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Jo Masters
Jo Masters.jpg
Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2;

Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3;
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3


Academics 2 (Business)(9a)
Computer 1
Crafts 1
Investigation 1
Occult 1
Politics 1
Science 1

Athletics 2 (Running)
Drive 1
Firearms 3 (Pistols +2, Shotguns +1) (9a)
Larceny 1
Stealth 2
Survival 1


Empathy 1
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Streetwise 1 (Canvassing)
Subterfuge 1

Spanish 1, Professional Training 3: Gun shop Owner (Academic, Firearms, Shotguns, Canvassing), Resources 2, Mentor 2 (Uncle Joe), Contact 2 (Police, Survivalists), Area of Expertise 1: Firearms: Pistols, Quick Draw (Pistols), Firefight 1
Health: 8, Willpower: 4, Size: 5, Speed: 10, Defense: 5 (Armor: Kevlar Vest (1/3), Reinforced Clothes (1/0)), Initiative: 5 (+5 with intent to shoot and draw)
Rating: 5
Current Conditions
False Memories (Persistent)
Remembering things that never existed. Believe memories to be true no matter what. Being faced with proof that memories are fake is a breaking point.
Possible Sources: Mental powers, psychological trauma, hypnosis
Resolution: Succeed at a breaking point when faced with proof of memory falseness.
Beats: Trust someone or make a mistake based on inaccurate memories.
Wild about someone; -2 to any roll that adversely affects them; they gain +2 on Social rolls against you, and treat your impression as one level higher.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Persuasion, Subterfuge; mental powers, having another help you fulfill your Vice.
Resolution: Your character does something for his love interest that puts him in danger, or he opts to fail a roll to resist a Social action by the specified character. Alternately, if the target of your interest does something to badly damage that interest, you may resolve this Condition as well.


Full Name - Josephine Catherine Masters Build - Small and Athletic
Ethnicity - African-American
Education: BS - Major in Business, Minor in Computers
Religion: Catholic - and getting the feels

Daniel Masters

Daniel Masters

was a dedicated Firefighter, and lost his life in 2001, in the line of duty. Daphne teaches 3rd grade, and always hoped her daughter would be a little more like her, and a little less like her father. She secretly fears her daughter is a lesbian, and what would she do, then?

Uncle Joe Walt was a career soldier, drafted in 1970, serving in Vietnam, and retiring in 2000. He grew up on the same street as Daniel Masters, attended school together, were drafted together, but Daniel left the Army as soon as he could, married his sweetheart Daphne Parks, and started a family. His first and only child, born after a series of miscarriages, was not the son he had hoped for, but he named her Josephine, regardless, and always called her Jo.

Uncle Joe returned in 2000 and Jo turned to Uncle Joe as a substitute father when Daniel died. Attending Wayne State University on a Track scholarship, Jo worked nights and weekends with Uncle Joe, helping him set up his shop and, later, shooting range. After graduation, she took a job full time in his shop. Since, she has begun buying her way into a partnership, with the intention that she take over when he retires.

Uncle Joe

She still runs regularly, rides a high performance motorcycle, and loves the smell of gun oil.

A few years ago, she was slipped a mickey and nearly raped. While she does not know it, she was rescued by Daniel, who taunted her assailants and drew them away. It landed him the hospital. It increased her interest in guns and is part of the reason why she still lives at home and doesn't go out very much at night.

  • What is the worst thing I have done?
    • Did not properly store a gun and a child accidentally shot it. No harm was done, but it was too close.

  • What is the worst thing I can see myself doing?
    • Violently over-reacting and misjudging the need for violence.
  • What is the worst thing I can imagine someone doing?
    • Causing deliberate harm (emotional, physical, etc) to a child.

  • What has your character forgotten?
    • Dreams a week before it happened of her father dying in the fire.
  • What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me?
    • Nearly raped, saved by Daniel.
    • Although, being "blissed out" by a Vampire while being eaten is a close second.
    • Having her family home, with all its memories and treasures, burned down is up there, too.


Is she a lesbian? She don't date for years, and now she got a younger white boy in her bed. What's up with that?

For a little extra, you can buy off the books at the Gun Lobby...

Jo is in the pocket of that crime ring... have you met her cousin? That ain't no coincidence. And, the cops been investigating here. Did you see that crowd outside the Gun Lobby? Sure weren't there for old Joe!

She be pure Oreo. She be talkin' street like a second tongue, she got a white boy in her bed, and she hangs with old white money.


  • Virtue: Just
  • Vice: Vengeful
  • Aspirations: List three short-to-medium term goals for your character. These may be in any arena of his life she considers important.
    • Discover what happened to Dad
    • Resolve the Danny Situation resolved
    • Discover the truth about what she does not remember
    • Convince Clara of the Truth resolved
    • Obtain PI License
    • What happened to Rebecca?
    • Get wrapped up on my cousin's underworld business
    • Establish a relationship with a supernatural being
    • Discover the connection of the Shadow to Detroit.
  • Integrity: 5
  • Breaking Points:
    • Causing harm through negligence or carelessness
    • Violently over-reacting
    • Witnessing harm to a child
    • Moments of déjà vu
    • Loss of memory
    • Losing control of my body


  • Possessions: St. Florian Medal pendant +1 vs possession, magnesium firestarter survivalist knife, scarf, older motorcycle, iPhone, Zombies! Run!, Consultant ID
  • Weapons: Colt .45 (Heavy Pistol), Glock 17 (Light Pistol), Remington (Shotgun), .38 Special (Light Revolver)
  • Other Notes: Starr Single Action .44 Civil War Revolver.
  • From the Armory Silver Buckshot.


  • Flaw: Description

Merit Details

  • Merit:
    Clara Belloni and Blackjack
    • 1 Language: Spanish
    • 3 Professional Training: Gun Store/Range Owner (Academic, Firearms, Streetwise; Business, Pistols, Shotguns, Canvassing)
    • 2 Resources
    • 2 Mentor: Uncle Joe. Mentor Skills: Crafts, Resources, Streetwise. Once per story a Mentor may use one of their Skills as a Favor for the PC, this is done with a number of automatic successes equal to the rating of the mentor.
    • 1 Area of Expertise (pistols)
    • 1 Quick Draw
    • 1 Firefight
  • Contacts:
    • 2 Police
    • 2 Survivalists

My police contact is primarily represented in the person of Officer Clara Belloni. Clara is part of the K-9 unit and has competed with Jo in competition shooting. They have professional respect for each other and a general liking. Recently, Clara realized that Jo is Up to Something regarding certain crimes, and warned her to stay clear of them.

Friends and Family


  • Daphne Wilson Masters:
    Daphne and Jake
    Mother - a veteran elementary teacher and widow, Daphne is better off than most would assume. She owns her house outright and has a tidy little nest egg to retire on. She lives quietly in the house her husband was born in and considers moving to be an impossible proposition. Instead, she tries to build and maintain as much community in her neighborhood as she can. She is well aware of the violence in the city, and is quietly glad her daughter is a gun nut.
  • Kiara Wilson Reed:
    older cousin - Kiara is the oldest girl of my generation on my mother's side. She has 4 kids, and thinks that babies and a strong man are a woman's calling. She got married to the father of her last three kids. The first child's father wasn't interested in a family and dumped her when she didn't get an abortion. She takes great pleasure in extracting all the child support from him that she can get. She is bossy, loving, demanding, and takes no shit from anyone. She sees herself as Matriarch-in-Waiting and defers to no one, not even my mother Daphne, though she gets respect.

    • Jasmine "Jazzy" Wilson - Jazzy is 14 and takes after her mother, which is just as well, given the persona non grata that is her father. She is serious and takes her Big Sister role seriously. She manages to avoid bossy only by being rational and caring. She winds up babysitting a lot, but she also gets paid for it. She has her own bank account, a debit card, and knows, to the last cent, the worth of her time.
    • Micah Reed - Micah is 10 and spends his time taking things apart and putting them back together. He flatly refuses to look up blueprints or get advice, and I generally give him strange old electronics, toys, and other devices for his birthday. They usually don't work again the way they used to, but he has made a few franken-devices that are functional, if strange. He is dyslexic and loathes reading anything.
    • Wilson "Wil" Reed - Wil is 9, has asthma and is the poster boy for books. He reads old Hardy Boys novels, the vintage ones, and spends time trying to turn them into graphic novels. He often helps Micah with his homework in exchange for chores. He will read the assignment and tell Micah what is important. I think he is likely to skip a grade, as he is learning everything his brother does.
    • Jacob "Jake" Reed - Jake is 6 and is made of mischief. He will prank anyone and then give them an angels smile. If he had any malice, there would be no living with him. Instead, he pulls his jokes and then gives you a kiss.
  • Angel Wilson:
    Angel Wilson
    cousin - Angel is a savvy businesswoman, a purveyor of affordable goods. She neither, ah, acquires the goods herself, nor sells them. Instead, she is something like a distributor. She can hold them until the, ah, market cools down, but takes a bigger cut if she does. So far as I know, she deals in goods originating in corporations, not from folk or small businesses. I don't buy from her, nor sell her goods, though she has purchased from me a time or two. I won't say she was pleased to have it on the record, but that is the price of business in my store, and she knows it.

In some ways, Angel reminds me of Jake. She has a sense of humor a mile wide, though it has gotten a bit sharper lately. Still, she can tell a joke that would make a Klansman smile. Her humor is natural, but is also a defense. After all, the laughing woman doesn't LOOK like a criminal, now does she? She has charmed her way out of trouble more than once, and she is quite loveable, even by Kiara who Disapproves.


  • Joe Walt: Honorary Uncle - Owner of the shop, ex-military, disabled, second father.
  • Karol: Running Partner - James' younger sister - 18 years old. Over-nighted with a vampire, but rescued.
  • Stefan Walker:
    in-the-closet gay boyfriend - Stefan isn't out with his family. He is kinda like a cousin, but he is a step-son, so there is no blood relationship. He uses me as cover when he needs a girlfriend and I do the same when cousin Kiara, the brood mother, decides I need to settle down and make babies. He is very attractive, usually reserved unless he is out with you, then he is outgoing and playful. He has both ears pierced, and makes it a rule to wear both at all times, unless making a deliberate statement. (Update) Staged a spectacular break-up when she decided to try out a relationship with Danny.


  • Javier Chavez:
    Clerk - Javier is a part-time clerk. Along with his brother Jose, he fills in the hours that Joe and I can't take. Born here in Detriot, he is married, with a baby on the way. His wife, Maria Jose, was born in Argentina and is still learning English. He is smooth-talking, fluent in English and Spanish, and very proud.

  • Jose Chavez:
    Clerk - Jose is sweet, shy, and courteous. He opens doors for women, sings in a warm baritone, and talks very little. He doesn't have a girlfriend, and his brother sometimes wonders... but no. Of course not. So far as I can tell, he is just shy, but who knows?
  • Madison Kent:
    Deliveries - Madison is a high school drop out. Just turned 19, she got the job with my supplier just over a year ago. She is strong, white, butch, and as strait as can be. She might have a crush on Jose, but he seems oblivious and she doesn't seem to regret it too much, as she is not lacking in boyfriends. Still, she always has a word for him, and seems to make deliveries when he is here.


A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Money: Carries a moderate amount of cash, a credit card with a low limit, and a debit card.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: St. Florian medal, earrings, nose ring, rockin' scarf, and jangly braclets.
  • Communication: iPhone, also an unused burner phone.
  • Food: Protein Power Shake in the morning, lunch at a local diner or Chinese joint, dinner at the Danford House. Like to eat in with Danny, sometimes I also like to eat out. Still not big on alcohol.
  • Housing: Taken residence at The Danford House, though not my legal residence.
  • Days: Jogging in the morning, work during the day. Training when she is not too busy. Weekends usually involve something sporty, gunny, family-y, or Danny-y. Spending time working towards a PI license.
  • Evenings: I like to spend time with Danny, watching movies or cuddling, or whatever. Still prefer to be home before dark, though for better reasons than before.



Quick Draw (•) (Purchased) Prerequisites: Wits •••, a Specialty in the weapon or fighting style chosen

Effect: Choose a Specialty in Weaponry or Firearms when you purchase this Merit. Your character has trained enough in that weapon or style that pulling the weapon is her first reflex. Drawing or holstering that weapon is considered a reflexive action, and can be done any time her Defense applies.

Area of Expertise (•) (Purchased) Prerequisite: Resolve •• and one Skill Specialty Effect: Your character is uncommonly specialized in one area. Choose a Specialty to assign to this Merit. Forgo the +1 bonus afforded by a Specialty in exchange for a +2."

Professional Training (Streetwise: Canvassing) (•••) (Purchased) Effect: Breadth of Knowledge: Due to advancement in her field, she's picked up a number of particular bits of information and skill unique to her work. Choose a third Asset Skill (Streetwise) and two Specialties (Canvassing, Shotguns) in your character's Asset Skills.

Investigation (•) (Purchased)


Strength •••

Composure •••

Firefight (Style, • to •••)

Current Beats: /
Unspent Experiences: /
Spent Experiences: /
Practical Experiences
Current Practical Beats: /
Unspent Practical Experiences: /
Spent Practical Experiences: /
Experiences Earned
• July 3rd: 1 beats
• July 16th: 5 beats
• July 31st:1 beat
• August 13th 2 beats
August 27th 4 beats
September 10th: 1 beat
September 24th: 2 beats • January 14th: 1 beats
Quick Draw, Area of Expertise (Firearms), Investigation, Professional Training •••