Second Journal of Gamayun

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Another journal written by Mother Gamayun, this journal records her experiences from 1905 til 1908. Among the topics she covers:

  • The progression of the Columbia Consilium, including a copy of the Declaration of Consilium tucked into its pages.
  • Descriptions of the various Abyssal manifestations they had to fight over the years, as well as the in-fighting among the magi of the Consilium and their battles with the Seers of the Throne.
  • Gamayun's suspicions that some of the families of Astoria and Warren might be Proximi in league with the Seers. She specifically mentions the Heng and Warren families.
  • She discusses the creation of their massive ward around the Hotel by Madame Sirin.
    • It is a potent ward, cast with Concealment.
    • It is also Banned with Prime, Fate, Space, Death, Spirit, Mind and Forces, to the following ends:
      • Mages without an Intimate sympathetic link to the Hotel cannot enter it.
      • Its Mana cannot be siphoned off by anyone standing within sensory distance.
      • Artifical sympathetic links are prevented from being forged at all.
      • Ghosts, spirits and mental projections cannot enter it.
      • Fire cannot pass through the ward, though it can be lit once inside.
  • Later, she discusses the Deed to the Hotel, which was projected into the Astral with Sirin, who journeyed to the Temenos reflection of the Hotel and invested the Deed with its essence, granting the Deed a permanent Intimate sympathetic link with the Hotel.
  • In risking the theft of the Deed, Gamayun secretly takes the Deed and paints it into a large, framed painting that she calls "Queen of Heaven," a depiction of a blue-robed woman, surrounded by a halo of stars and standing upon the water.
  • Gamayun mentions Sirin's new apprentice, a young woman who goes by the name Arisa, arrived with two members of her family in tow to help her. She is apparently a member of the Tourblanc family, a family of Silver Ladder proximi. She makes a note to do more research into their history.


    • Blessings of the Wyrd: "Divine Intervention", Fate ••••, Presence + Occult + Fate; Tie red thread around target's wrist +1; Traditional Rote: Must be cast ritually to be considered a Traditional Rote.
    • Buying Grave Soil: "Puissant Skill", Life ••, Wits + Composure + Life; Meditating for one minute before +1, for one hour before +2, using grave soil from someone who had the skill being cast for; Traditional Rote: Must possess the grave soil to be considered a Tradition rote.
    • Overlooking: "Bind the Wayward Body", Life •••, Presence + Empathy + Life; Speaking threats to target one turn before +1; Traditional Rote: Must speak threats to be considered a Tradition rote.
    • Pishogue: "Phantasm", Prime •••, Intelligence + Expression + Life; Singing a faery tune for one turn before +1, for one minute before +2, in a faery ring or other site associated with the fae +1; Traditional Rote: Must be performed at twilight or dawn to be considered a Tradition rote.