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Goddess of Mystery, Language and Thought

Khaedlan PCs
  • Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Skill
  • Channel Divinity Feats: Power of Aumanator, Nowhere to Hide, Aureon's Instruction, Glittergold's Gambit, Oghma's Recall

Avengers of Kaedlah


Clerics of Kaedlah


Invokers of Kaedlah


Paladins of Kaedlah


Runepriests of Kaedlah


Also called XXX

  • Portfolio: XXX
  • Depiction: XXX
  • Symbols: XXX
  • Origins: XXX

Loreholm (Empyrean Heaven)

There is no "outdoors" to Loreholm: it is a massive library-realm filled with all the books that have ever been written, and many inchoate texts whose content is ever-shifting, coming closer and closer to the form that will one day be writ. Kaedlah's realm is a place of perpetual hush, and floating orbs of gentle white light, providing perfect illumination to read by without disturbing others. Her librarian-angels maintain the order of the library, and the souls of those who furthered, preserved and exulted in all manner of lore and knowledge peruse its contents and meet to discuss their findings in its many courtyards.

Known Factions