notice that things are just better when they are done in multiples of threes.

Entry 7

Damn, Ken can be really annoying. He can't keep his shit clean and he can't put stuff he borrows back where it belongs. As I was telling him off, Mom came home and made me realize that I was becoming irrational and saying things I really shouldn't have. I don't know what happened, I just know that he pissed me off. He really pissed me off.

Oz found some weird deaths. Danny and Jo went to investigate. They ran into a strange guy at one of the gambling tables, and then again later on. While they were gone, the rest of us did some research. We found that it could be a witch's curse, a trickster, a kitsune or a cursed item. We did some research on all of these, and found that it seems to be a trickster. We do need to find out WHICH trickster to figure out what to do, though. And now, Jo and Danny appear to have been hit by the luckies. Lucky them.

Entry 8

We were called by the VASCU to investigate some mysterious deaths in a small town in Western Michigan. Seems like a couple of kids have died in mysterious circumstances on a dangerous stretch of road. They said it was important for us to look into it. So we did. But Mrs. D couldn't go with us. We did some research before leaving, and the road sure seems to be a serial killer. But it is a small town, and it is hard to get the details. When we get to the town, we get a hotel and go up to the spot where the accidents happen. Using the EMF, we find that there was definitely something supernatural going on. Looking at the road, we figured out that the last car to go over didn't seem to have really tried to make the turn. We leave the area and go to the library and do some research. Oz and I hit the microfiche, while Danny and Jo talked to the librarian. We got some information, but weren't really able to get much until we got some information from Danny and Jo. Using microfiche is a huge pain in the butt. It takes forever to get anything. The librarian knew the name of the girl who is supposed to be the first death in this set, and from that they found a song about the legend. From there, we found a kid who survived. What a pain in the ass that was. We had to find out when the gap in the deaths was, then find which Thomas was the right one from that period. Luckily, there were only two, and the song gave us a clue on how to find him. We went to talk to him. We were able to convince him that we weren't reporters and that we wanted to help with the problem. He told us his story. The problem is a ghost. The ghost of a young woman who was killed in 1953, on the day of her prom. It appeared to be a race through Sidewinder road, and she went off the side of the road at a hairpin turn down a cliff. The other car involved was unknown. Now she challenges teens to races every few years, and kills them. Her body was burned a few years after Tom found out that she is real, but that didn't destroy her ghost. Destroying her ghost will be difficult. We could destroy her car, find her killer and prove it, bring her boyfriend to her or beat her in a race. We decided that it's time for more research. Tom knew the boyfriend's name and SSN, and that was enough to find him. Lucky for us, he's alive. Getting old, and in a nursing home, but still alive. Turns out that most of the old mans problem is loneliness, nowadays. Physically, he broke his hip and doesn't get around so well, but otherwise he seems to be in good shape. We eventually talked him into coming with us to see Rose, though he didn't believe us, partly due to bribery and partly duty, and partly a desire, even though he wouldn't admit it, to see Rose. We gave him a good meal and brought him to the curve, setting up flares to keep us from being run over. She showed up, they talked, and she told us someone had been there recently and done something. Then she crossed over. Eric asked for a drink instead of another piece of pie. The next day we went down to her car and found a stone with some kind of sigil on it, and four other stones at the cardinal points on a circle around the car. We talked some more to Tom, and he didn't want details. He did tell us about a bar near St. Louis called The Roadhouse.