Light in the Void Bounty Hunters

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Guild Expediters

Joshen Misk
Guild Expediter, Halo Station
Though he is not the only expediter in the Halo Frontier, Joshen certainly is the busiest. Only Kobagari and Gandria merit expediters of their own – Joshen handles everyone else. Though he was never a full bounty hunter, Joshen did serve as an apprentice at one point, and quickly decided the work he wanted wasn't the one pursuing bounties, it was being the one who handed them out. He's good at his job, although he's got a vindictive streak.

Guilded Hunters

Lindan Xerkun
Live Bounty Specialist
The Duros bounty hunter Lindan Xerkun is a wide-shouldered brute, unusual in a species known for their slight frames. He is an excellent skip-tracer, with contacts nearly everywhere. Lindan takes plenty of work for corporate and Imperial contractors, but usually avoids those sponsored by underworld figures. Lindan restricts his work to the Kanz and neighboring Sectors, where he maintains the majority of his contacts.
Maava Rokka
Aquatic Specialist
The Chagrian bounty hunter Maava Rokka is subtle, favoring stealth and surveillance over cracking heads. She employs a bevy of recon droids and prefers stunner weaponry, and she specializes in those marks who go to ground in aquatic environs. Maava operates largely throughout the Outer Rim.
Viltos Kerust
Manhunter Specialist
Viltos is built for combat, and pursues those contracts where he is likely to find plenty of it: marks who have gone to ground with security forces, targets that need to be tracked through war zones, and weapons or data stolen by paramilitary groups are all his favorite type of jobs. He has ample contacts with weapons and armor specialists throughout the Outer Rim, and is known to be something of an armorer himself.
Kobagari Specialist
The name "Yamadani" is extremely common in Kobagari culture, so much so that it has become a nickname for any Kobagari name not known by someone, a sort of "fill in the blank" name. In contrast to their extremely plain name, Yamadani is a study in strange excess. Though they maintain the Masque Stricture of the Kobagari, it nearly serves to make them more distinctive, rather than less. Yamadani specializes in bounties from and into Kobagari, and has a wealth of contacts among the underworld of that planet, particularly among the Sons of the Razor. Those who have seen Yamadani work suggest that they have received some of the coveted RazorSon augmentations, and indeed may very well have a past among the cyber-gang.
Zjiana Adis
Treasure Recovery Specialist
Zjiana takes bounties on things, not people. Guild rumor suggests that she used to be a cat burglar before she realized that she could make far better bank by hunting down her fellow burglars and thieves. Zjiana is based out of the Halo Station, but travels galaxy-wide for her work.

The Law

Easily the most elite of the bounty hunters who spend any time in the Halo Frontier, the Judge, Jury, and Executioner frequently do work throughout this part of the Outer Rim. They don't remain in the Frontier for very long at a time, but do seem to stop by occasionally, checking in with Joshen Misk (who seems to be terrified of them).

The Judge
The Judge is very nearly the only one who ever speaks on this team. The Judge almost never threatens directly – they are quite skilled at the subtle, unspoken threat. They are also a skilled negotiator and interrogator.
The Jury
Utterly silent, the Jury is either a droid or has multiple cybernetic enhancements, sufficient that they register to electronics detectors and similar sensor suites. They also never use a set of slicing gear, but extrude a hand-scomp with which to do their work.
The Executioner
Marksman and sniper extraordinaire, the Executioner leads the team in combat. Though they are all certainly skilled with blasters, the Executioner's aim is uncanny. Some even like to claim that the Executioner is mostly dead, but his sealed armor keeps him going.

Non-Guild Bounty Hunters

The Bausec Findsman
Monastic Bounty Seeker
No one is entirely sure who this Gand is. Indeed, some think that this may be any one of several monks of the Bausec Monastery on Sacaya who take up the same outfit and gear, making a sacrifice of their serenity and contemplation in order to earn funds to keep the Bausec Monastery operating. What is known is that some of the Guild hunters report that sometimes a Gand bounty hunter has sniped their quarry out from under them. This has of course made the monks of Bausec fairly well disliked by the Guild, although they haven't attempted to levy any sort of retribution. Yet.