Rote Research

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  • Roll: Athenaeum rating (5) + Scriptorum modifiers
    • Target Number: Rating of total dots in Rote, plus Target Number modifiers
    • Researching the Rote: Once it has been determined whether or not the rote exists, the rote must actually be found through research. See the Research Rules, below.
  • Scriptorum Modifiers: Add a number of dice equal to the Scriptorum rating of the Arcana that the rote belongs to. Add only the highest rating of any Arcana that apply, but only if all of the Arcana in the rote fall within the Scriptorum rating for those Arcana. If the rote's level falls outside of the Arcana scale, no Scriptorum modifier applies to the roll.
    • Scriptorum 5: Matter, Time, Prime
    • Scriptorum 4: Mind, Spirit
    • Scriptorum 3: Life, Death
    • Scriptorum 2: Space, Fate
    • Scriptorum 1: Forces
  • Target Number Modifiers
    • Any of the Arcana in the rote are beyond the Scriptorum Arcanum ratings: +5
    • Rote belongs to an Athenaeum Skill (Academics, Occult, X, X, X): -2
    • Good Arcanum + Skill Thematic Synergy: -2
    • Average Arcanum + Skill Thematic Synergy: +0
    • Poor Arcanum + Skill Thematic Synergy: +2
    • Rote is a Tradition Rote: +2
  • Research Rules: Roll Intelligence + Academics, TN = twice the above Target Number, with each roll taking one hour. If the initial roll to determine if a rote is in the library fails, this research roll must still be carried out - the researcher cannot know the rote isn't there if he or she doesn't actually search for it.