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In order to become truly part of the London Consilium, a cabal must prove its worth to one of the Elder Cabals. Moreover, this means proving one's worth outside of an Order, for Elder Cabals associated with an Order are not permitted to sponsor cabals of their Order. As a result, there is much jockeying behind the scenes, with Elder Cabals trading favors and sponsorships, or Elder Cabals extracting future favors from cabals. In some cases — such as the Knights of Hyde — the sponsoring Elder Cabal only agreed to sponsor them as long as they changed the very purpose and identity under which they originally formed. The benefits of doing so, however, are major.

Vassals of the Seekers of the Cenacle

  • The Brothers of Colton: Guardians of the VeilIslington, the Hills. A strange group of religiously-focused Guardians who concentrate on the disproving of the supernatural, the Brothers of Colton are well-revered by the Consilium for their diligent protection of the secrets of the supernatural world. The Brothers of Colton have taken the symbolism of old legendary creatures for their cabal's symbolism. The Brothers of Colton are based out of an old monastery in Northwest London that has been turned into part of a local theological seminary. Sponsored by the Seekers of the Cenacle.
  • The Grail Society: Silver LadderMarylebone, the West End. A cabal of Silver Ladder dedicated to the connections between the self and the land. They are healers and geomancers par excellence, with an interest in heredity. The Grail Society operates out of a spacious estate that acts as the headquarters for a gentleman's society called the Adamite Fraternity in West London. Sponsored by the Seekers of the Cenacle.
  • The Roseacrux Sodality: Guardians of the VeilThe Square Mile, the City. A cabal of Rosicrucian magicians, the Roseacrux Sodality maintains ties to the Anglican Church and to a variety of the nobility through their Labyrinth, the Rosicrucians. Though the ancient Temple of the Knights Templar has been turned into a simple set of hotels and other sight-seeing attractions in Downtown London, the ancient Temple itself still serves those who have taken the oaths. Beneath the great outer buildings lies the Sanctum of the Roseacrux Sodality. Sponsored by the Seekers of the Cenacle.

Vassals of the Order of Brigantia

  • The Knights of Hyde: Adamantine ArrowBayswater, the West End. A cabal of Adamantine Arrow magi dedicated to defending the Open Hallows of Hyde Park, in West London, from poaching. A large house on the edge of Hyde Park, the Wolsey House, acts as their public sanctum. Sponsored by the Order of Brigantia.
  • Monks of Highgate: MysteriumHighgate, the Hills. A cabal of necromancers and funerealists who seek the secrets of the dead – and work to keep them. The Monks of Highgate are based out of a small, poorly funded monastery overlooking the grounds of Highgate Cemetary, tucked well away from the main road and church. Highgate Cemetary is found in Kentish Town, in Northwest London. Sponsored by the Order of Brigantia.

Vassals of the Lions of Charing Cross

  • The Magic Circle: Silver Ladder • The Square Mile, the City. A group of lawyers and solicitors who practice magic, believing that the power of Law is a potent one for the Awakening. The Magic Circle maintains a small suite of offices as their public sanctum within sight of the Temple district in Downtown London. Sponsored by the Lions of Charing Cross.
  • The Snakemen: MysteriumStepney, East End. A cabal of thieves, burglars and criminal types often used as the Seekers of the Cenacle's pet thieves. The Snakemen run a large criminal gang that operates out of back alleys and miserable drink-houses in the filthy streets of East London. They have a subterranean sanctum accessible only through a maze-like profusion of guarded sewers and other tunnels. Sponsored by the Lions of Charing Cross.

Vassals of the Sublime Lodge

  • Taurean Brotherhood: Adamantine ArrowWhitechapel, East End. An Adamantine Arrow cabal that claims its origins in the Mithraic Mystery Cult that once had strong roots in England during the time of the Roman Empire, the Taurean Brotherhood maintain that old cult's warrior ideal. The Brotherhood is rumored to maintain a subterranean labyrinth in North-East London as their sole sanctum, eschewing any need for a public one. Sponsored by the Sublime Lodge.
  • The Transcendence Gather: MysteriumSt. James (Clubland), the West End. A cabal focused around spiritism, transcendentalism and the exploration of the Astral for traces of Atlantean lore, the Transcendence Gather has placed its roots firmly in the theosophist and spiritualism movements of the era. The Transcendence Gather cabal runs its affairs out of the very posh social club known as the Veiled House in West London, notorious for hosting visiting charlatans and spiritists. Sponsored by the Sublime Lodge.

Vassals of the Inficiunti

  • Torch at the Crossroads: Guardians of the VeilChelsea, the West End. A coven of witches, the Torch at the Crossroads helps to defend the Mysteries with deception and poison, when the situation calls for it. The name of their coven is a reference to the Goddess of Witches, Hecate, and they use a season-theme for their coven workings. The Torch At the Crossroads oversee the Guild of Naturists, a group of upper and middle class nudist artists who focus on pagan and mystical themes in their work. The Torch at the Crossroads maintain a small block in Walham Green in Southwest London, a very bohemian part of town. Their four houses block off the center of the block, which boasts a tiny grove screened from the view of others. Sponsored by the Inficiunti.
  • Varda: Multi-Order • Limehouse, East End. Named for the Hindu mudra of serenity, peace and welcoming, Varda is a cabal of Hindu and Indic magi, whose sole purpose is to provide a friendly welcome for others mages of India who visit, as well as perhaps lend a little magical aid to the burgeoning Indian community in London. Sponsored by Inficiunti. Varda maintains a large lodging house in Limehouse in East London, called the House of the Wheel, as their primary sanctum.