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Kuat AT-AP All Terrain Attack Pod
ATAP-walker.jpg 90,000 credits • Rarity 5R
Maximum Altitude: 0 meters • Sensor Range: Medium
Crew: One pilot, two gunners • Passengers: None • Cargo: 12 Encumbrance
Weapons: Forward-mounted heavy mass driver, dorsal turret-mounted medium laser cannon, ventral turret-mounted heavy repeating blaster
Dedicated light field artillery for the Grand Army of the Republic, AT-APs are weapons platforms used for a variety of infantry support roles, including light armor support, recon, and artillery. Though it uses two walker legs for motivation, it can extend a third for bracing and support. Entirely out of use by the Empire, it is occasionally possible to find these walkers in planetary defense, mercenary, and criminal armies.
Source: CotR68
Rothana AT-EST All Terrain Exploration & Survey Walker
ATEST-walker.jpg 12,000 credits • Rarity 5
Maximum Altitude: 0 meters • Sensor Range: Long
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot, one sensor/comms operator • Passengers: 8 • Cargo: 50 Encumbrance; one month consumables
Weapons: Forward mounted light blaster cannon
A six-legged, low-slung walker designed to haul both passengers and cargo through rough terrain and hazardous environments. The hull contains a forward cockpit, a central living and working area with tiny two-person private berths, a common area, a workshop, and a secure cargo hold. Due to its intended use as an exploration and survey vehicle, it is also equipped with extensive sensor arrays and the computers needed to run and record them. The vehicle is environmentally sealed.
Source: EoECore253
Rothana AT-PT All Terrain Personal Transport
ATPT-walker.jpg 30,000 credits • Rarity 7
Maximum Altitude: 0 meters • Sensor Range: Close
Crew: One pilot • Passengers: 1 • Cargo: 15 Encumbrance
Weapons: Forward mounted twin light blaster cannon, forward mounted concussion grenade launcher
Originally used in the Clone Wars, this single-pilot infantry walker is designed to carry a trooper into even the harshest of environments. Sturdy and well-constructed, they are made up of a well-armored central command pod suspended between two dextrous, reverse-articulated legs.
Source: EoECore252
Kuat All Terrain Reconaissance Transport
ATRT-walker.jpg 20,000 credits • Rarity 4R
Maximum Altitude: 0 meters • Sensor Range: Medium
Crew: One pilot • Passengers: None • Cargo: 7 Encumbrance
Weapons: Forward-mounted heavy repeating blaster
First fielded by the Grand Army of the Republic, these personal walkers provide a single trooper with high mobility and tactical flexibility. It features a small but sophisticated sensor package, a powerful encrypted comm system, and a sound-baffling system to aid in stealthy operations. There are enough of them in the possession of Imperial forces that they occasionally see deployment in missions that have to make do with less-than-modern armaments, or among backwater populations that scavenged some of the personal walkers.
Source: CotR69