Kaito Koheji

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Kaito Koheji
Clan: Phoenix     Family: Kaito
School: Kaito Shrine Keeper     Rank: 1 (11 xp)
Titles: Emerald Magistrate (8 xp)
Earth: 1      Air: 3
Water: 2      Fire: 2
      Void: 3
Ninjō: Desires the love of a man
Giri: xxx
Endurance: 6
Composure: 6
Focus: 5     Vigilance: 3
Honor: 50     Glory: 45     Status: 30
Artisan Skills: Aesthetics -, Composition -, Design -, Smithing -
Martial Skills: Fitness 2, Martial Arts [Melee] 1, Martial Arts [Ranged] 2, Martial Arts [Unarmed] -, Meditation 1, Tactics -
Scholar Skills: Culture 1, Government -, Medicine -, Sentiment -, Theology 3
Social Skills: Command -, Courtesy -, Games -, Performance 1
Trade Skills: Commerce -, Labor -, Seafaring -, Skullduggery -, Survival -
Advantages and Disadvantages
Distinctions: Blissful Betrothal (Water): Koheji's marriage to the talented Chiyo was particularly advantageous to himself and his family.
Adversities: Benten's Curse (Air): Koheji's flirtations with men are often misinterpreted because of his attempted subtlety in the face of his marriage and general awkwardness.
Blackmailed by Bayushi Shigeyuki (Air)
Passions: Tea (Void): Koheji finds the tea ceremony a haven in difficult times, and he can talk one's ear off over the provenance and qualities of any tea.
Anxieties: Materialism (Void): Koheji chafes at the ascetic traditions of the shrine keepers, and he embraces the fine things in life a bit too closely for a monk.
School Abilities
Hawk's Precision

Tempest of Air
Cleansing Rite
Commune With The Spirits
By the Light of the Lord Moon
Blessed Wind
Cloak of Night
Bind the Shadow

Sanctified Robes, Wakizashi, Yumi, Quiver of Arrows, Bo, Scroll Satchel, Fine Tea Set, Traveling Pack