Planetary Courts

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Spirits marked with a dagger (†) are from the Predators sourcebook. Spirits marked with a double dagger (††) are from the Book of Spirits sourcebook.



Spirits of the Court of the Sun

  • Themes: light, energy, life-force, willpower, healing, augmentation of power, ego, the self, personal power, pride, authority, leadership, creativity, spontaneity, health, vitality, enjoyment of life, Fire Element (healing)
  • Correspondences: gold, yellow, sunstone, amber, ruby, diamond, antimony, brass, acacia, bay, benzoin, carnations, cedar, cinnamon, citron, copal, frankincense, juniper, mistletoe, oak, orange, rosemary, sandalwood, tangerine, wood aloe

Helion Descants

  • Dawn: spirits of the sunrise
  • Dusk: spirits of the sunset
  • Illuminators: spirits that clarify vision and dispel darkness from areas
    • Illuminators (Rank 3; Light 1, Wisdom 2)†
  • Firelings: spirits of flame
  • Midday: spirits of the noontime
  • Searings: spirits of sunlight as an aggressor, generally battling forces of darkness, and Sun-as-warrior concepts
  • Seasonals: spirits of the solar seasons
  • Solar Beasts: spirits of solar-aspected animals
    • Golden Eagle (Rank 2; Eagles 2)†
  • Solar Dendrites: spirits of solar-aspected plants, herbs and trees.
  • Solar Minerals: spirits of solar-aspected stones, gems and metals
  • Warmlings: spirits of heat and nurturing



Spirits of the Court of the Moon

  • Themes: Transformation, illusion, change, shapeshifting, Water Element, emotions, magic, unconscious/ subconscious, rhythms, maternity, the past
  • Correspondences: silver, white, moonstones, pearl, calamus, camphor, gardenia, grape, jasmine, lemon, lemon balm, lotus, myrrh, poppy, sandalwood, willow

Lune Descants

  • Crescent Moon/Oracle: Lunes dealing with mystery, occultism, magic and wisdom.
    • Ithalunim (Rank 3; Moonlight 1, Wisdom 2)†
  • Full Moon/Fury: Lunes dealing with madness, purity, frenzy, hunger and violence
    • Dementia (Rank 2; Insanity 2)†
    • Preyhound (Rank 2; Fear 2)††
    • Ralunim (Rank 4; Moonlight 2, Purity 2)†
  • Gibbous Moon/Fertile: Lunes dealing with expression, passion, inspiration and glory.
    • Cahalunim (Rank 3; Moonlight 1, Glory 2)†
  • Glimmerlings: lesser moonspirits who act as Luna’s representative to other spirit courts, and to werewolves.
    • Glimmerlings (Rank 2; Moonbeams 2)†
  • Half Moon/Cloven: Lunes dealing with balance, discernment, judgment and honor.
    • Elunim (Rank 4; Moonlight 2, Honor 2)†
  • Lunar Beasts: spirits of lunar-aspected animals
    • Owl (Rank 2; Death 1, Owls 1)†
  • Lunar Dendrites: spirits of lunar-aspected plants, herbs and trees
  • Lunar Minerals: spirits of lunar-aspected stones, gems and metals
  • New Moon/Silent: Lunes dealing with secrecy, silence, stealth and cunning.
    • Irralunim (Rank 2; Darkness 1, Cunning 1)†
    • Silence (Rank 2; Silence 2)†
  • Secrets: lesser Lunes who gather information and hear everything whispered under the moonlight
  • Tidals: Lunes dealing with water, tides and the ocean.
    • Water Horse (Rank 1; Water 1)††
    • River (Rank 4; Rivers 4)†



Spirits of the Court of Mercury

  • Themes: thought, motion, investigation, analysis, travel, exploration, commerce, theft, divination, element of air, communication, mentality, rationality, reasoning, writing, Air Element (assistive)
  • Correspondences: quicksilver, gray, mottled colors, electrum, aluminum, almond, bergamot, mint, dill, fennel, lavendar, lemongrass, lemon verbena, peppermint, thyme

Mercurial Descants

  • Air: spirits of the air, in an assistive capacity
    • Breezes (Rank 1; Breezes 1)†
  • Commerce: spirits of business, income and money
    • Bank (Rank 3; Money 3)†
    • Money (Rank 3; Money 3; Katagoraios)†
  • Communication: spirits of communication, discussion, writing and speaking
    • Envy’s Pen (Rank 1; Writing 1)††
    • Book (Rank 2; Books 2; Biblodiaktoros)†
  • Divination: spirits of divination, prophecy and soothsaying
  • Mercurial Beasts: spirits of Mercury-aspected animals
  • Mercurial Dendrites: spirits of Mercury-aspected plants, herbs and trees
  • Mercurial Minerals: spirits of Mercury-aspected stones, gems and metals
  • Theft: spirits of theft and larceny
  • Thought: spirits of thought, analysis, logic and the mind
    • Apathy (Rank 1; Apathy 1)†
  • Travel: spirits of travel and journeys



Spirits of the Court of Venus

  • Themes: living creatures, fertility, pleasure, love, friendship, life, Earth Element (in its fertile aspect), harmony, beauty, balance, sympathy, pleasure, sensuality, personal comforts and luxury, marriage, art, fashion, social life
  • Correspondences: copper, green, emerald, lodestone, poppies, apple, crocus, daisy, geranium, heather, hyacinth, iris, licorice, lilac, magnolia, myrtle, orchid, rose, spearmint, tansy, thyme, vanilla, violet, willow, ylang-ylang.

Venerian Descants

  • Beauty: spirits of beauty, art, fashion and aesthetic pleasure
  • Earth: spirits of earth, in its nurturing, fertile aspect
  • Fertility: spirits of fecundity, prosperity and reproduction
  • Health: spirits of cleansing, healing and wholeness
    • Sewer (Rank 4; Filth 2, Sewers 2)†
  • Love: spirits of all kinds of love, from filial devotion to romantic love to torrid passion
    • Desire (Rank 3; Desire 3)†
  • Luxury: spirits of material pleasure and aesthetic fulfillment
    • Worms of Gluttony (Rank 1; Gluttony 1)††
    • Gluttony (Rank 2; Gluttony 2)†
  • Relationships: spirits of interpersonal relationships
  • Venerian Beasts: spirits of Venus-aspected animals
  • Venerian Dendrites: spirits of Venus-aspected plants, herbs and trees
  • Venerian Minerals: spirits of Venus-aspected stones, gems and metals



Spirits of the Court of Mars

  • Themes: raw force, destructive, element of fire, war, violent emotions, disruption, fever, blood, confidence, self-assertion, sexuality, strength, ambition, impulsiveness, sports, competition, Fire Element (destructive)
  • Correspondences: iron, red, garnets, pyrite, steel, allspice, asafoetida, basil, broom, coriander, cumin, dragon’s blood, ginger, nettle, peppermint, pine, tobacco, woodruff

Mamorian Descants

  • Armor: spirits of tools meant to prevent wounds and damage
  • Competition: spirits of competition and the attempts to achieve victory
  • Death: spirits of violent, sudden, passionate death.
  • Fire: spirits of fire, in its destructive aspect
  • Mamorian Beasts: spirits of Mars-aspected animals
  • Mamorian Dendrites: spirits of Mars-aspected plants, herbs and trees
  • Mamorian Minerals: spirits of Mars-aspected stones, gems and metals
    • Steel (Rank 3; Steel 3)†
  • Passions: spirits of burning passions, such as lust, anger and ambition
    • Pain (Rank 2; Pain 2)†
    • Desire (Rank 3; Desire 3)†
  • Strength: spirits of raw force and brute strength
  • Violence: spirits of violence and the infliction of wounds upon others
  • War: spirits of warfare and battle
    • War (Rank 4; War 4)†
  • Weapons: spirits of tools meant to inflict wounds and kill others
    • Knife (Rank 1; Knives 1)†
    • Machine Gun (Rank 3; Guns 3)†



Spirits of the Court of Jupiter

  • Themes: Air Element (inhibitive), weather, politics, morals, laws, rulership, justice, money, religion, social power, thunder and lightning, growth, expansion, prosperity, good fortune, education, merrymaking,
  • Correspondences: tin, blue, amethyst, anise, cinquefoil, clove, honeysuckle, hyssop, maple, nutmeg, oakmoss, sage, sassafras, star anise

Jovian Descants

  • Air: spirits of air, in its destructive, inhibitive manifestations, including dangerous weather
    • Lightning (Rank 1; Lightning 1)†
    • Storm (Rank 2; Weather 2; Peritinaktês)†
  • Education: spirits of knowledge and learning.
    • Book (Rank 2; Books 2)†
  • Fortune: spirits of good fortune, wealth and joyful life.
  • Growth: spirits of expansion, prosperity and growth
  • Jovian Beasts: spirits of Jupiter-aspected animals
  • Jovian Dendrites: spirits of Jupiter-aspected plants, herbs and trees
  • Jovian Minerals: spirits of Jupiter-aspected stones, gems and metals
  • Justice: spirits of retribution, revenge and punishment
  • Laws: spirits of legal codes, moral outlooks and systems of ethics
  • Rulership: spirits of governance, kingship and politics



Spirits of the Court of Saturn

  • Themes: time, age, death, restriction, Earth Element, stability, defense, limitation, destruction, boundaries, crystallization, structures, ambition, career, authority, hierarchy
  • Correspondences: lead, black, obsidian, jet, amaranth, bistort, comfrey, cypress mimosa, pansy, patchouli, tamarisk, wormwood

Saturnine Descants

  • Death: spirits of destruction and mortality
    • Shadowraith (Rank 1; Death 1)††
    • Death (Rank 3; Death 3)†
  • Defense: spirits of protection and solid defense
  • Earth: spirits of earth, in its stable, crystallizing, solid, barren aspect
    • Erdgeist (Rank 1; Stone 1)††
    • Granite (Rank 3; Granite 3)†
  • Grief: spirits of grief, melancholy and despair
    • Grief (Rank 2; Grief 2)†
    • Nightmare (Rank 2; Dreams 2)†
  • Hierarchy: spirits of organization, structure, authority and heirarchy
  • Limitations: spirits of limitation, restriction, crystallization, prevention and boundaries
    • Silence (Rank 2; Silence 2)†
  • Saturnine Beasts: spirits of Saturn-aspected animals
    • Owl (Rank 2; Death 1, Owls 1)†
    • Raven (Rank 1; Ravens 1)†
  • Saturnine Dendrites: spirits of Saturn-aspected plants, herbs and trees
  • Saturnine Minerals: spirits of Saturn-aspected stones, gems and metals
  • Time: spirits of age and time