Light in the Void Timeline

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0 IC

  • Group were all aboard the Eruditius, a Jedi Cruiser in the Outer Rim.
    • Zosa Vuren was the 12 year-old padawan of Master Aushere Mesq, a Lothalan human Jedi General in command of the Eruditius.
    • DZ-LL was Master Mesq's astromech droid.
    • Tr'llk'x Vosk was an engineer in the Jedi Exploration Corps aboard the vessel.
    • Bas Yagg was a medic in the Jedi Medical Corps aboard the vessel.
    • Hastara Xeqedi was a 4 year-old Dathomiri child just picked up from a village of Nightbrothers who'd been raising her since the slaughter of the Nightsisters the year before. She'd just started to show Force abilities, though, so they called the Jedi to come get the child.

Order 66

  • When Order 66 was given, Bas overheard the commands given them, including the death of the Jedi and the Medical Corps.
    • Frightened, he hid instead of warning Master Mesq or his fellows.
  • Exploration Corps archivist and researcher Vinon Pellaeon called out to Master Mesq, but his offer of safety was treachery, as clone troopers were waiting.
    • Zosa Vuren fought beside her master, a fight in which her lightsaber was destroyed. She managed to grab her khyber crystal from the wreckage of it, and her master shoved her away into a hiding place...right on top of Bas!
    • The two escaped through air ventilation while Master Mesq fought and died.
    • While in the ventilation, the two find the tiny Hastara, who is hiding from the scary men with guns. Zosa and Bas convince her to come with them.
  • Tr'll was hidden by a delegation of Slayn & Kopril technicians. One of their techs had been killed by stray blaster fire, so they garbed him in Tr'll's uniform, and dressed him in one of theirs, hiding him among them.
    • From his place among them, Tr'll watched as Vinon Pellaeon betrays other Jedi Service Corpsmen to the clone troopers, who cut them down with blaster fire.
  • As the troopers continue to pursue other Jedi aboard the vessel, Bas falls out of the ventilation right into the midst of the verpine!
    • This draws the attention of the clone troopers, who start to come back.
    • Tr'll quickly hides the padawan and the little Dathomiri girl in one crate.
    • But as the verpine technician Zix'itz'l is hiding Bas, Vinon sees them hide the besalisk away. For whatever reason, he doesn't betray him, simply smiling and walking away.
  • The verpine quickly leave, and the clone troopers are content to let them go.
  • The traitor Vinon Pellaeon claims the astromech DZ-LL for himself.
    • Vinon Pellaeon esconces himself at the University of Lorrd in the aftermath, and DZ-LL becomes more of an archive/data droid than an actual astromech.

Arrival in the Halo Frontier

  • The group arrives in the Halo Frontier aboard the Slayn & Kopril freighter.
  • Zosa finds a way to get in contact with her mother, on her homeworld of Lasan.
    • Her mother, Gamna, quickly finds a way out to the Frontier to fetch her.
    • In the meantime, the Empire begins asserting itself, and Gamna's husband Bondis joins the insurgency against them. Bondis insists that they remain on the station for a while until it is safe to come home again.
    • Gamna finds work in the offices of NeuValis BioTech aboard the station, while Zosa attends school.
  • Tr'll is given low-rate contract work with Slayn & Kopril.
    • They are not an actual employee of the company, but frequently works outsourced jobs that are particularly menial or dangerous for them.
    • Makes ends meet by taking on other mechanics and engineering jobs, particularly doing repair work for the various services of the Halo.
  • Bas is given that name and identity by a fixer with Slayn & Kopril, and promptly finds work with the Halo Station MedPlex.
  • Hastara is placed with a number of families and agencies within the Halo Station and around the Frontier.
    • Eventually, she is placed with a woman who has clearly been displaced by the rise of the Empire, a woman with some herbal knowledge named Teemah.
    • Teemah settles in an out-of-the-way domicile in Sacaya, within a few hours of several mining settlements that have need of someone with her skills.
    • Teemah clearly has some university education, and teaches Hastara herself, including giving her lots of information on Dathomir, and what anthropologists know about the Nightsisters.

6 IC

  • Zosa and her mother Gamna get word that the Empire has made an example of Lasan, and exterminated its people, including her father Bondis.
    • Zosa is expelled from her schooling on a trumped-up charge of cheating, which she suspects has to do with the fact that she is Lasat.
    • Gamna is terminated from her job (NeuValis BioTech has Imperial contracts, and do not want to be seen employing a Lasat), and Gamna falls ill from a disease that only Lasat get.
    • Though they receive help from friends here and there, the combination of Gamna's loss of work and the expense of the medicine (which can only be secured from spice-runners), causes Gamna and Zosa to lose their housing in the Residences, and to receive indigent housing in the Quarters.
  • In desperation, Zosa ends up trying to steal some of the medicine for her mother from the Cha'meha Krin warehouse in the Depots.
    • She is caught and about to be killed, when Torvall Kres, one of the Krin bounty hunters, lays claim to her as an apprentice.
    • He trains her in bounty hunting and assassination, and she begins working for the Cha'meha Krin, largely receiving the medicine her mother needs as payment.

8 IC

  • On a trip to Kobagari where Teemah is speaking with some important people about something, a 12 year-old Hastara hears some strange whispers...which turns out to be coming from an amulet on display in the main hallway of the rich person's house.
    • Hastara quickly steals the amulet, which she can tell is of Nightsister make.
    • Though she gets it back home, she can't seem to make it whisper again.

11 IC

Pacification of the Halo Frontier

  • The Empire arrives in the Kanz Sector, and the Halo Frontier Systems Force is dispatched to oversee its pacification.
    • The oligarchs of the Halo Station put up a degree of resistance, but the invasion of the station by stormtroopers and the public execution of those oligarchs ends that quickly.
    • When the Imperials invade Halo Station, Gamna and Zosa flee the station and take refuge with Teemah and Hastara.
    • They remain there for several months, until things calm down, before returning to the station.

14 IC

  • As part of their contract with Slayn & Kopril, Tr'll is working salvage on the forest world of Kruzim.
    • Among the ruined Clone Wars-era ships, they find a much older ship. Salvaging it, they find a still-working navcomp array, which contains navigational data that seems to suggest a destination within the Void of Chopani!
    • One of the other salvage workers calls in a standing bounty on the data with the Worldseeker Corporation, and tries to take it from Tr'll, who evades them.
    • Desperately, Tr'll calls in help from Zosa to get them off Kruzim with it.
    • Zosa and Tr'll have a running fight with mercenaries hired by Worldseeker to recover the data, culminating in a rescue by Torvall Kres, who gets them back to the safety of the station.
    • Tr'll hides the data after finding that it is incomplete.

16 IC

  • On Sacaya, Hastara (now 20 years old) discovers an in-progress archaeological dig. She is drawn to it by the same whispers she once encountered with the amulet.
    • While there, she recognizes someone: Vinon Pellaeon, the traitor from the Eruditius. She also recognizes DZ-LL, the droid which he still has in his possession.
    • She gets into a spot where she can steal what appears to be the dig's prize artifact, when she is caught red-handed by Pellaeon, who is armed with a blaster.
    • Though she can tell the artifact isn't of the Nightsisters, Pellaeon clearly doesn't know that, so she threatens to smash it if he doesn't let her go!
    • They are in something of a stand off, but her intimidation works, and he backs down. She insists that she is also taking the droid. He agrees, worried she's going to destroy the artifact. She makes him pull the power cell from the blaster and hand it off to the droid, which he does. She then tosses him the artifact, which he desperately catches, trying to keep it from harm.
    • They flee, with security hot on their heels. Before they can get-away, however, Pellaeon triggers a fail-safe device, intended to wipe DZ-LL's memory entirely.
    • It fails to do so because of some of the little droid's hardware, but instead it sequesters the data from most of his time with Vinon. The droid and Hastara get away on her speeder.
  • The Worldseeker Corporation offers a hefty bounty for the discovery of a new planet within the Void of Chopani.
    • This instigates a big "world rush" by those anxious to win that bounty for themselves.
    • Halo Board member Lesla Bille announces that he's seen a vision: the new planet within the Void will be found by holy searchers from the Sokrinti Disorthodoxy!
    • They continue to harass Tr'll for the data, even breaking into their rooms several times hunting for that data from the Kruzim salvage find.
  • Hastara is given a NESTT-class light freighter named the Okugoba by her adoptive mother, Teemah, who jokes that she's going to need a ship if she's the owner of an astromech now.
    • Hastara takes the Okugoba and DZ-LL to be checked over by Tr'll.
    • Tr'll hides the data in the little astromech's data archive, fearing that the Worldseekers will find it.
  • After a check-up, Hastara starts making simple cargo runs and other tasks, occasionally calling on friends as needed.
    • She also provides transport for some of Zosa's hunts.

18 IC

  • Zosa comes to Sacaya, hunting for a bounty. She calls on Hastara for help, since Hastara knows the local area well.
    • As they get closer, Hastara is disturbed and elated to hear the strange whispers once again.
    • The bounty turns out to be a thief who broke into the Vaults of House Veneph, one of the noble houses of Kobagari, and stole an artifact, which turns out to be a Nightsisters relic.
    • The thief claims they have a vault full of those kinds of objects.
    • Though they can't keep the relic (as Zosa's bounty depends on its return, along with the thief), Hastara has DZ-LL scan its exterior to record the details for later study.

Discovery of Parvassis

  • A few weeks later, when doing some routine data profiling on his own memory, DZ-LL makes a startling discovery: there is a correlation between the Kruzim navcomp data pattern and the pattern on the Nightsisters artifact!
    • Using it, Hastara and DZ-LL are pretty certain they can find the destination both sources refer to, but they'll need some time to do some hunting.
    • Hastara approaches the others, asking them to come along as crew on the trip. Tr'll acts as mechanic, Bas as medic, and Zosa works as "heavy."
  • While searching, the Worldseeker Corporation's own search team send out a medical distress call, which reaches Bas's comm.
    • After a moment of hesitation, he ignores the summons.
  • The Okugoba arrives on the temperate plains-and-forests world, and have been there doing planetary scans and basic surveying when a ship from the Sokrinti Disorthodoxy arrives.
    • While the Gandrians are recording their victorious "discovery," the crew of the Okugoba shows up and invites them over to their encampment, ruining their assumption of victory being live broadcast back to the Halo Frontier.
    • It is a moment of distinct humiliation for Lesla Bille and the Disorthodoxy, though it makes the crew of the Okugoba rather beloved by many in the Frontier. (Even while it makes several of them very uncomfortable, thanks to the public attention).
  • Upon returning to Halo Station, the crew applies with Worldseeker Corporation for the reward bounty, only to discover they have accidentally signed away any rights to the planet in exchange for a pittance.
    • While in station, the Okugoba is trashed by unknown assailants. The Worldseeker bounty is just enough to get her up and running again...mostly.
    • Bas also finds himself brought before the medical board at the MedPlex and terminated for refusing to answer the summons while he was away. He promptly loses his quarters in the Residences and has to move aboard the Okugoba with his two voorpaks.
  • Nonetheless, the crew of the Okugoba uses the new-found attention to get jobs and keep getting paid.

21 IC

Light in the Void Chronicle Begins

  • Though it has only been three years, everyone seems to have forgotten the Okugoba and their crew entirely. Ah, fickle fame.