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Rodena notes

Rodena Redforge
Race: Hill Dwarf, Class: Cleric (Forge) 17th
Background: Clan Crafter, Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Patron Deity: Moradin Soulforger
Factions: Nakaltia
Ability Scores
Strength 10 (+0)/21 (+5), Dexterity 8 (-1), Constitution 16 (+3);
Intelligence 13 (+1), Wisdom 20 (+5), Charisma 12 (+1)
Bonus: +6
Saving Throws: Wisdom & Charisma
Skills: Athletics, History, Insight, Persuasion, Religion
Tools: Smith's Tools, Tinker's Tools
Languages: Threxantran (Common), Goltiri (Dwarvish), Nokol (Gnomish), Celestial
Armor: Light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, shields
Weapons: Battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer, warhammer, all simple weapons
Respect of the Stout Folk • Darkvision 60', Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat Training, Stonecunning, Dwarven Toughness • Divine Domain (Forge), Channel Divinity (Artisan's Blessing, Turn Undead; 2/rest), Destroy Undead (CR 4), Divine Intervention (level%) • Blessings of the Forge, Soul of the Forge, Divine Strike, Saint of Forge & Fire
Wis +2 • Wis +2 • Sentinel • War Caster
Warhammer of the Meteor (Melee): +11, 1d8+5 bludgeoning +2d8 fire, Versatile (1d10)
Warhammer of the Meteor (Thrown): +11, 4d8+5 fire, Range 30/90
Armor Class: 21, 24 (w/shield), Initiative: -1, Speed: 25 ft
Hit Points: 175, Hit Dice: 17d8
Personality Traits:
• It makes me uncomfortable when someone lauds me or uses the "Forge-Saint of Nakaltia" title
• If it's worth doing, it's worth doing perfectly, no matter how long that takes
Craftfolk Pride: I am among the best at what I do
• Generosity: My skills and gifts were given to me to put to use to the benefit of others.
Wonders of the Ancient World: What marvelous secrets and forgotten glories are in the world!
Nakaltia: Though I was born there, I am surely a daul of this land
• Moradin: I revere him for his divinity, but worship for his skill at crafts
Obsessive: When something captures my attention and my imagination, I am stubborn and driven
• Awkward: Accustomed to long hours working in my workshop, I am all but guaranteed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.



  • Maximum # of Prepared Spells: 21/22 cleric
  • Spells per Day: Cantrips: 5 • 1st: 4 • 2nd: 3 • 3rd: 3 • 4th: 3 • 5th: 2 • 6th: 1 • 7th: 1 • 8th: 1 • 9th: 1
  • Magic Ability: Wisdom (Cleric)
  • Saving Throw DC: 19 • Spell Attack Mod: +11

Prepared Spells

Spells marked with one asterix (*) are Domain Spells; those marked with a cross (+) are rituals.

  • Cantrips (5): guidance, mending, leading strike, thaumaturgy, word of radiance
  • 1st Level: cure wounds, detect magic+, guiding bolt, identify*, protection from evil & good, sanctuary, searing smite*
  • 2nd Level: heat metal*, knight's move, magic weapon*, prayer of healing, spiritual weapon, warding bond
  • 3rd Level: beacon of hope, dispel magic, elemental weapon*, protection from energy*, revivify, sending, spirit guardians
  • 4th Level: banishment, fabricate*, freedom of movement, wall of fire*
  • 5th Level: animate objects*, creation*, flame strike, mass cure wounds
  • 6th Level: blade barrier, true seeing
  • 7th Level: temple of the gods
  • 8th Level: holy aura
  • 9th Level: mass heal

Racial Traits

  • Darkvision: Can see 60' as though normal lighting, and another 60' as dim lighting.
  • Dwarven Resilience: Advantage on saves vs poison, and resistance against poison damage.
  • Dwarven Combat Training: Proficiency with battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer, warhammer.
  • Stonecunning: When making an Intelligence (History) check relating to stonework, considered proficient in History and add double proficiency bonus to check.
  • Dwarven Toughness: Increase gained hit points by +1 with every level.

Class Traits

  • Forge Domain Spells: 1st: identify, searing smite; 3rd: heat metal, magic weapon; 5th: elemental weapon, protection from energy; 7th: fabricate, wall of fire; 9th: animate objects, creation
  • Channel Divinity: May use a Channel Divinity effect 2/rest.
  • Turn Undead: Channel Divinity. As an action, present holy symbol. Each undead within 30' must make a Wisdom save. If it fails, it is turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage. Must spend its turns trying to escape, can't willingly move to a space within 30'. Will use Dash actions to escape, or Dodge actions if it can't go any further. Undead of CR 4 or lower are destroyed instead.
  • Ritual Casting: Can cast prepared clerical spells ritually if they have the ritual tag.
  • Divine Intervention: (Level)% chance of gaining divine favor. Can mimic any cleric spell or domain spell if successful.

Forge Domain Traits

  • Blessing of the Forge: At the end of a long rest, touch one nonmagical armor or weapon. It becomes a +1 item until end of next long rest. Can't use it again until finish a long rest.
  • Artisan's Blessing: Channel Divinity. Create simple items. At the beginning of a short rest, conduct a ritual to Moradin that allows me to complete a finished item that is at least part metal. Item is completed at the end of the rest. Can be worth no more than 100gp, and must expend metals with a value of the item being created. Can be an exact duplicate of a nonmagical item if possess the original during the short rest.
  • Soul of the Forge: Gain +1 AC while wearing medium or heavy armor • Gain resistance to fire damage.
  • Divine Strike: Once per turn, inflict +2d8 fire damage with a weapon attack.
  • Saint of Fire & Forge: Immunity to fire damage • Gain resistance bludgeoning, piercing, slashing damage while wearing heavy armor.

Background Traits

  • Respect of the Stout Folk: Highly regarded by dwarves, including being given room and board by dwarves wherever she goes.


  • Ability Increases: Wis +2 • Wis +2
  • Sentinel: Creature hit with opportunity attack has its Speed reduced to 0 for the rest of the turn • Creatures within 5' provoke opportunity attacks even if they Disengage • Creatures within 5' that attack a target other than you provoke opportunity attacks
  • War Caster: Advantage on Constitution saves to maintain concentration • Perform somatic components of spells while armed • When creature movement provokes an opportunity attack, may use reaction to cast a spell instead of make an attack, as long as it has a casting time of 1 action and targets only that creature.


  • Coins: 100 cp • 100 sp • 1800 gp • 20 pp • Other coins: 0
  • Gems: 5 diamonds (300gp), 5 diamonds (500gp)

Magic Items


Attunements: 7/8 items

  • Bag of Holding: Bag with extradimensional space within capable of holding 500lbs, not exceeding 64 cubic feet • Weighs 15 lbs • Retrieving an object from the bag requires an action.
  • Belt of Hill Giant Strength: Attuned. Grants Strength 21.
  • Dwarven Plate: Attuned. As plate mail +2 • If an effect moves me against my will along the ground, may use reaction to reduce distance moved by 10 ft.
  • Helm of Teleportation: Attuned. 3 charges • With an action may expend 1 charge to cast teleport from it • Regains 1d3 charged at dawn.
  • Ring of Mind Shielding: Attuned. Immune to magic that allows other creatures to read thoughts, determine falsehoods, know alignment, or know creature type • Creatures can telepathically communicate only if allowed • With an action, may cause ring to become invisible until reversed, removed, or on death • Upon death, soul enters the ring, unless it already houses a soul.
  • Ring of the Ram: Attuned. 3 charges • Regains 1d3 charges at dawn • With an action, may expend 1-3 charges to attack one creature within 60 feet, producing a spectral ram's head, attacking at +7 and inflicting 2d10 force damage per charge and pushing back 5 feet per charge • With an action, may spend 1-3 charges to try and break an object within 60 feet not carried or worn by another, gaining a Strength check of +5 per charge expended.
  • Shield +1
  • Warhammer of the Meteor: Attuned. Warhammer with an obsidian head that, at a command word when weapon is swung as part of an attack, can detach and fly forward to strike a foe, bursting into flame as it flies • Treat as a thrown melee weapon inflicting twice normal damage, as fire damage, range 30/90 • The head of the weapon reappears in its proper place as soon as the attack is completed.
  • Winged Boots: Attuned. Gain flying speed equal to walking speed • Can fly for up to 4 hours per day • Regain 2 hours of flying capability per 12 hours they are not in use.
  • Scrolls: prayer of healing (6th level) x2


Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: none
  • Worn: belt of hill giant strength, dwarven plate, helm of teleportation, ring of mind shielding, ring of the ram, shield +1 (across back), winged boots, rough craftsman's clothing, plain silver ring set with a single pearl (100gp)
  • Belt: pouch (tiny reliquary with a chip of stone from Moradin's beard 1000 gp, 2 platinum rings w/50 gp ea), warhammer of the meteor
  • Bag of Holding: small coffer (500gp worth of powdered silver), 6 sacks of coin (300gp each), small coffer (gems), smithing tools, tinker's tools

Stored Equipment

  • None


  • xxx: (x gp/day). x


129 years ago

  • Grew up in war-torn xxx.
  • When still quite young, her father apprenticed her to a fine warsmith, who began training her.
  • Her settlement of YYY was attacked by ZZZ, and many of them died, including her family and her master.
    • She fought bravely, but was struck down.
    • She awoke with a vision from Moradin, who bid her find the scion of one of the Nakaltian noble houses and get him back to Nakaltia, finding the First Forge of Moradin.
  • When she awoke, she had the blessings of a cleric of the Soulforger.

Seeking the First Forge of Moradin

Level 1 - 4 • 92 years ago

  • Rodena searched and found Guvran, the nephew of Lady Alsendar Stonecaller.
    • Guvran was a theologian who'd been studying the old remnants of Moradin worship in xxx.
    • His companions and defenders had been slain during the heights of the war, and he wasn't sure how he would get back home.
    • Rodena found him, and then put together a small band of dwarves, gnomes and humans to help get them back to Nakaltia.
  • They traveled to Estland, ending up exploring a dungeon for a patron who claimed she'd be able to get them back home, but who turned out to be a liar.
  • They crossed Kovannah Lake and Lake Omen, ending up in Ma-Kare thanks to some hoven pirates.
    • Rodena traded some of her skill repairing machines of war in hopes of getting freed, but the mechanist who'd purchased them was attacked in some internecine power struggle.
    • They were forced to seek the underground, and eventually found their way back out of Ma-Kare.
  • They fled Ma-Kare to Galkus, and signed aboard a ship as defenders, and deboarded in Ulgo, finally making their way back to Cal Darga across Rulgir Lake.
  • Rodena was brought to the temple of Moradin, and initiated as ones of its High Forgers.
  • She also married Guvran, becoming Rodena Stonecaller.

The Underdeeps Battles

Level 5 - 9 • 74 years ago

  • As a Stonecaller, Rodena brought her clerical power to aid in the defense of the ancient Mordinsamman temples from strange under-dwelling assailants.
  • During this time, she led an attack against a shadow dragon in the deeps beneath Nakaltia, and led a raid against a kuo-toa lair.
  • The outpost she and other Stonecallers - including her husband Guvran - was attacked many times during this time.
  • She bore a son, Morgath, during this time, and was greatly lauded by House Stonecaller for doing so.
    • Shortly thereafter, however, drow attacked the Stonecaller outpost, and her husband died defending the babe Morgath.
    • One of her old adventuring companions, the gnome transmuter and alchemist named Audrigarr, learned of the attack and teleported in to find Rodena covered in drow blood, hammer in one hand and babe in the other, with ever-increasing drow forces pressing the attack.
    • Audrigarr got them out of there.
  • Once Morgath was safe with his great-aunt in Thautam, Rodena gathered a force to take back the outpost and lay waste to the drow.
  • She fought as part of this war - aided by Audrigarr, her boon companion - for another several years before they were ultimately successful.
  • During this time, she learned the great Secret of the Mordinsamman.
  • She then returned home to retire from war long enough to raise her son with House Stonecaller.

The Alchemists' War

Level 10 - 1337 years ago

  • Her good friend Audrigarr disappeared one day, and her divinations revealed that he was likely in Zalcoryn, kidnapped as part of an old rivalry with a treacherous alchemist and necromancer of that nation.
  • This led to her allying with her old adventuring company and a ranger friend of Audrigarr's, and venturing into Zalcoryn to recover him.
  • This time led to them dealing with the necromancer's plot, culminating in an incursion into the Dark Infinity where the necromancer hoped to animate the semi-material remains of an ancient god into an undead horror under his control.
    • They also discovered other captives, including a wood elf that did not speak any of their languages. Her name was Uriellanathé.
  • They escaped and made their way back to Nakaltia.
    • Uriella turned out to be from the nation of Misanta, south of Nakaltia, and returned there.

In Elven Lands

Level 14 - 15 • 13 years ago

  • A magical message from Uriella spurred Rodena and Audrigarr to the nation of Misanta, to assist her.
  • There they found she'd been killed, though Rodena attempted to return her to life through divine magic.
    • They discovered that whatever had killed her had scoured her soul from her body; without that soul freed, she couldn't return her to life.
  • They discovered a horrifying cult dedicated to feeding monstrous entities the souls of the pure, hidden deep in the forests of Misanta.
  • Rodena and Audrigarr joined a small band of elven adventurers, led by Uriella's older sister, a powerful druidess, in stopping these horrors.
  • Audrigarr was killed as part of the assault on the vine-strangled ancient ruins where the cult made its lair, but they succeeded at defeating the cult.
  • Upon trying to raise Audrigarr, Rodena found that his soul preferred the comfort of the afterlife his heroism had earned him.
  • She did manage to return Uriella to life, however.

The Opening of Gol Dragga

Level 16 • 1 year ago

  • With the opening of the Gates of Gol Dragga, Rodena led the expedition to settle and explore the ancient dwarven capital.
  • While she was down there, a civil war broke out and the nephew of the king convinced her to that his side was righteous, as the king and his followers were fallen to an insane chaos god cult.
  • Her explorations into the ancient city uncovered magical items that were funnelled to the rebels, who used them - along with eleventh hour aid from the Champions of Ravenholt - in throwing down the old mad king and the cult of followers.