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  • Palace of the Heavenly Lance: In Kalishar, the temple to Ko-Fuso, the God of Spears trains those priests who manage to enlighten their Essences in the techniques of the Crimson Pentacle Blade Style. The discipline and just nature of the Heavenly Lance Priests have made them welcome, leading to the establishment of smaller temples in The Keldin Cliff-Cities, The Girian Protectorate and other cities in the eastern Hundred Kingdoms, as well.
  • The Serpent Monks: In the town of Mahanaga, the serpent monks of the Monastery of the Serpent King develop the ascetic techniques necessary to learn the Golden Janissary Style, making them terrible foes against demons and the dead.
  • The High-Peak Cloister: The monks and priests of the mountain-god Soaring Majestic Father, god of The Keldin Cliff-Cities, study the techniques of Jade Mountain Style martial arts in the cliff-top monasteries across the Keldin Cliff-Cities.
  • Dedicates of the Ovanda Sutra: Originating in Great Forks, the Dedicates study the scriptures of the sex goddess Ovanda, who teaches that extreme indulgence is just as spiritually demanding as asceticism. All her monks study the Orgiastic Fugitive Style of martial arts. Her worship has proven popular, given the holy lovemaking techniques her Dedicates share with everyone at the holy brothel-temples established in her name in Nexus, Great Forks and along the Grey River.