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Areas of Port Nyanzaru

  • 1: Beggar's Palaces The Beggars’ Palaces are the two largest ziggurats of the Old City. Shops and tenements of bamboo are jammed onto the terraces of the ziggurats in wild profusion. The upper levels are cleaner and less crowded than those near street level. A narrow wooden bridge connects the upper levels above the press and noise of the street.
  • 2: Executioner’s Run
  • 3: Refuse Pit: An enormous sinkhole serves as the city’s garbage dump.
  • 4: Goldenthrone This palace serves as the meeting place for the merchant princes of Port Nyanzaru and is recognized as the seat of the city’s loose government.
  • 6: Grand Souk
  • 7: Temple of Savras
  • 8: Temple of Gond
  • 9: Temple of Sune
  • 12: Statue
  • 13: Harbormaster's Office
  • 17: Dry Dock
  • 18: Red Bazaar The residents of Port Nyanzaru shop for their daily needs at the Red Bazaar. Unlike the Grand Souk, which deals heavily in durable goods and luxury items, the Red Bazaar deals in everyday needs:
    • 18a: The Thundering Lizard
    • 18b: Kaya’s House of Repose
  • 19: Fish Market
  • 20: Grand Coliseum
  • 21: Hall of Gold The temple to Waukeen
  • 22: Public Bathhouse A public baths run by the the temple of Sune.