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Palewood is often used by House Wisent as its fortified hunting lodge. A small hamlet of woodsmen and lumber-cutters have sprung up around the weirwood-crafted Palewood Tower, which overlooks a branch of the White Knife that powers the lumber mill and provides transport for those trading barges looking for fine oak, fir and elm wood. It is something of a wild place, even by the standards of the North; its only military presence are called the Wisent Wise, a family tradition of guerrilla woodsmen who defend the Palewood with bows and axes.

Village Locations

  • Docks: A set of public docks, once used solely for the purposes of House Wisent. In the last few generations, however, the Lords Wisent have granted permission for the smallfolks to use the docks for their own purposes. There are now a selection of various boats tied up to the pier here.
  • Kennels: House Wisent maintains an extensive kennels of large hunting mastiffs, all charcoal and caramel in color. This large building houses the Wisent kennels, as well as quarters for the master-of-the-hunt, Tobin, who is also the caretaker for the kennels when Maester Tolbric is not around.
  • Stables: Smaller than the stables in Wisenwood Town, the Palewood stables are still quite fine. An ostler and a pair of stablehands work here, tending to the dozen or so horses here.
  • Three Tails Inn: The only inn in Palewood Village, the Three Tails is so named for the three massive direwolf tails hunt up from an iron cross-bar behind the bar in the taproom, a legacy of the inn's founder, a retired member of the Wise two generations ago who was nearly killed by the beasts. Though the accommodations aren't lavish, there is plenty of space, with a large common room and two hearths, and a handful of single bedrooms in the garret.
  • Aumry Smith's Shop: The village's only smith, Aumry is a young, handsome man with a somewhat simple wife. His work is nothing out of the ordinary, although it is good and strong. He'd like to learn the skill of making arms and armor some day, but for the moment, he is a village smith, and a capable one at that.
  • The River Maid: A tavern that overlooks the river, the River Maid is somewhat upscale, and a favorite gathering spot for Lord Wisent after his hunts.

Countryside Locations

  • Sawmill: The large sawmill of Palewood was built in the last generation, and sees a great deal of activity. In the time since its founding, many of the crofters have become timbermen, gathering in teams to cut down trees and haul them back to the sawmill on draft horse-pulled wagons.

Palewood Tower

Palewood Tower

A squat tower in the dim recesses of the nearby Wolfswood, the Palewood Tower has something of a sinister origins. It earned its name for the ample use of cut weirwood that Maegris the Mad cut down and put to use in the tower's building, and to this day they retain their bleached, bone-like appearance. Despite these unsavory origins, Palewood Tower sees ample use by House Wisent as a hunting lodge.

Ground Floor

  • Cellars: The cellars here are staged, and kept well-stocked with the spoils of many a hunting expedition.

First Floor

  • Lower Hall: A hall with ample seating for armsmen, hunters and other men-at-arms, the lower hall is intended for entertaining the retinues of any guests. When it is not in such service, the servants are permitted to use it for their own purposes. More than a few of the locals have also gotten permission from Lord Wisent to hold wedding feasts and other large celebrations, as well; indeed, the lord usually contributes a large haunch of venison or boar to the feast as his gift.

Second Floor

  • Great Hall: The gathering spot for members of the House and their guests. The Great Hall doesn't often see use. The Great Hall has a single, massive table, with seats at its upper end, and benches along the rest of it, and its walls are hung with generations of hunting trophies.
  • Kitchens: Thanks to the frequent hunting successes of Lord Wisent, the kitchens here are amply prepared to cook very large haunches and cuts of meat, indeed, up to and including roasting entire boar.

Roof Floor

  • Bedroom Garret: Kept in ready condition for any of the House who might arrive, this bedroom is richly appointed, with a curtained bed and comfortable seats beside the large fireplace, over which usually hangs Lord Wisent's most recently-stuffed trophy.
  • Caphouses: When a noble is in residence, the caphouses serve as sleeping chambers for their guests, or retinue if there are no guests. They have several beds apiece, though they are usually bare, waiting to be made when the servants receive word of visitors.



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