Red Keep

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1. The Barbican main entrance Dungeon Red with bronze doors and a portcullis and a side postern;
2. the outer courtyard, which can take place in small tournaments, and whose access is generally allowed to the people;
3. the Council Chamber, building near the gate of the desk, which hosts meetings of the Cabinet meeting. Richly furnished room features include an elegant carved screen. Valyriens two sphinxes adorn the front door [11] [12];
4. the hostel Kitchens, which no longer serves food during the reign of Robert Baratheon, and has large and luxurious apartments on the top floor [N 5] [13];
5. major cuisines Red Keep, located in front of the hostel Kitchens;
6. Great Gallery, which serves the king and receptions that can accommodate nearly a thousand guests;
7. the great Throne Room, located on the upper levels, can accommodate a thousand spectators [14], where stands the Iron Throne the top of which the king or his Hand hold hearing. Its doors are encased bronze oak;
8. the Godswood, nearly an acre of surface, where stand of alder and elm tree-heart without being an old oak carved face covered fumevigne [15];
9. Varys apartments, consisting of three parts blind [8];
10. the arsenal;
11. the kennel;
12. interior courtyard, with access from the outside courtyard is protected by a drawbridge;
13. Small Hall, to distinguish it from the Grande Galerie, building adjacent to the tower of the Hand and can accommodate a hundred guests [14] [16];
14. Tower of the Hand, which traditionally resides Hand of the King. It is a large tower that can accommodate the Main and his household and has several huts below;
15. kitchens of Small Hall, located behind the latter, with a turret connected to the tower of the Main by a covered culvert;
16. Royal sept;
17. Maidenvault, long building with slate and large carved behind the royal sept and named since Baelor I Targaryen recluses are held three sisters [17] doors roof.
18. the stables;
19. the barn;
20. the barracks of the gold cloaks;
21. serpentine steps [N 6], winding staircase made up of many steps that connects the courtyard to the court below;
22. the lower bailey;
23. stables, second stables attached to the lower court;
24. the tower of the White Sword, slender building located on the side of Blackwater Bay, where the Royal Guard resides. The ground floor serves as a meeting room for the Guard. It is a round room with whitewashed stone walls hung with tapestries of white wool. A white shield and two crossed swords overcome the mantel. The furniture is a chair of black oak and white table barral shaped shield supported by three white stallions. The basement is a storehouse for weapons and armor. We find the first and second floor of a small side room for six members of the guard, the Lord Commander with the exclusive third and last stage [18]; 25. the rookery, traditional apartments of the Grand Mestre;
26. Maegor's Holdfast, heart of the fortress, castle in the castle, surrounded by a dry moat bristling with pikes and passable by a drawbridge [19], we find:
27. The royal apartments.
28. The Queen's Ballroom private reception room of the Queen can accommodate a hundred people and is decorated with richly carved paneling and mirrors hammered silver who repeat the glare of torches arranged in lights. Strewn with sweet perfume cover the ground. A platform overhanging serves as a stage for musicians. The arched windows flare all along the south wall and are topped with heavy velvet curtains. [14]
29. Traitor's Walk, part of the chamber connected to the lower court and the sacred wood, overlooking the estuary of the Blackwater.