Nakaltian Scriptorum

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Ground Floor

Ground Floor
  • Front Hall: The front hall has been restored, including a new chandelier crafted and hung, and the staircases that lead up are in fine shape. One of the scriptorum's guards is basically here at almost any given hour. Doorways from here lead into a guards room where other guards remain on duty, to the reception room for the ambassador's offices, and a back lobby.
  • The Ambassador's Offices & Quarters: The front reception room is decorated for comfort, including a connecting bar with good alcohols, as well as a connecting back lobby corridor. Beyond the double doors are the ambassador's offices, with a desk beside the hearth, and a large meeting table. A passageway leads both into the ambassador's quarters (with their own exit) and then into the bathing chambers.
  • The Bathing Chambers: Extravagant and decadent, the waterworks in this bathing chamber have been set up and running once again, including a six-foot deep pool whose temperature is usually at odds with the climate: warm when it is cold and quite cool in the heat of summer. A toweling chamber has a warm hearth and water basins for scrubbing down before immersing in the pool.
  • The Parlour & Stair-Rooms: These chambers are largely used as pass-through rooms, without furnishings or other noteworthy contents.
    • The antechamber is used to store old work smocks and other garments dirtied by craftsfolk at work. It is noteworthy that the dwarves have bricked over the stairs down to the crypts below, out of respect for the dead.
  • Workshops: The general workshops are a large area, with set-ups for multiple craft disciplines, with connections to several materials rooms as well.
  • The Great Hall & Old Kitchen: The dwarves have restored the long trestle tables and individual wooden chairs in the great hall, and they frequently gather there in the evenings after a day's work. While none of them are cooks specifically (the expedition's cook drowned in the shipwreck on their way to Malixia), several of them are an okay hand at it, taking turns making meals.

First Floor

First Floor
  • Craftsfolk Wing: Two craftsfolk quarters with beds and personal chests, as well as a craftsfolk lounge where many of the crafters can be found relaxing with pipes and ale after the end of a day's work. It has comfortable furnishings, books, and other leisure elements, including a sideboard of good drink and snacks.
  • Above the Front & Great Halls: The balcony railings both above the front hall and in the musician's gallery have been sturdily replaced, and the lobby has a newly-mounted door on the staircase that leads up.
  • Guards' Wing: This wing has two sizeable guardsman chambers and a shared closet space, as well as the privy & bath chamber that for the use of the floor as a whole.
  • Mead Hall: Far less formal than the Great Hall below, the mead hall is a gathering spot for the dwarves of the embassy with multiple kegs of fine dwarven drink and comfortable furnishings.
  • Hjolman's Study & Workshop: A tower room with multiple tables laid out for the use of the lapidary and Prism mage Hjolman Stonecaller. His familiar Uslukh can often be found lazing about or scavenging through the stone leavings hunting for gems for his hoard.

Second Floor

Second Floor
  • Lost & Found Wing: A section of the embassy has been given over to Lost & Found, a team of adventurers. The space they've been given includes Hjolman's Quarters in the tower above his workshop, as well as a meeting chamber with a long table and space for planning, a kitchens, stores, and dining area for private meals, as well as quarters for Kailon and Xenophon. Additionally, two small dorm chambers have been set aside for other team-members or the group's guests.
  • The Bath Tower: Most often used by Lost & Found (though available to the whole floor), this large tower has a deep inset stone tub fed by cisterns above for bathing.
  • Quests Wing: Part of this space has been set aside for the use of guests, including a meeting room with a long table, a lobby and privy & bath for guests use, a salon to allow guests to entertain visitors, and three separate guest quarters. A small back stair here also leads down to the balcony on the First Floor below.
  • Team Quarters: The dorm-style quarters for both Hjolman's and Rumora's teams are arranged up here, as well. Rumora does not have quarters here, given her preference for the comforts of the inn.

Third Floor

Third Floor

This floor is largely dedicated to the use of the Prism & Azure Academy mages at the embassy.

  • Daphne's Study: x
  • Arcane Spaces: A round, tall ritual room cuts through the center of this floor, and is connected to a laboratory intended for the use of any of the mages of the embassy. Across the hallway from these are a pair of rooms allocated as library space.
  • Public Spaces: This floor also includes a meeting hall for gatherings to discuss the various missions by the embassy's mages, as well as a lounge where any of this floor's residents may relax or meet with others. Many of the mages and scholars prefer this space, with its quieter evening operation over the mead hall on the First Floor.
  • Various Quarters: Five quarters are allocated here, with enough space to provide plenty of room. Two even include apprentice's rooms attached to the main quarters.
  • The Bath Tower: This large tower has a deep inset stone tub fed by cisterns above for bathing.
  • Promenade: The battlements of this level go all the way around the building, providing a complete circle of view around the building. This space is rarely used by patrol guards, allowing it to function as a useful walking-about space for the embassy's residents.

Main Roof

Main Roof

The roof of the third floor structures is most often occupied by guards on watch or by those going to and from the airship tethered above it.

  • Airship Platform: A former garden space now not only provides the hooking mechanisms for the airship's anchor, but is also the contact point for the engineered lift that transports dwarves to and from the airship.
  • Stores: This stores room is filled with the leather harnesses and repair materials necessary for the tether and lift.
  • Cistern Chamber: Part of the water gathered from the roof of this tower is channeled down into the coal fires kept burning here, allowing the heating of water for the use by the bathing chambers throughout the rest of the embassy.
  • Daphne's Quarters: The elven mage Daphne maintains her quarters in this tower chamber.

Tower Roofs

Tower Roofs
  • Cistern Tower Roof: Fitted with raincatchers and filtration systems, the roof of the cistern tower is dwarven engineering at its finest simplicity, providing water to the pipes of the entire embassy.
  • Dome: This stained glass dome has been repaired by the embassy's glazier, and caps off the round ritual room below.
  • Stores Roof: A simple flat-topped crenellated roof accessed by a hatch-ladder from the stores room below.
  • Daphne's Walk: The topmost of the round tower connects to the mage Daphne's quarters and study below.


Cellars & Crypts
  • The dwarves have reclaimed the cellars portions of this level, specifically the cellar, pantry, plate chamber, buttery, furniture stores, and beer & wine cellar.
  • They have bricked up the passage between the beer & wine cellar and the laying out chamber, out of respect.

The Nakaltian Delegation

The Nakaltian group consists of four main specialties: Prism representatives, scholars, craftsfolk, and defenders.

The Prism Representatives

Ulna Dwimmerdelve
Prism Contact • Priestess of Thautam
A Prism agent and priestess of the Mordinsamman who bears the sending stone back to Nakaltia.
Hjolman Stonecaller
Prism Wizard • Lapidary
A craftsman and junior wizard of the Prism who instigated the formation of the Delegation.
Rumora Golemwright
Prism Wizard • Noble
A noble dwarrowdame and wizard of the Prism who helped get the Delegation funded, and is quite convinced that she's in charge as a result of it. She keeps rooms at the Gilded Lily instead of the Scriptorum proper.

The Defenders

Keromar Golemwright
Chief of Defenses • Noble
Rumora's brother, anxious for battle. Seems to limit his sister's excesses. Has a slith retainer named Zero. Like his sister, he does not maintain rooms at the Scriptorum, but keeps rooms at the Gilded Lily.
Althorn Ninepipes
Oldest of the dwarven defenders, who favors two weapons.
Rova Hammerheart
Originally trained as bear cavalry, Rova lost her beloved bear mount, Honeynose, during the shipwreck on the way to Malixia.
Yimdar Ironsword
City guard from Gol Dragga, Yimdar volunteered to help protect the expedition. There's a good chance he was looking to escape some shame or another, but no one has spoken about it if they know what it is.

The Scholars

Belgeia Stonehair
A specialist in underground structures both natural and dwarf-wrought.
Nili Rockoath
An historian with extensive knowledge of dwarven origins and cultural branchings.
Stardar Foehammer
Linguist, Theologian
Specialist in both languages and the nuances of dwarven theology.

The Craftsfolk

Dagra Flamebeard
Dagra is mostly involved in renovating the Scriptorum, doing framing and making furniture as needed.
Glorra Steelspear
Glorra is mostly involved in renovating the Scriptorum, shoring up weaknesses in the structure.
Riad Dragonaxe
Riad assists Glorra in his work, but is focused on the cellars, and exploring (along with Belgeia Stonehair) ways of expanding the subterranean portions of the Scriptorum to properly house more dwarves.
Thifkas Redheart
The Delegations only remaining smith. His forge is in one of the old outbuildings of the Scriptorum.
Valdel Flamefist
Valdel does incredibly fine glasswork, particularly gem-stained glass, which is much in demand among the wealthier settlers of Malixia, providing the Delegation one of its ongoing sources of income.