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Kuat 20-T Railcrawler Conveyex Transport
20T-railcrawler.jpg 140,000 credits • Rarity 7
Maximum Altitude: 0 meters (Conveyex rail) • Sensor Range: Medium
Crew: {{{Crew}}} • Passengers: 2 • Cargo: 75 Encumbrance; each intermodal cargo container attached can hold an additional 400 Encumbrance
Weapons: Forward-mounted medium laser cannons, dorsal turret-mounted twin light laser cannon
Conveyex systems use narrow, endless link belts that mesh with the track, rather than riding upon it, allowing the vehicle to achieve high speeds with no change of derailment. It also allows designs for vehicles on multiple sides of the rail simultaneously. The 20-T is top-of-the-line armored cargo-mover.
Source: SaS24