Lazy Dragon

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The Lazy Dragon
Lion Street •  Old TempleCastle Ward
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Breakfast: A small bit of baked goodness, with a side of cheese and fruit, awaits hungry patrons in the morning.
Luncheon Stew: A rich and hearty stew, with good baked rolls, are ladled up from the kettle-hook in the taproom's hearth at midday.
Evening Meal (Small): A slice of dinner pie and a bit of cheese.
Evening Meal (Large): A fine roast or shank of meat, usually with turnips or potatoes, and another side item.
Common Drinks: A dark stout, a tart cider, and a good rich beer.
Hard Liquor: Whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and rum.
Wine: A basic red table wine served in pitcher, or bottles of a cheaper tart white.
Common Room Cot: A space for those without much coin (Poor Lifestyle) or those who pass out drunk in the taproom at end of day.
Bed (Shared Room): A decent room and relatively fresh linens (Modest Lifestyle), in a room shared with another (companions, or with strangers only if the inn is full).
Bed (Single Room): A small but personal room (Modest Lifestyle), these rooms fill up quickly.
Room (Long Term): A set of larger, finer rooms for those who keep rooms over the long term, living out of the inn (Modest Lifestyle)
Ace Greystone, owner (hm)
Remis Davenport, the innkeep (hm)
Roy, cook (hm)
Aberforth, cook's assistant (hm)
Yanis, barback and bouncer (hm)
Aeva, chambermaid (hm)
Olga, server (hm)
Chandra, server (hm)


First Floor

  • Back-of-Kitchen Bedroom: Roy

Second Floor

  • Northern Long-Term Bedroom: xxx
  • Middle Long-Term Bedroom: Phila
  • Southern Long-Term Bedroom: Ace

Third Floor

  • Single Bed Central Bedrooms: Ruithondor



Remis Davenport
A young man who would like to own his own inn someday, Remis is very eager to do well. He already has plans to leverage this position into entry into the Fellowship of Innkeepers one day, and from there to running his own inn. For the moment, though, the young man is organized, clever, and good with the books.
Aberforth Findlewhile
Cook's Assistant
A great rotund walrus of a man, Aberforth was hired to act as Roy's assistant in the kitchen, tending to the more menial work while the master chef tends to the important elements. He is also the inn's cook when Roy isn't available, and picks up a little extra coin here and there helping Roy with big event meals. He is awed and stutters nervously around the halfling chef, clearly wanting to make a good impression.
Barback and Bouncer
A young man that Ace found working as a dockhand, Yanis likes his new work much better. Handy with a belaying pin and his bare knuckles, Yanis is very capable of rousting a few drunkards here and there.
Aeva Erudanai
The inn's dedicated chambermaid, Aeva is a hardworking woman. She arrives at the inn first thing in the morning, to give the kitchens and taproom a good cleaning, and then scrubs out the jakes. By midday, she is cleaning rooms that have been vacated, starting with the commons room, and finishes her work by nightfall. She is a quiet woman, bending her head to her work and collecting her coin, with very rarely anything to say.
Olga Three-teeth
"The crone of the Lazy Dragon" is a no-nonsense server, seeing that everyone gets what they've got coming to them, and that they've paid what they owe. Shirkers will find themselves with a very big problem, indeed - she got her surname not from a lack of teeth herself, but for the most teeth she's knocked from a man's head before ("and I'm always looking to improve me score," she is fond of chortling). She takes great pride in tending to the hearth of the taproom herself, considering the merrily burning fire within her personal domain.
A pretty young server, Chandra is a fast and merry worker - though gods help the poor damned fool that tries to help himself to a handful of any part of her body without an invitation. She's quick with the blade at her belt, and isn't afraid to introduce its edge to any patron that gets out of control. Overall, though, she is well-loved for her feisty attitude and her incredible singing voice.

The Regulars

Admogan Roverath
Owner of Roverath Moneychangers
An enterprising businessman who despairs of the quality of the neighborhood in which he dwells, Admogan was very relieved to have found a decent place to get a meal so close to his business.
Ward of Mirt the Moneylender
Asper (or "Lady Asper" as Admogan Roverath sycophantically insisted on calling her, much to her chagrin) rarely stops in for any length of time, usually stopping by to pick up some food to carry out and a bottle of some expensive liquor or another every so often.