Navel of the Moon

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The Quest

You have been sponsored by Syndra Silvane; a wealthy merchant, Wizard and Former Adventurer. She has hired you to find the fabled Navel of the Moon, once given as a gift by the Pasha of Calimport to his sailor daughter; who disappeared with it in Chult over a century ago. If you bring the gem to her, Syndra will give you 5000 GP, in addition to having sponsored your voyage.

What the Characters have learned

  • The Navel of the Moon is Rumored to have Magic powers
  • The last owner of the Navel was Ceidil yr Ralan el Pesarkhal. She was the daughter of the Syl Pasha of Calimshan, and a famed Sailor and Explorer.
  • She was last seen in Chult close to a century ago, before the Spellplague.
  • Ceidil disappeared on an expedition into the the deep jungle.