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Motivation Experience: Once per season, a character who significantly advances their Motivation may claim an additional 5xp.

Generating Motivations

d10 Motivation Type
1-2 Ambitions
3-5 Causes
6 Connections
7 Oath
8-9 Philosophy
10 Any Two; roll twice (ignoring further 10s on this table) or choose two


You have a driving goal that informs your decisions and defines your aspirations.

d10 Ambition Result
1 Revenge: As some point in your past, you were wronged. Now you seek vengeance, and you have a hard time focusing on anything else.
2 Wealth: Money motivates you. Often, your choices are based less on the consequences of right and wrong, and more on what will be best for your credit account.
3 Power: You want to amass power and authority; for most Jedi, that means achieving mastery and high status in the Jedi Order. Your aspiration to rule may be linked to altruism or despotic desire, but in either case you want to control both your situation and those around you.
4 Glory: Fame and the spotlight beckon! You want to perform great deeds, and be celebrated for them.
5 Enlightenment: You seek spiritual and intellectual enlightenment above all else. You do not seek to bring enlightenment for others, for you realize that such a goal is innately personal.
6 Expertise: You want to excel in your chosen work or area of expertise, and constantly seek perfection. You seek this not for what it can get you or accomplish for you, but for the simple reward of great proficiency in it.
7 Discovery: Seeking out new worlds, information, or the wondrous secrets hidden among the countless stars drives you. More than anything, you want to find an experience things no one else has.
8 Victory: You hunger to pit your abilities against those of others and demonstrate your prowess, whether in debate or on the battlefield.
9 Discipline: You seek to sharpen your control over self, to hone the knife's edge of your will razor sharp. Only through this method can you know your self and what the Force holds for you.
10 Redemption: You seek to atone for past sins or mistakes in service to the Order. You feel the need to make amends for something you have done or failed to do, and you'll achieve that through loyal and unflinching service and sacrifice.


You have an ideal that is foremost in your consideration, and shapes how you interact with the world.

d10 Causes Result
1 Freedom: All sentient beings must have the opportunity to make their own decisions, for good or for ill, and the right to face the consequences or receive the just rewards for their actions. As a Jedi, you seek freedom for the enslaved and oppressed, and fight organizations that promote slavery or subjugate their people.
2 Peace: You desire nothing more than to see peace brought to places that are strife-ridden. As a Jedi, it is your role to see that situations that are violent or could become so are smoothed over and brought to peaceful resolutions.
3 Justice: In a galaxy full of wrongdoings, justice must be done. As a Jedi, you seek to bring justice to those who deserve it, while helping victims of injustice right the wrongs done to them.
4 Equality: All sentients deserve the right to be treated with respect, regardless of their technological or cultural sophistication. As a Jedi, you stand up for the underdog, and seek to bring equality and fair treatment to those who have none.
5 Help the Helpless: In a galaxy full of momentous events and desperate struggles, it is easy to forget the poor, the weak, and the downtrodden. As a Jedi, you seek to give voice to the voiceless, and help those who cannot help themselves.
6 Free Enterprise: Free and unimpeded trade between cultures creates opportunity, innovation, and understanding. As a Jedi, you seek to aid in the free flow of prosperity in all directions, and work against those who would use others for profit without fair recompense.
7 Knowledge: All sentient beings deserve an education that gives them a broader view of the galaxy. As a Jedi, you promote the discovery and dissemination of all knowledge, to improve the lives of everyone in the galaxy.
8 Wonder: You are interested in the strange and wonderful things there are to see, hear, taste, and do in the galaxy. As a Jedi, you value going into strange new situations and seeing things you've never encountered before.
9 A Philosophy: Roll on the Philosophy table; not only do you hold to that for yourself, but you also believe in the benefits that philosophy offers to others. As a Jedi, you seek to be a paragon of that philosophy, and to convince others of the benefits it offers them.
10 Droid Equality: You believe that the artifical intelligence droids evince qualifies as sentience as much as that of any organic species. Though it is somewhat of an outrageous position to take, you seek to end the use of droids as servants and possessions, and see them granted the rights other sentients enjoy.


Despite the Jedi prohibition against attachments, you maintain a strong relationship with someone outside of the Order. You work to aid and protect them where you can.

d10 Connections Result
1 Political: You have a background in politics, either with affiliation in a political system of some kind, or with good compatriots who are themselves involved in politics.
2 Familial: You maintain a strong connection to your family, whether they be an adopted family or your birth relations.
3 Military: Though the Jedi may not serve as military, you have made close connections among those who do.
4 Intelligence: The intergalactic intelligence community is close to you in some capacity, whether because you count some among the spies and ambassadors as friends, or because they have done favors for you.
5 The Underworld: You have friends and connections among the criminal underworld, with ties either of camaraderie or debts owed.
6 Economic: From booming corporate interests to mom-and-pop shops among fringers, you have close ties to folk who practice their business interests, and who can benefit occasionally from your aid.
7 Romantic: There is someone - or multiple someones - you maintain ties to with whom you were once romantically involved...or still are!
8 Academic: The ivory towers of universities, research facilities, and archives have their hooks in you, whether because of who you know or simply some debt you owe an academic institution or personage.
9 Religious: Even if you're not a particularly devout follower of a religion or philosophy, the adherents of that philosophy stand high in your estimation.
10 The Downtrodden: The poor, the weak, the sick, and the helpless - you are tied to these folk, either in philosophy or by individuals among them who are important to you personally.


You have taken an oath of some kind, and remaining true to that oath is your foremost desire.

d10 Oath Result
1 Love: The depth of your emotional attachment is such that you have sworn a vow to always support them, to protect them to the best of your ability, and to even sacrifice your well-being if necessary.
2 Homeland: There is a place that you cherish deeply, and you have promised to act in its defense and to its benefit first and foremost. Though your devotion and other responsibilities may take you away from this place - which may be as small as a single community or as large as an entire world - your thoughts turn toward it and its welfare always.
3 Departed: You have lost someone dear to you, and sworn to uphold their memory. Whatever was important to them is likewise important to you, and you'll see their legacy and their resting place defended and cherished at all costs.
4 Species: The future of a species - and it need not be your own - stays at the forefront of your concerns. You've taken an oath to see to their uplifting and preservation, whether its to see them rise to ascendancy, or simply to assist them in recovering from terrible tragedies and situations.
5 Ward: You have someone who relies on your for nurturing and protection, and you've taken an oath to never falter in doing so. This may be a relative that relies on you in some capacity, or a padawan who looks to you for instruction - regardless, they need you, and you will not fail them.
6 The Republic: It may have its flaws, but the Republic is a beacon of light and civilization in an otherwise tumultuous galaxy. You are sworn to defend it and its ideals, in thought and in action, to the best of your ability.
7 Artistic Legacy: Whether a collection of cultural artifacts, a philosophy or a form of art (or a specific expression thereof), you have sworn to disseminate and protect that rare and beautiful treasure.
8 Life Itself: Life is precious and any loss of it to tragedy or malciousness is unacceptable. You have taken an oath to defend all life where you can, preferring peaceful means of conflict resolution. And even when that fails, you are dedicated to ensuring that loss is kept to a minimum.
9 Justice: You have taken an oath to see that justice is done - the guilty will be discovered and punished, the innocent freed of blame, and the righteous rewarded for the good they do.
10 Elimination: You have seen the worst the galaxy has to offer. Roll another d10 (1-3 - Cause; 4-7 - Connection; 8-10 - Philosophy); this is the influence you have taken an oath to see ended in your lifetime. This is a dangerous Oath, as it can come very close to vengeance and destruction in its execution.


You have a deep-seated belief which gives shape to your day-to-day dealings, and defines you on a fundamental level.

d10 Philosophy Result
1 Natural World: You believe in the spirits of the living things around you. Whether you recognize this as the Living Force or have a more shamanistic approach to your beliefs, you respect the spirits of nature and may even pray to them.
2 Goodness of People: You believe in the inherent goodness of most people. You believe that together, the majority of the different beings in the galaxy can interact to create an all-encompassing civilization that is greater than the sum of its disparate parts.
3 Friends and Family: You believe in and trust your friends and family (assuming you know them). You do not hold to the concept that attachments weaken a Jedi, but only that being controlled by them does. You believe those whom you are close to will always support you, and you will always support them.
4 The Cosmic Force: You understand on some level that everything that happens, has happened, or will happen in the galaxy is part of the Cosmic Force. The Force guides the galaxy and the individuals within it, and things happen for a reason.
5 Science and Reason: You believe in reason, knowledge, and scientific understanding. Everything, even the Force, has a logical explanation and works according to certain rules, even if you don't understand what those rules are at the time.
6 The Jedi Code: The Code is more than simply suggestion; it is the mantra by which you attempt to shape and discipline your very existence.
7 Religious Code: There are countless religions in the galaxy, and you adhere to one of your choice. Perhaps this is the religion of your family or your people, or is a faith you have converted to.
8 Nothing: You refuse to put your faith into something greater. The galaxy is a place of chaos, and you can only trust yourself. This isn't necessarily nihilism, though - many find this philosophy empowering. If there is no inherent meaning or purpose to the universe, then it is up to each sentient to forge meaning from the chaos for himself.
9 Heretical Teachings: You follow heretical teachings frowned upon by society or the Jedi Order. You may be part of a secret compact of similar initiates, or merely someone who has found now-forbidden philosophies tucked away in old records that truly resonate with you.
10 Honor: You maintain a code of honor by which you live, derived either from personal ethics or a cultural philosophy. You will endure great hardship to see that your code of honor goes untarnished.