OOTM House Rules

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General Rules


  • Automatic Respiration: All Exalts Receive either 4 motes or 1 WP per combat turn.
  • Fuck it Rule Once per game, you may declare "fuck it I want a 2 die stunt"
  • Stunt Levels
    • 1 Die Stunt - Any description more evocative then saying I attack the Enemy. Grants 1 Extra Die.
    • 2 Die Stunt - Any description that makes use of the external environment(Physical, Mental or Emotional) in some fashion. Grants 2 extra dice.
    • 3 Die Stunt - A stunt that blows the ST and table away. Incredibly rare. Grants 3 extra dice and a point of XP (maximum of 1 per game).
  • Stunt Advice
    • Stunting is supposed to be fun and add to the game. If stunting becomes stressful let me know.
    • Brevity is good. No one likes long winded stunts. 30 seconds or so is the longest that a stunt should be.
    • If you spend a long time trying to think about a stunt, it will detract from what I reward.

Combos and Charm Use

  • The First, Second and Third Excellencies count as Innate abilities. As such they may freely be used with combos without being part of them.