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Vaguely Shady People

Mysterious Woman
According to Conrad, Anupet is his girlfriend, but she hardly seems to pay much attention to him. Not much is known about her, save that she is wealthy and runs in swanky circles. Her parties also have absolute piles of cocaine.
Lucas only met Anupet once, when she and Conrad insisted he use the comic shop to help them move drugs. She dismissed him as soon as he refused. Conrad pushed the issue and Lucas quit.
Conrad Doom
The former owner of Excelsior! comics <now closed> hardly has time for comics or the shop anymore. He's given his apartment over to Lucas Beloi, as well as management responsibility for the shop while he lives a party lifestyle with his new, rich girlfriend.
Conrad and Lucas have not spoken since Lucas refused to move drugs for Anupet and quit his job at the comic shop.

Former Employees of Excelsior Comics

Toby Heyndricks
Assistant Manager Unemployed
The ultimate authority in most things comics-related, Toby is easily distracted in his work and very prone to arguments about the minutia of fictional worlds. Still, he generally has no place better than the shop to be, so can always be depended to cover for Lucas.
Lucas and Toby occasionally run into each other at their new comic shop, where they catch up and talk comics.
Dave Jones
Part Time Clerk Unemployed
A high school student, Dave is the perpetually bored geek with the "social skills of a dead possum" (to quote Lucas). That said, he's very dependable and gets his work done, making him a very valuable asset.
Lucas hasn't seen or heard from Dave since the comic shop closed down.