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Sources: AoRCore (Age of Rebellion Core Book) • CaM (Cyphers and Masks) • DA (Desperate Allies) • DC (Dangerous Covenants) • DoH (Disciples of Harmony) • EoECore (Edge of Empire Core Book) • EtU (Enter the Unknown) • EV (Endless Vigil) • FaDCore (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook) • FC (Fly Casual) • FH (Far Horizons) • FiB (Forged in Battle) • FLT (Friends Like These) • FO (Fully Operational) • KtP (Keeping the Peace) • LbE (Lead by Example) • LoNH (Lords of Nal Hutta) • ND (No Disintegrations) • NoP (Nexus of Power) • SaS (Ships and Speeders) • SM (Special Modifications) • SoF (Suns of Fortune) • SoR (Strongholds of Resistance) • SoT (Stay on Target) • SS (Savage Spirits)

Item Effects Cost & Rarity Enc Sourcebook
Datapads & Databases
Consolidated Learning Systems Transliterator Handheld device that translates languages, including dialectic colloquialisms. Remove Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png from Charm, Coercion, or Negotiation checks that are added because of linguistic differences. 1200cr/3 1 DoH48
Cultural Etiquette Manual Set of guides for interacting with various species and/or cultures, in print or as data on a datapad. Those who study the manual before interacting with the group it applies to may add Advantage-result.png to social checks for interacting with them within the next day. 35cr/3 0 DA51
Datapad Small device combining communications device, holo messenger, handheld computer and personal database, usually with holographic interface devices and ability to connect to the HoloNet. All datapads can be encrypted, and usually have protocols that allow them to be wiped with codes sent from simple comlinks. 75cr/1 1 AoRCore187, EoECore183, FaDCore183
Data Goggles Goggles that provide AR display and input (via a small device on the wrist), providing information from units that can send data; they are most often connected to datapads to stream their data displays, but they can be connected to other detection devices as well. If using HoloNet or local data nodes, choose one Knowledge skill; during that encounter, gain Success-result.png to all checks made using that skill while wearing the data goggles. 250cr/1 1 DoH48
Hologoggles Training sim goggles that provide training and study in a given field. Choose a Skill and a rank, such as "the second rank of Ranged (Light) skill." After eight weeks of use (at a few hours a day), the user may purchase that rank as though the skill were a career skill. In order to advance beyond that, however, the user must purchase a new set with more difficult task settings. 6000cr/6 1 DoH48
Insider's Guide Printed or datapad publication describing a regional area, granting an automatic Advantage-result.png to find a specific location or service within the region covered. 25cr/2 0 DA51
Mem-Stik Simple data storage device, in a variety of shapes. 30cr/2 0 CaM46
Meren Data MDD-12 "Mercantiler" Datapad Datapad programmed with region-specific business information, including up-to-date exchange rates and common market prices for various goods, as well as links to stock markets and commodities trading houses. When used in the region for which it is programmed (Core Worlds, Inner Rim, Mid Rim, or specific Outer Rim territories), gain Boost-die.png to Negotiation checks to buy and sell goods. 250cr/3 1 FH47
Microaxial "Starmapper" Handheld Navicomputer Small dedicated datapad used to assist in astrogation course plotting; can also be used to call up maps and star charts for reference. Automatically updates databases when entering a system with an open HoloNet feed. Grants Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to all Astrogation checks (can reduce or eliminate bonus if user hasn't updated via HoloNet in a while). 3500cr/8 1 SS48
MicroData P-2 Pocket Attache Datapad with rich administrative functions and state of the art security encryption. It is a Difficulty Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png for slicing purposes, and the first failed check causes the system to auto-delete everything on it permanently. 800cr/6 1 LoNH111
Military Field Manual Print or digital publication with advice on a variety of military procedures. Once per scene, may consult as a test to gain Boost-die.png to any task covered by the manual's advice. 25cr/4 1 AoRCore187
Species Database Custom datapad with information on a given species, providing biological knowledge about them, adding Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Knowledge (Xenology) tests regarding that species. 150cr/2 2 DA51
Synoptic Teacher A small device worn around the temples while sleeping. The user must make a Discipline Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png check; if successful, the synoptic teacher instills a single Skill (chosen when purchased) into the sleeping character's subconscious at rank 3 for the rest of the game session. Failure results in the character's strain threshold being halved for the rest of the game session instead. A Despair-result.png can result in minor neural scarring, making using that specific synoptic teacher impossible any longer. 8500cr/4 1 DoH48
TranLang Holo V Audio/Visual Translator Small handheld translating device programmed with millions of forms of communication that can translate spoken languages in real time, analyze and attempt to translate unknown spoken languages, read and decode text and other forms of visual communication. Gain Boost-die.png to Knowledge (Lore or Xenology) or Intellect checks to understand a language. 750cr/3 1 EtU48
Workshop Manual Manual that gives exhaustive detail on one single brand of vehicle. Downgrade the Difficulty of any checks to repair or maintain that vehicle when using the manual to perform those tasks. 100cr/vehicle rarity 1 SoT45
Urban Compass Constructed around a datapad, a suite of miniaturized sensors and data transmitters that pick up the broadcasts and other electronic information around it to navigate in large cities. Reduce checks to find one's way around a city by Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png. Can also turn up information on local establishments and customs, granting Boost-die.png to find information about the city's contents. 125cr/1 1 EV50

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