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To Sell

  • Fire Oni shield +2
  • Pair of stone messaging birds

Mundane Gear

  • Psionic crystal cylinders from Athenaeum

Magical Gear

  • Kiran Ark
  • A blackened leather tome sealed with a heavy chain & padlock with the symbols of Raullis upon the lock, found in Al-Lorin library
  • Plain stone tablet with some crisscrossing lines etched into it and a stylized handprint at its center. It emits powerful transmutation aura. Can create massive storms.
  • Ice pedestal that turns any room into a cold room
  • Mistmail: claimed by Gerrin?

Given to NPCs

  • The Fairy Frisha: magical bandolier which adds range to darts stored in it
  • Meg, the Goblin Queen & Bran's niece: Mallard Knight's spear +1
  • Captain of Ree's Guard: Mallard Knight’s longsword +1
  • Member of the Little Brothers: Longsword +1 and Leather armor +1
  • Grugan, Aidan's Honor Guard: Folding Plate


  • Books on geography, religion, & elven poetry from Andaro's bag of holding
  • From the Athenaeum:
    • An Encyclopedia of the Known World by Aera the Really Really Amazingly Good Looking Bard
    • The Forest Sinister (re: sylvan forest)
    • The Witches Legacy (re: hex wolves)
    • The Windy Shore (re: Al-Lorin poetry)
    • Log #482 for Pier 7 (re: Shel ship ledger)
  • From the Nir Library:
    • Various valuable books and a book detailing Ree/Al-Lorin research
    • A variety of books on Nirish engineering and craftsmanship techniques
    • Psionics for Dummies
    • Psionic Theory
    • Practical Psionics
    • Please and Thank You (Nirish language & etiquette)
    • The Lance of Kanith: Theories and Observations (speculation on the flawed psyche of the elves, humans and dwarves, their even more flawed gods, and the foolishness of building and using the Lance)
    • The Secret Codes of Life (genetic engineering based on magic, alchemy, psionics & "omun")
    • Exodus: Memories of Talas Nir (tales and info about the Nir homeland)
    • The Eighteen Houses of Nir (information about the Nir houses, society & the exiled "Disinherited")
    • Alrisir: Kingdom of the First Elves of Khadim (lore about Alrisir before the Lance)
  • From the Al-Lorin Library:
    • Old sea navigation charts; details routes to Shalik, the Pillars, the north coastline on both east & west of Ilren all the way up to three different port cities in the North, as well as theorized navigation on how to reach the Western Boundary (where the elves go to rest for eternity)
    • Beautifully illuminated hymn book to the magical god Raullis
    • Book discussing the elemental planes
    • Two legal books discussing Al-Lorin law
    • Thesis on the psychological benefits of role-playing
    • Book on the infernal language and tips for dealing with summoned devils
    • Boxed unbound manuscript entitled: “The Amsah Karim Chronicles, Book 3: The Search for the Obsidian Raven” - written by Nagi Hakim
    • Book discussing the artificing technique of elemental binding and creation of elemental forges and flying objects
    • Book with the recipes for creating three types of homunculus
  • Darkfolk Wooden Books:
    • Most are religious in nature concerning the faith, scripture and mythos of "the Gloom."
    • Others are logs and records concerning supplies and population.
    • A few are notations regarding the current movements and whereabouts of the Arbiters, Union, Ushers and Drudge.