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Location: Puyallup
Activities: Gambling, smuggling, prostitution, extortion
Oyabun: Kosuke Tomowaza
Wakagashira: Sayuri
Shategashira: xxx
Saiko-Komon: x
Affiliates: x

The Kenran-kai are the worst parts of the Seattle Yakuza. During Crash 2.0, a former Yakuza oyabun named Isao Nishidon attempted to take control of the Seattle Yakuza. His attempt failed miserably, and rather than submit to punishment, he decided to commit seppuku. Those that were left of Nishidon’s gumi were allows to live with the stain of their leader’s dishonor. Some of the Shigeda-gumi members were also brought in, and the Kenran-kai was born.

Despite their ramshackle origin, and being stuck with Puyallup as their turf, oyabun Tomizawa takes his responsibility very seriously. The Kenran-kai are working very hard to win the trust of the Puyallup peoples, because their support will be critical to the overall success of the Kenran-kai.

Because of their location and lack of numbers, the Kenran-kai recruit heavily from those people most yakuza organizations would ignore: specifically women and metahumans. This has made the organization the most diverse and modern of the yakuza clans.


Kosuke Tomizawa
Oyabun of the Kenran-kai
Kosuke Tomizawa was handed a pretty terrible hand the day he began oyabun of the Kenran-kai. However, like any good yakuza oyabun, he has made the best of things. He takes his responsibility to reform and expand the Kenran-kai very seriously, and works hard to win the trust of the residents of Puyallup. Kosuke allows metahumans and women to join his ranks, ostensibly as an effort to show that the Kenran-kai aren’t in Puyallup to dominate the district but rather to represent its interests. As a result, Kosuke has one of the largest clans in the city under his thumb. However, the majority of these people are outsiders, untrained and unprepared in the event of a major coup.

So Kosuke sits tight, expanding his holdings and biding his time for the moment to bring the Kenran-kai to a position of power. Many believe that Kosuke could be convinced to represent the “New Way” – a movement within the Yakuza to embrace magic and metahumans, and to purge the traditional yakuza prejudices and practices. Tomizawa is still very traditional, and very hardline, but he can’t be picky. It is possible that one of his kobun may attempt to take power from him if he won’t espouse the “New Way” philosophies.
Wakagashira of the Kenran-kai
Oyabun Tomizawa's recently-announced wakagashira, Sayuri has been at his side since he took control of the Kenran-kai. For a while, no one even knew whether or not she was Yakuza proper. Not that it mattered - she saved his life more than once, eventually revealing a mastery of sorcery and conjuring that made her the right-hand of the oyabun. Some say the two are lovers, but by and large, this gumi cares not one whit: the two are more powerful together, and that power benefits the Kenran-kai.