Languages of Calador

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How "common" and readily available any given langauge is will vary by region and character background. This list is presented from the point of view of a resident of urban Daltes.

Common Languages

  • Threxantran: the language of humans is used throughout the Daltes, Talaria, Estland, Malixia, Noth, much of Nycandria and some of Valexys. The tongue is a fusion of three dead languages; Carlitia, Thissia and Thexdoni. Uses the Caladorn alphabet.
  • Darshinian: the language native to the continent of Darshiniath has spread throughout Manix and beyond due to the wayfaring and mercantile nature of the Darshinian people. Uses the Darshinian alphabet.
  • Goltiri: the dwarven language that originated from their gol ancestors from the elemental plane of earth. Also the most common language in Nakaltia. Uses the Goltiri alphabet.
  • Misantil: the elven language from the lands of Misanta is used by elves throughout all of Manix. Uses the Tianne alphabet.
  • Krom: the language of giants, ogres, minotaurs and others in the regions of Krive Del. The yokir of the Summer Kingdoms speak a variant dialect of the language. Uses the Goltiri alphabet.
  • Gorva: the language of goblins, hobgoblins and other races descended from the golthyr. Uses the Goltiri alphabet.
  • Orbaan: the language of orcs, bugbears and others in the regions of Salista Hoventesh. Uses the Goltiri alphabet.
  • Vardog: the language of kobolds and gnolls. Uses a variant of the Goltiri alphabet.
  • Laeo: the ancient hobbit language that has been adopted by many of the people of Valexys, especially the kyanna and illian. Uses the Caladorn alphabet.
  • Astridir: the language of the slyvan and fae creatures outside of Kythennia. Uses the Tianne alphabet.
  • Quithu: the language of the merfolk shared by others in the Sea of Lirsa and other waters of Threxantra. Uses the Tianne alphabet.

Uncommon Languges

  • Nokol: the gnomish language. Since the destruction of the gnomish homeland of Northall, use of the language is in decline as an increasing number of the gnomes that fled to Nakaltia have converted to the use of Goltiri. The language is still commonly used amongst the people of Striker in Tranzconox. Uses the Goltiri alphabet.
  • Skryt: the language of the rofka. Uses the Roken alphabet.
  • Tarew Hand Sign: this nonverbal language uses gestures and hand signs and was designed in order for the deaf to communicate. It is also popular amongst rogues and merchants who often combine it with thieves cant, making it impossible for others to gleam meaning from.
  • Huldra: the drow language that is shared by numerous other races in the region known as the Underdark. Uses the Tianne alphabet.
  • Golgueri: the duergar language. Uses the goltiri alphabet.
  • Thollir: the language of the swamp elves, guktan, bullywugs and others in the regions of Dontholl Mex. Uses the Caladorn alphabet.
  • Conox: the language spoken throughout the deserts of Tranzconox other than the nation of Striker, where Nokol is the dominant tongue. Uses the Caladorn alphabet.
  • Shissar: the language of lizardfolk, shissar and yuan-ti. Uses the Shissar alphabet.
  • Caladorn: used commonly by the centaurs of eastern Threxantra, this is one of the earliest languages spoken by humans and the root of most of the languages that use the Caladorn alphabet. It sounds very similar to Threxantran as that tongue was a fusion of three languages that had evolved from Caladorn.
  • Raandracoi: also known as BalGez'ir, this is the language spoken by dragons and other draconian species. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Tianne: this erudite language is typically used by mages, artificers, scholars and sages as well as the language of the sphinx and enigmatic saleer. It is said to be the first language, created by elves or gods or powers older than both. It is also well known to be the language of magic. Uses the Tianne alphabet.

Rare Languages

  • Seltiri: the language of the sylvan and fae creatures of Kythennia. Uses the Tianne alphabet.
  • Worg: the spoken language of worgs.
  • Kythell: the common language of Kythennia. Uses the Caladorn alphabet.
  • Sistrithan: the language of the distant lands of Y'Tiless, Nokintru and Einyithis. Uses the Caladorn alphabet.
  • English: the language of the people of Arris. It is also used by members of the Sisterhood and planeswalkers.
  • Thri-Kreen: the audible language of the thri-kreen race.
  • Trythan: the language of the Summer Kingdoms of Trytha. Uses Trythik lithographic characters (simple variation of BalGez'ir).
  • The Speech of Ul: the language of the kitsune in the Summer Kingdoms. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Nagi: the language of the taro-naga in the Summer Kingdoms. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • R'lyehian: the language of the aboleth and other aberrants. Uses Yl'ygoth lithographic characters.
  • Kuo-Toan: the language of the kuo-toa. Uses Yl'ygoth lithographic characters.
  • Sahuagauth: the language of the sahuagin. Uses the Tianne alphabet.
  • Treant: the language of the treants. Uses the Tianne alphabet.
  • Tengu: the tengu language used by most avian races. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Nezumi: also known as Athal'raan, this is the language used by the nezumi, neogi and other denizens of the Nulldark. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.

Planar & Elemental Languages

  • Celestial: the language of celestials and beings of the upper planes. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Infernal: the language of devils and beings of the lower planes of order. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Abyssal: the language of demons and beings of the lower planes of chaos. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Ignan: the language of beings of the elemental plane of fire. Uses BalGez'ir lithographic characters.
  • Auran: the language of beings of the elemental plane of air. Uses the Algul alphabet.
  • Aquan: the language of beings of the elemental plane of water. Uses the Algul alphabet.
  • Terran: the language of beings of the elemental plane of earth. Uses the Goltiri alphabet.

Dead Languages

  • Carlitia: the ancient tongue of the Carlitian people before their continent was merged with two others to form the western regions of what is now Threxantra.
  • Thixxia: the ancient tongue of the Lanthlixian people before their continent was merged with two others to form the eastern regions of what is now Threxantra.
  • Thexdoni: the ancient tongue of the Threxdon people before their continent was merged with two others to form the central regions of what is now Threxantra.
  • Kadarthic: known also as Moonsong (not to be confused with the druid language Adrian), this was the language of the once powerful, now extinct hiklos race that had ruled and ravaged the ancient world. Uses the Kadarthic alphabet.

Secret Languages

  • Adrian: called the Song of the Moons, this is the secret language of the druids.
  • Thieves Cant: the secret language of organized crime and thieves guilds, said to have been taught to them by the god(dess) Mask.
  • Tolholdok: the secret hand sign language used by the drow.
  • Myconid: the "language" of the myconid is a spore based form of communication.