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xxx Legacies


  • Uncrowned King: (MTA; Mind/Matter/Prime)


  • Bokor: (ToW; Death/Space/Mind)
  • Brotherhood of Holy Knives: (Home; Death/Prime/-)
  • Celestial Masters: (KttST; Forces + Matter/Space/-)
  • Forge Master: (L:tS; Prime/Matter/-)
  • Keepers of Samhain: (Home; Death/Prime/-)
  • Master of Destruction: (SotT; Death/-/Matter)
  • Path of the Book: (GoG; Mind/Fate/Time)
  • The Scarred: (Home; Prime/Time/-)
  • Stone Scribes: (L:tS; Fate/Death/-)
  • Votaries of the Ordained: (GoV; Fate/-/Space)


  • Gaoler of Ialdabaoth: (GoG; Spirit/-/Death)
  • Gunslinger: (Home; Matter/Prime/Space)
  • The Quiescent: (MNoir; Time/-/Death)
  • Stygian Heralds: (Summ; Death/Matter/-)
  • Tamer of Stone: (L:tA; Space/Prime/Matter)
  • Thread Cutter: (L:tA; Fate/Death/-)
  • Witches of Winter: (Home; Forces/Matter/-)
  • Wraith of Epochs: (Mys; Time/Death + Fate/-)
  • Nickname: Necromancers
  • Path Name: The Path of Doom
  • Heraldic Beast: The Cockatrice
  • Tarot Card: Death
  • Watchtower: The Watchtower of the Lead Coin
  • Supernal Realm: Stygia, Kingdom of Crypts and Abode of Shades
  • Arcana: Death, Matter (Weak in Spirit)
  • Archetypes: Thanatologist, speaker for the dead, modern alchemist, parapsychologist, elite assassin, leader of a ghostly spy ring, dangerous death cultist, euthanasia activist, inquisitive vivisectionist
  • Awakening: Most Moros experience morbid and melancholy Awakenings, forcing the mage to face the mortality of himself and those he loves. In fact, many Moros may even die for a few moments during their Awakenings, and the themes of their Awakenings are often those of memory, the lessons of the past and the power of deepest sorrow. Most Moros Awakenings take place in a great realm of ghosts, ash and eternal night.
  • Path Tools
    • Wands & Staves: Lead, bone, precious gems.
    • Weapons: Knife, hammer, mace.
    • Cups: Lead, bone, precious gems.
    • Pentacles & Coins: Lead, bone, precious gems; must be marked with the Atlantean pentagram.
    • Mirrors: Lead, bone, precious gems.