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Fiat Lux
Farseeker: Veles
Doorwarden: Ororo
Hearthmaster: Sarah Stainless
Lorekeeper: Mneme
Edgetender: Gutenberg
Others: XXX
Cabal Sanctum
Sanctum Name: The Vinelight
Location: Pearl District, NE Portland
Merits Invested: Sanctum 5, Hallow 2, Library 2
Cabal Holdings
Residences: XXX
Businesses: XXX
Other: XXX

This cabal was formed in 2010 by Portland's Hierarch, Agrippa, in response to the increasing influx of strange mages to the Consilium of the Rose. Their mission is simple: investigate mages new to the area, discovering whether they are refugees from Seer attacks, newly awakened Mages or Seers themselves.

Cabal Timeline

  • January, 2010: Agrippa organizes the cabal, putting one of his apprentices and a trustworthy member of the Silver Ladder at its center. In the months that follow, a member of the Free Council and a Guardian newly arrived from Salem are added to it.
  • March, 2010: The cabal's sanctum, a winebar called the Vinelight opens for business. That month, they are called upon to rescue a young newly Awakened Obrimos from a Banisher. The Banisher is brought to justice, and the Obrimos, named Gabriel, brought into the cabal as an apprentice.
    • Later that month, the cabal learns that King has called for a vote among the Council declaring Gabriel to be a Banisher. This is a result of a series of secret attacks by Banishers converging on Portland. The cabal kicks into high gear, politics-wise to try and prevent the wanton murder of one of their apprentices.
    • This ends in Veles sending Gabriel away to be trained by the Guardians at Mt. Angel. In the meantime, the cabal discovers that the divinations that seem to indicate his eventual transformation into a Banisher are far less certain if he is not in Portland, and armed with this knowledge convince most of the Council to rescind their votes in favor. During this time, they also discover that the Resonance around their sanctum has become Predatory, resulting in a spike in muggings in the neighborhood, and a virtual desertion of the corresponding Shadow by spirits. At the meeting with the Council, not only is the vote denied, but Hierarch Agrippa makes it known that had it gone through, he would have overturned it.
    • Afterwards, the cabal is invited to participate in an archaeomancer's dig by Hypatia. They ask for time to consider it. Upon returning home, they discover that their sole remaining apprentice, Michael, has lapsed into unconsciousness. With some quick magical investigation, they ascertain that his soul is gone.

Sigil Banner

Upon a field of midnight blue, twisting rose vines of pale green, entwined about a yellow-lit Rose Lantern. Upon the vines bloom five blossoms of dusky rose in hue, with myriad unopened buds of pale saffron. Hanging from the lantern is a plaque, engraved with the seals of five Orders: Adamantine Arrow, Guardians of the Veil, Silver Ladder, Mysterium and Free Council. Entangled in the vines, along the bottom, are a carved wooden cross, a scroll, a chalice, a sword and a shield. Writ across the top of the Heraldry are the words: Fiat Lux.

Declared Holdings

  • The Vinelight: A wine bar in Portland's Pearl District.

Cabal Protocols


We bear the Rose Lantern, and maintain its illumination. To some, it is a beacon of welcome; to others, it is the light of revelation and truth. We, the Lamplighters, shall nurture the newly Awakened with one hand, and defend the Rose Consilium with the other.


We, the Lamplighters, do take the following as our sacred duties before the Rose Seat and the Consilium of the Rose:

  • The Lamplight Injunction: Investigation of new or otherwise unknown magi to the Consilium.
  • The Rose Lantern Injunction: To this end, we shall grant limited access to our cabal sanctum to all properly declared magi of the Rose Consilium, and make available the means of contacting us, day or night. The locations that we make open to the Consilium shall be marked with the Rose Lantern of our cabal.
  • The Light of Guidance Injunction: We shall approach the newly-Awakened, teach them what it means to be one of the Wise and guide them towards their initiations into the Pentacle Orders. In this capacity, we shall liaison closely with the Hierarch and Council.
  • The Light of Defense Injunction: We shall investigate strange magi and act as the first line of defense for the Consilium should they be revealed to be enemies of the Pentacle Orders and Consilium. In this capacity, we shall liaison with Sentinels of Thorn and Petal.
  • The Light of Welcome Injunction: We shall act as intermediaries between the Consilium and newly-arrived magi of the Orders. In this capacity, we shall liaison with Heralds of Thorn and Petal.

Great Rights

The Lamplighters observe all five of the Great Rights of Crossing, Emeritus, Hospitality, Nemesis and Sanctuary.

Lesser Analogues



This portion deals with activities banned by the cabal.


There are as yet no Addenda to the Cabal's Charter.

Cabal Merits

  • Sanctum: Size 3, Security 2. The cabal's main sanctum is the wine room.
  • Library: This library, which belongs to Mneme, covers the following topics: Lex Magica, Atlantis.
  • Hallow: Rating 2, Welcoming Resonance. This hallow is X.

Cabal Members

  • X

Cabal Sanctum

  • X