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The Diamond

Size G Regular Earth Body (Sun)
A brilliant white solar body, slightly bigger than many suns, the Diamond is a crystalline body with an intense radiance at its core.


Size B Spherical Water Body
Though really more of a cluster of asteroids in orbit around the Diamond, something causes water that melts off from the ice particles there to accumulate into a singular body along that ring, forming a bubble of water not quite 80 miles in diameter across. This bubble is pierced through by the asteroids of the ring, like a cord through a bead.


Size D Elliptical Water Body
The water world Signet is surrounded by a ring of tightly compacted stone. The gravitic pressure of this ring is such that it slightly deforms the shape of the water, giving it an elliptical shape that is seemingly stretched at the poles.

Ring of Signet

The Ring of Signet is very wet, thanks to near-constant precipitation from the body of Signet proper, which makes it an excellent place for growing crops.

  • Settlements: Several small agricultural communities (all village-sized) have been founded and grown there since the establishment of the Principality.


Size E Spherical Earth Body
A world of rich natural resources, Demesne is so-called for the Prince of Bral's sole claim upon it. Any settlement charters here are granted solely to the vassals and direct allies of the Prince, and those who establish charters here are his subjects. A small collection of noble estates and titles have already been granted to some of the Prince's faithful households, as well. Spelljammers without proper authorization are likely to be attacked if they enter the atmosphere of Demesne – visitors are cautioned to seek out the docks on Embassy rather than risk it.


The sole moon of Demesne is called Embassy (Size A, spherical earth), and is intended as the sole spelljamming port for Demesne. The port of Embassy itself is still quite small (town-sized), although it is growing quickly, as perhaps the most important trading nexus in the Principality. It is also the only port that has an Arcane presence so far.


Size E Cluster Earth Body
The living world Sachet is a cluster of strange interdependent symbiotic plant-life. It is assumed to be the result of the three moons of Sachet, providing everything needed for spacegoing plant-life to grow prodigiously. Exactly what it is that sits at the center of Sachet is unknown, however.

  • Settlements: A few small communities (village-sized) exist on Sachet, scattered about in particularly richly verdant areas. These communities all focus on the harvest of the plantlife in those areas: lumber being for the foremost, but also several providing food and herbs grow steadily as well.

The Moons of Sachet

The three Moons of Sachet are a trio of elemental bodies that sages suspect work together to form the basis for the rampant verdance of Sachet.

  • Torch, closest to Sachet, is the smallest of them, a Size A flat fire body with a rapid two-to-three rotations around Sachet daily.
  • Mantle is a Size C spherical air body in the middle orbit, a massive bank of celestial fog that occludes entire regions of Sachet as it orbits. It also contributes to Sachet's already-prodigious natural precipitation.
  • Finally, Fount is a Size D spherical water body that is the furthest out from Sachet. The Fount's upper atmosphere is rich in particulate water, much of which is drawn off by the gravity of Mantle when the two moons near one another.


Size F Spherical Earth Body
Larger than Demesne, Freehold is a multi-biome earth body that is about 60% water, with multiple continents and rich resources. It tends to be rather colder than Demesne, thanks to Freehold's distance from the Diamond, but its lands are well-suited to agriculture and industry. Freehold's charters are highly sought-after given its rich potential, and the Prince of Bral has granted charters to a number of Bral's allies, who have established single communities and even small states. It has no orbiting bodies, and its seas are correspondingly without tides.

  • Settlements: Each of Freehold's seven continents has at least a few settlements, although none of them are larger than town-sized (even if the first settled content has more than three dozen such settlements, divided into various baronies and duchies).


Size H Spherical Earth Body
A massively dense, rich mineral earth body, Beacon's atmosphere is quite volatile. Fortunately, the gasses that it puts off are very light and too dense to catch fire – at least until those gasses rise into the upper atmosphere, where they catch fire. Orbital mechanics forces these flaming gasses into a ring shape around the equator of Beacon.

  • Settlements: At current there aren't any settlements or holdings on the poison-fumed world, although at least one dwarven citadel has chartered mining rights for a portion of it.


Size D Spherical Water Body
A water body found at the furthest reaches of the Principality, most of its waters are frozen near the surface. Beneath the ice, there flow layers of varyingly dense waters, most of which is fresh (although at least two layers are at just the right density and depth to capture ambient minerals, making them somewhat saltier). Coronet is surrounded by a gleaming ice-white ring, made up of ice trapped in orbit.


Asteroid Settlement (Stationary)
An asteroid settlement established by the Prince of Bral. Includes a naval shipyard and a drydocks, along with a half-built fortress. Positioned along the path into the Principality, allowing it to act as a defensive gate. Intended to eventually be a trading hub settlement, but not much good for that at current (qualifies as a village for trading purposes).