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A verpine tech corporation based out of Roche, the verpine homeworld. The corporation designs and produces starships, speeders, and other vehicles. Unlike many corporations, Slayn & Korpil is inseperable from the verpine hive that encompasses the Slayn and Korpil asteroids in the Roche asteroid field.

The hive's emphasis on engineering of starships as a unified endeavor led to them forming the corporation for the express purpose of interacting with non-verpine. The galaxy seemed best-suited for corporate structures when it came to laws, regulations, and rights of major manufacturers, so the verpine adapted to that structure.

Slayn & Korpil: Halo Frontier Operations


Slayn & Korpil has set up facilities and offices in the Halo Frontier in order to take advantage of the plentiful and largely untapped mining resources.


Like the central hive, S&K's Halo Frontier operations are run by the verpine consensus-seeking hive-mind. Every verpine is given the opportunity to contribute to conversations. The closest the verpine of S&K have to "leaders" are its vice-presidents: representatives of the company to outsiders, invested with the authority and confidence of the hive to represent its interests in dealings with others who do not subscribe to the hive's consensus-seeking ways. It is noteworthy that the title is vice-president, because there are no actual presidents in the corporation.

  • S'xaro is one such vice-president. She sits on the Halo Station Board, and in general acts to interface with outsiders. She is a skill negotiator and very adept with Galactic Basic Standard, making her an ideal personage for such work. Though she is not an engineer herself, she knows the needs of engineering on a corporate level and is excellent at advocating for the hive's requirements.


These offices are where the business of the hive as a corporation are implemented. They tend to be made up of mostly verpine, although a number of others are frequently employed there as well.

  • The Spire: The Halo Station building under the Dome which is entirely Slayn & Korpil's. This is the headquarters of the corporation in this part of the Outer Rim, and is where the communal offices of the vice-presidents are arrayed. It is notable for its "hive chamber," a meeting hall that can not only accommodate all the verpine of the S&K hive, but also includes an expensive HoloNet uplink that allows the home hive to use its radio-based communication, so that full hive consensus is still possible (if inconvenient).
  • Ehido City Offices: The Kobagari-based offices handle most of the corporations sales of speeders and starships on Kobagari, including the unique Blackfang-class starfighters and Cenotaph-class cruisers that are under exclusive contract to the Houses of Kobagari.


  • R'viv'x Shipyard: A massive cliff-top complex that digs down into the mesa beneath it, the R'viv'x Shipyard is located on Kobagari. It is a sprawling complex that primarily builds ships for the Houses of Kobagari, with a dedicated research team on-staff who focus on improving the ship designs. There are also extensive hangar bays burrowed into the sides of the cliffs, where Slayn & Korpil ships are frequently stores until they are sold. Mostly verpine workers.
  • Sacaya Orbital Refinery: Though they do not have any installations on the planet of Sacaya proper, Slayn & Korpil does maintain an active orbital refinery. Company purchasers buy significant amounts of ore from the surface mines, and ship the raw ore up to the refinery station in orbit above the planet, where it is then refined into fine metals and alloys for use in manufacturing. Shipping vessels working for the company frequently dock here to deliver loads of the valuable cargo – which of course means that the ships are themselves targets for pirates. On the other hand, the station's impressive defenses, including a swarm of old V-19 Torrent starfighters, mean that they never really target the refinery proper. Mostly non-verpine workers.