Player One

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Player One
Identity: Cody Greene • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations: Eden
Ethnicity: Caucasian • Nationality: United States
Age: 25 • Gender: Male • Height: 5'10" • Weight: 155 lb
Eyes: Blue • Hair: Dark Brown • Other Features: None
Origin: Quantum • Power Level: 9 (120 Points: Abilities 50, Defenses 2, Skills 15, Advantages 10, Powers 70)
Strength 1 Stamina 3
Agility 5 Dexterity 5
Fighting 5 Intellect 2
Awareness 3 Presence 1
Points: 50 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 1 5 0 6
Fortitude 0 3 0 3
Parry 1 5 0 6
Toughness - 3 0 3
Will 0 3 0 3
Points: 2 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 5 + 0 = +5

Hand to Hand: Strength Based Damage (6 ranks), Penetrating (5 ranks), Affects Insubstantial (2 ranks)
Hadoken: Strength Based Damage (6 ranks), Affects Insubstantial (2ranks), Range 150/300/600 ft
Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
Acrobatics 5 5 (Agl) 0 +10
Athletics 5 1 (Str) 0 +6
Close Combat (Fighting) 4 5 (Fgt) 0 +9
Deception 0 1 (Pre) 0 +1
Expertise (Cooking/Alcohol) 4 2 (Int) 0 +6
Insight 1 3 (Awe) 0 +4
Intimidation 0 1 (Pre) 0 +1
Perception 0 3 (Awe) 0 +3
Persuasion 0 1 (Pre) 0 +1
Ranged Combat (Fighting) 4 5 (Dex) 0 +9
Stealth 1 5 (Agl) 0 +6
Technology 2 2 (Int) 0 +4
Treatment 1 2 (Int) 0 +3
Expertise (Agriculture) 2 2 (Int) 0 4

Points: 15 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: Precise Attack (4 ranks- Ignore attack penalties for cover and concealment), Takedown (2 ranks - If you incapacitate a minion, you can make another attack against another minion as long as you don't move more than your allotted movement)
Fortune: None
General: Diehard (automatically stabilize when dying), Language (Spanish)
Skill: Attractive (2 ranks)

Points: 10 (1pt per rank)
•Fast Travel Teleport (13 ranks, limited location, not in combat, change direction, change velocity, 3 sec transit time)

•Fighting Hadoken, Hand to Hand (14 ranks)
•Game Activity: Immunity (sleep and fatigue affects) (6 ranks)
•Game Time: Quickness (1 rank)
•Health Bar: Senses (Detect Damage Condition - Sight) (2 ranks)
•Inventory: Dimensional Pocket (holds up to 800 lbs)(4 ranks)
•Mini Map: Senses (Detect Entity, Detect Terrain, Accurate, Extended, Direction Sense, Range Sense - Mental) (9 ranks)
•Multi-Jump: Leaping (30 ft at 8 mph) (2 ranks)
•Parkour: Movement (Sure-footed, Wall-crawling 2: full speed, limited: while moving) (3 ranks)
•Regeneration: Regeneration every 2 rounds (5 ranks)
•Speed: Speed 2 (8 mph, 120 ft/round) (2 ranks)
•Respawn: Immortality 8 (Needs Computer or console plugged in at a fast travel location at the time of respawn; 4 hours)(currently unknown and untested)
•Inventory: Feature: Dimensional Pocket (4 ranks)

Points: 70
Other Traits
Equipment: None
Complications: Motivation: Doing Good, Reputation


Fast Travel

Player One is able to quickly revisit places he has already traveled to.

  • Teleport: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Limited Location (previously visited landmarks), Limited (not in combat), Transit time (1 rank/ 3 seconds). (13 ranks/ 30 miles)

Fighting (Array)

Player One's Fighting ability is reminiscent of the various fighting games he enjoyed; the Tekken Series, Mortal Kombat, and of course, Street Fighter.

  • Hadoken: Strength-based Damage (6 ranks), Range 150/300/600 ft, Affects insubstantial (2 ranks), Increased Range (5 ranks)
  • Hand to Hand: Strength-based Damage 6, Penetrating (5 ranks)

Game Activity

A game world may have a night and daytime cycle. However, this never seems to affect the protagonist who continues to move about tirelessly regardless of how much time has elapsed.

  • Immunity to sleep and fatigue effects.

Game Speed

Player One is able to move through his environment a bit faster than normal. After all, you want to get to the next game event and don't want to waste too much time with travel.

  • Speed (8 miles/hour, 120 ft/round) (2 ranks)

Game Time

Player One performs tasks in game time.

  • Quickness (-1 time ranks) (1 rank)

Health Bar

Player one actually sees health bars over the heads of his allies and enemies.

  • Detect Damage Condition (Ranged, Sight) (2 ranks)


  • Dimensional Pocket (holds up to 800 lbs)(4 ranks)

Mini Map

  • Sense (Mental), Detect Entity (ranged), Detect Terrain (ranged), Accurate, Extended, Direction Sense, Distance Sense (9 ranks)


  • Leaping (30 feet at 8 miles/hour) (2 ranks)


Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees (or buildings).

  • Movement: Sure-footed 1, Wall-crawling 2, Full speed. Limited to while moving (3 ranks)


  • Regeneration (every 2 rounds) (5 ranks)


  • Motivation: Doing Good: When living with his parents, Cody lived a selfish and unexamined life. After being moved to Manhatten Cody was walking a dark path. He did not like who he had become. While his decisions that had lead him there were made for survival, he's not so sure that he was dying a little bit with each decision. He has resolved not to follow this path anymore. He will do what is right.
  • Reputation:Cody grew up a sheltered child in Middle America. He has many preconceived notions that he is in the process of correcting. However, his early interactions, born out of ignorance, have had a lasting affect. He is generally known as mysoginistic and homophobic. He has mostly learned better, and is continuing to learn, but many have decided he is a lost cause.


Cody Grew up in LA. His mother was an ER nurse. His father was a CPA with many wealthy clients. Money was never really an issue and he and his two younger siblings never really wanted for anything, except attention. Cody was always bright, and reasonably attractive, but had no real drive. He got good grades in school, because he got paid for them. He spent this money on video games, the only thing he really loved.

When he graduated high school, he told his parents that he would take a year off before applying to colleges. He got a job as a line cook for some spending money and proceeded to waste the next several years of his life. When the event happened, Cody was, predicably, playing video games. He was just thinking how he wished he had the abilities of his video game protagonists when his TV and xbox disintegrated. In the privacy of his own home, he got "the coolest" transformation sequence as his looks were refind to those possibly created by a professional character designer and he gained many of the abilities he wished for.

The government came for him, of course. However, they found him to be largely useless, not military material and dumped him in Manhatten. His parents, of course, have inquired after him but accepted the government's assurances that he is where he needs to be.