Kuni Tanaka

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Kuni Tanaka
Clan: Crab     Family: Kuni
School: Kuni Purifiers     Rank: 1
Titles: Emerald Magistrate, Witch Hunter
Earth: 3      Air: 1
Water: 1      Fire: 3
      Void: 2
Ninjō: Fight for the rights of beast people
Giri: xxx
Endurance: 12
Composure: 8
Focus: 4     Vigilance: 1
Honor: 30     Glory: 44     Status: 30
Artisan Skills: Aesthetics 1
Martial Skills: Fitness 2, Martial Arts (Melee) 2, Meditation 1
Scholar Skills: Medicine 2, Theology 2
Social Skills: xxx
Trade Skills: Commerce 1, Labor 1
Advantages and Disadvantages
Distinctions: Friend of Nezumi (Tattered Ear Tribe)
Adversities: Haunting
Passions: Fortune Telling
Anxieties: Paranoia, Superstition
School Abilities
Gaze Into Shadow
Striking as Earth, Armor of Earth, Jade Strike, Bind the Shadow, Biting Steel, Commune with the Spirits, Threshold Barrier, Caress of Earth, Wall of Earth, Jurojin's Balm, Courage of Seven Thunders, Symbol of Earth [Kata, Invocations, and Rituals]
Sanctified Robes, Pectoral of Goblin Bones (Divination Kit), Tetsubo, Wakizashi, Knife, Make-up Kit, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack