Mage Enhanced Items

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  • Adhesive: Adhesion (Matter •). Item gains an adhesive quality at Strength 4, for 2 Merit dots. This surface is usually covered by a waxy strip of paper to prevent it sticking to unwanted surfaces it comes into contact with.
  • Armor: Alter Efficiency (Matter ••••). Gain 1 pt of armor per 2 dots of Merit. Armor rating of the object may not exceed the Durability rating of the object. (Adamantine Arrow, p201)
  • Armor Piercing: Armor Piercing (Matter •••). Ignore one point of Armor for 3 Merit dots, plus 1 Merit dot for each additional point ignored, to a maximum of 3.
  • Breaching: Breach Point (Matter •, Death •, Space •). Item is considered to inflict 2 extra damage for the purpose of piercing Durability or cover, per Merit dot spent.
  • Bulletproof: Jury Rig (Matter •••). Gain the Bulletproof Quality (reducing Firearms damage from bashing to lethal) for an item by spending 2 Merit dots on it. (World of Darkness rulebook, p166). (Adamantine Arrow, p202)
  • Conductive/Non-Conductive: Alter Conductivity (Matter •). Item becomes conductive or non-conductive for 1 Merit dot.
  • Deceptive: Deceptive Appearance (Matter ••). Causes the material the item is constructed of to appear to be another material entirely, for 1 Merit dot.
  • Decreased Size: Alter Size (Matter •••••). Reduce the Size of an Enhanced Item by -2 per Merit dot. (Guardians of the Veil, p202)
  • Eternal: Eternal Object (Matter •, Time ••••). Item becomes immune to aging, wear or damage of any kind, by spending 5 Merit dots.
  • Increased Durability: Alter Integrity (Matter •••). Increase Durability of item by +2 per Merit dot. (Mage Core, p82)
  • Increased Structure: Alter Integrity (Matter •••). Increase Structure of item by +2 per Merit dot. (Mage Core, p82)
  • Increased Size: Alter Size (Matter •••••). Increase Size of item by +2 per Merit dot. (Mage Core, p82)
  • Increased Equipment Bonus: Alter Efficiency (Matter ••••). Increase equipment bonus of item by +1 per Merit dot. If increased to more than double natural bonus, use of the item causes Disbelief in Sleepers. (Mage Core, p82)
  • Other Function: Jury Rig (Matter •••). Give one device the characteristics of another device, for 3 Merit dots. May add 2 additional functions per additional Merit dot.
  • Self-Repairing: Self-Repairing Machine (Matter •••••). Causes the item to regenerate damage inflicted to it at a rate of 1 Structure per 15 minutes, for 5 Merit dots. (Free Council, p116)
  • Transparent: Steel Windows (Matter ••). Object is made transparent as very clear glass, for 2 Merit dots.
  • Undetectable: Jury Rig (Matter •••). Render the object undetectable to machines of any sort, including magnetic scanners, chemical sniffers and x-rays by spending 2 Merit points. (Guardians of the Veil, p203)
  • Unlimited Storage: Alter Efficiency (Matter ••••). Cause an electronic device to be able to store literally infinite amounts of data for 4 Merit dots. (Free Council, p.116)
  • Weaponized: Weaponize Object (Matter ••). Non-weapon item is treated as a weapon, negating penalty for use and inflicting damage equal to greater of Durability or Size.

Vehicle Traits

  • Acceleration: Alter Efficiency (Matter ••••). Increase Acceleration of vehicle by +5 per Merit dot. (Free Council, p.116)
  • Fuelless: Perpetual Motion (Matter •••). Vehicle consumes no fuel, for 3 Merit dots. (Free Council, p.116)
  • Handling: Alter Efficiency (Matter ••••). Increase Handling as equipment bonus. (Free Council, p.116)
  • Speed: Alter Efficiency (Matter ••••). Increase Speed of vehicle by +10 per Merit dot. (Free Council, p.116)