Order of the Night Eternal

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A secretive cult dedicated to Kar'Kradas, located in London. The cult maintains its sanctum beneath the Serene Care Unlimited private hospice, a therapeutic and psychological care facility. In truth, the cult channels many of the folk driven mad by encounters with the arcana or creatures of Kar'Kradas, or by similar blasphemous sanity-blasting experiences. More than a few of those who found and attempted to use blasphemous tomes wind up here.


Madame Frost
High Priestess
Ancient and strange, Madame Frost is a justifiably feared sorceress who has delved deep into the arcana of Kar'Kradas, and come back...changed.
The Houndmaster
Frost's Left Hand
A sorcerer who specializes in the summoning of the Order's many darkhound guardians, the Houndmaster is Madame Frost's apprentice in Kar'Kradan sorcery. His style of combat focuses primarily on the summoning of Chains of Kar'Kradas to bind and hold his enemies to allow his darkhounds to feast on them.

Known Entities

The Order of the Night Eternal is known for using the following entities, all of them drawn forth from the Kar'Kradan darkness between worlds.

Kar'Kradan Hellhound
Vicious, many-legged, and covered in chitin of solid shadow, darkhounds are common creatures summoned by sorcerers. They are adept at violence and do not require immense amounts of magical power to summon. Each hound is about the size of a lion.
Shadow Urchins
Eaters of Magic
Terrifying shadowy entities seemingly made up of fractal, ever-folding and un-folding spines of purest blackness, shadow urchins consume magical energy. They teleport into the midst of their targets and extrude painful umbral spikes that pass through people and objects, and drink the magic they find there.
Umbral Kraken
Tentacled Behemoth
Terrifyingly massive entities that are strange mashed-together patchwork of tentacles, shadow-smoke, and eyes, umbral krakens are summoned only from the deeps: either deep waters or in the dark places beneath the earth. They then move quickly to come to their summoner's call, bursting up through water or ground to attack with mighty tentacles.
Umbral Stalkers
Kar'Kradan Spies
Small impish entities, the summoning spell for an umbral stalker is also a sort of scrying, which allows the summoner to switch their sight to see through one of the ungodly eyes that make up the stalker's body. Umbral stalkers are stealthy, able to blend in perfectly with shadows, allowing Kar'Kradan adepts who summon them to see distant events where one of their stalkers is present.