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Kelly Rollinson


Kelly Rollinson is the oldest woman Director, and commands a great deal of respect from her peers. A thorough academic, Kelly is interested in modern mythology and folklore, the sort of stories that anthropologists in centuries to come will be interested in. She is nearly single-handedly behind the expansion of the Adamant Archive’s purpose to include modern expressions of human culture and myth-making, and is very steeped in popular culture and the huge variety of speculative fiction and specialty media forms. It was Kelly who expressed hesitation at the development of the Special Projects Team, pointing out that despite their best efforts, those who wield such power will always come into conflict with others who wield it, too, and making them representatives of the Naos Group means that they would be pulling the whole of the Group into them as well.

  • Calling: X; Nature: X
  • Attributes: Str X, Dex X, Sta X; Cha X, Man X, App X; Per X, Int X, Wits X
  • Abilities: Academics X, Animal Ken X, Art (X) X, Athletics X, Awareness X, Brawl X, Command X, Control (X) X, Craft (X) X, Empathy X, Fortitude X, Integrity X, Investigation X, Larceny X, Marksmanship X, Medicine X, Melee X, Occult X, Politics X, Presence X, Science (X) X, Stealth X, Survival X, Thrown X
  • Willpower: X
  • Join Battle: [Wits + Awareness]; Soak: XB/XL/XA (Armor: +XB/+XL, Mob X, Fat X); Dodge DV: [Dex + Athletics + Legend/2]; Move: [Dex]; Dash: [Dex+6]; Jump: [Str+Athletics] yds vertical, [Str+Athletics x2] yds. Horizontal
  • Attacks: Weapon (Spd X, Acc X, Dam X, DV X, Rng X, Clip X), Weapon (Spd X, Acc X, Dam X, DV X, Rng X, Clip X)
  • Health Levels: -0 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -4 / Inc.