Shadow of the Raven Timeline

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Alonzo: 5th of Jahrdrung (2nd mo)
Ravandil: 2nd day of Sigmarzeit (4th mo)
Grunna: 27th day of Sigmarzeit (4th mo)
Siegfried: 5th of Sommerzeit (5th mo)
Magnus & Wulfhilde: 9th day of Brauzeit (9th mo)

Session One: 22nd - 23rd of Ertezeit

  • On the road to the Court of Magnus Von Drachenhoffs, Drachenschloss
  • Hired or invited by Marshal Dunboch
  • Borderman's Watch, a fortified inn
  • Dr. Wilhelm Schreiber, physician hired for Drachenhoffs, met at Borderman's Watch, accompanying to Drachenschloss
  • Burned warpstone in mountains

Session Two: 24th - 30th of Ertezeit

  • Picking up stragglers at the Watch to accompany us:
    • refugee family (Granny Agatha, Adrik, Gretchen, Fredrick and a boy)
    • Lukas Vogt, priest of Sigmar
    • two journeyman (Nat, big dude fighter; Max, scrawny dude)
  • 28th: Stopped by Captain Henrik, tried to tax us by Baron and Drachenwarden
  • 30th: Attacked by goblins, lit up with marsh lights, and murdered with magic darts.

Session Three: 31st - 32nd of Ertezeit

  • 31st: Arrive at the town of Luther's Ferry (couple hundred people), with a sturdy wooden palisade, beside the river.
    • Substantial forest a small ways off.
    • Shanty camp near the village
      • 100+ people, with twin-tailed comet of Sigmar banner hanging there
      • Father Dieter, priest of Sigmar, welcomed refugees
    • Meet Sgt. Ignak, in charge of local defense
    • Lord Kristov Petrovo, lord of Luther's Ferry, late 40s-early 50s
      • Bogdan Petrovo, brother of lord
      • Dusana Petrovo, lord's daughter, early 20s
    • Encounter shrine to the Quindeus (Morr, Manaan, Ulric, Taal, Rhya)
    • Resivia, local forest spirit revered by the people, daughter of Taal and Rhya
    • Hosted meal by Lord Petrov
    • Learned of greenskin warband led by an orc named Mrok, who also have a shaman; volunteered to assist against them
    • Gossip from Camp
      • Montreau: Brittonian encampment, believed to be chaos worshippers, human sacrifice, etc, 100 miles (claimed)
    • Priestess of Morr, wields the magic of Morr, sent here to oversee the shrine of Quindeus
  • 32nd: Awakened by Siegfried who says "They are keeping us busy."
    • Tell the others, and we head into the woods and find it somewhat cultivated, with distinct threads of dhar leading further into the woodlands
    • Wulfhilde manages to get some information about the worship of Resivia, the
      • Moments of joy are rare, seize it when you can
      • Children are sacred
      • The fertility of all is to be embraced
    • Forest is dangerous a mile in
  • 33rd: Set out to deal with the greenskins, accompanied by the Pieter, a hunter; Lukas Vogt; Kristof and Nat + Cenek (big dumb dude)
    • Encounter Ernst Lutherson, a ferryman who gets us across the river.

Session Four: 33rd of Ertezeit

  • 33rd: Once across the river, begin hunting for greenskins.
    • Marching Order:
      • Pieter + Ravandil
      • Siegfried + Cenek
      • Kristof + Lukas
      • Magnus + Wulfhilde
      • Nat
    • Ambushed a patrol of 1 ork, 5 goblins, 10 snotlings; succeeded entirely
    • Found encampment
      • Snuck in while Lukas, Nat and Pieter performed distracting archery
      • Used sounds spell to distract watchers as we progressed
      • Encountered 3 goblins and ork shaman, attacked them, killed shaman and goblins
      • Trying to sneak back out, encounter ork, 2 goblins, 5 snotlings work party

Session Five: 33rd of Ertezeit

  • 33rd: Engage a work party of an orc, 2 goblins, 5 snotlings
    • Cenek was cut down by an orc warlord in plate armor
    • Get back to ferry and into town again, receiving medical treatment.

Session Six: 33rd of Ertezeit

  • 33rd: Get down to river and discover a site where Gretchen's waterskin has been dropped; the site swirls with dhar that seems to lead off in one direction.
    • We follow it along the river to the woods. Siegfried goes back to get Pieter who helps us track through the woods.
    • They return, and we track the dhar and prints to a clearing.
    • In the clearing is a statue of Resivia, with a bloodspattered altar upon which is bound Gretchen.
    • Closing to her, we discover that she is disoriented and strangely horny.
    • We free her and run off, but find that mutants are chasing us. We kill them, and return to the refugee camp.
    • We discover that the lord's brother, Bogdan Petrov is searching for us, and is clearly behind the cult.
    • We flee as night falls, getting out of town with Gretchen and her family, Dr. Shreiber, Sister Nina. We are pursued by a harvester golem that fells Siegfried but Ravandil destroys the hand token that is the means by which it is controlled.
    • We flee some more.

Session Seven: Mid-autumn Throng to 6th of Brauzeith

  • Midautumn Throng to 2nd of Brauzeit: Travel following the muddy road.
  • 3rd: Arrive in Taschgart, a small lumber community with a full palisade and decent population.
    • Pieter is here.
    • Depart Taschgart and camping that night.
  • 4th: Arrive in Drachenschloss, about an hour before sunset.
    • Large castle, larger than anticipated, with significant magical presence. Occasionally people have slight Blue Wind stutter-effects, and area magic strobes just before the magical displays over the castle.
    • Great hall, Baron Magnus von Drachenhoff
    • At edge of court, a man in his 50s, hunched back, twisted posture, slightly disfigured, dressed in blue with flashes of scarlet
    • Introduced in court
    • Dinner
      • Aldric, Baron's nephew; complete disappointment to his uncle;
      • Isadora von Drachenhoff, baron's daughter
    • After dinner discussion that includes the story of the cult in Luther's Ferry.
  • 5th: Downtime
    • Wulfhilde gets her stillroom and herbery in order and goes shopping for goods.
    • Magnus gets himself familiar with the stables and its hands.
      • Discovers the identity of Lienhart who is a mighty wizard that tried to teach Aldric, without success.
    • Ravandil spends time familiarizing himself with the castle, talking to people about his story.
      • Discovers an unusually sizeable library, including a copy of Of Assonance & Armaments, by the elven poet Mirhinar.
    • Seigfried assigned as Isadora's body guard
    • Alonzo spends day training Aldric
  • 6th: Downtime
    • Wulfhilde crafts 2 healing draughts
    • Magnus goes exploring in town after his day of work, discovers Valancin's Used Goods, a pawn shop run by a follower of Renald
    • Ravandil cleans library, and continues to explore castle; find a number of disused wings and extensive sublevels, including a couple of catacombs and a tapestry depicting a hill on which necromancers have raised undead to fight against an invasion of greenskins
    • Siegfried hangs out with the other guards who tell him things.
      • Boltmyr sucks, on the edge of the Sac, slave rebellions, swamp lions
    • Alonzo hangs around town, looking for gossip, but finding beer.

Session Eight: 7th to 10th of Brauzeit

  • 7th: Downtime
    • Wulfhilde makes 2 healing draughts. (Crafting)
    • Magnus is still getting to know the servants (Gossiping), discover influential person Kajetan, head steward of Castle Drachenschloss, and source of info is Hedvika, head cook for castle and notorious gossip
    • Ravandil continues to explore the castle, finding a ritual chamber located high in the older keep in it own turret, high windows with stained glass, inlaid with elaborate diagrams. Winds of magic are very strong and pure, focused through the castle into the chamber, the architecture smoothes and evens them out, a tinge of darker magic (no sign of recent use)
      • Ritual work: +3
      • All benefits of a Casting Circle
      • Most useful to a necromancer (extra magic die for rituals), this is magic designed to draw upon a source of power
    • Siegfried explores the town. Discovers the Stone Cask, a dwarf-owned tavern frequented by miners and guardsmen.
  • 8th: Downtime
    • Wulfhilde seeks gossip from among the servants, hears that the Drachenhoffs are cursed, has been going on for 20 years. Speaks with Isadora, who tells her about the family who have fallen to the curse.
    • Magus searches the magical emanations of the castle. Hits up Katejan for moustache wax.
    • Ravandil seeks out Aldric searching for info about Lienhart.
    • Seigfried seeks out herbery and got a selection of flowers for Gretchen.
    • Ravandil and Magus speak with Baron von Drachenhoff about a day excursion off to see the wizard.
  • 9th: Downtime
    • Wulfhilde makes 1 herbal infusion.
    • Magnus seeks gossip about the head steward Katejan. Wants things Just So, servants kind of scared of him, doesn't yell, rumored to have slept with a good portion of the female servants of the castle, rep as a lady's man, but won't cross above the salt (turned down by Lady Tatiana Szygorny)
    • Ravandil searches the castle for magical emanations. Old Keep (designed to channel a natural wellspring of magic beneath the castle, dwarven runic work), Middle Keep (also designed to channel and make use of the magic, necromantic style of magic), Outer Curtain (totally mundane)
    • Magnus notices that as Isadora is preparing to go riding, the blue wind is spiraling around her and tries to trigger a curse. It makes the horse go crazy.
    • Mila, servant who has been taking dolls and locks of hair to the warlock
  • 10th: Servant meets with a woman at the Duck & Hound
    • She and Kazimir were hired by someone in (independent town) to enact a curse and assassinate Isadora
    • Alchemical laboratory, trade tools (apothecary), trade tools (herbalism), 5 healing draughts, 6 doses belladonna, 2 doses black lotus poison, 4 doses of spider-spittle, disguise kit, 4 throwing knives, 3 main gauche (good quality), 4 doses of dust or drug that has a green shimmer, letter
    • Grimoire containing details on ritual called "Blinding the Eye of Amul" (entropy curse), grimoire on celestial magic, grimoire of a variety of lores (shadows)

Session Nine: 10th to 29th of Brauzeit (Downtime)

  • Siegfried talks to the priesthood of Morr about his visions. They ask him to record his dreams, but he expresses both a lack of literacy and a concern about revealing the dreams to those other than who they're meant for/involve.
  • Begin searching for a familiar: x weeks, starting 10th of Brauzeit
  • Ravandil goes collecting while practicing his burgeoning skills with the Green Wind. Nearly runs afoul of wolves, but turns into a tree instead.
  • Magnus goes to talk to the steward Kajetan and tries to fucking hypnotize him (lolwhut). Gets gossip out of him, instills some attraction toward Magnus, and find out a variety of other lovely gossip.
  • Alonzo is approached by Aldric, with a copy of Of Assonance & Armaments. The boy seems interested, and Alonzo finally finds a way into his interests.
  • Wulfhilde is approached by Lady Tatiana asking about her medicines and cosmetics. She then closes the door, asking her to make a sleeping draught. She also goes about discovering some secrets
    • What is the most off-limits area of the castle? The catacombs are strictly off-limits; suspect that there are other off-limit areas, which are simply kept concealed by no one being served there.
    • What is the cause of servants leaving the castle? Turnover in the Castle is mostly caused by the baron deciding he distrusts someone and getting rid of them. It occurs on occasion. Some banishments, some relieving of duty, some executions.
    • What are the opinions of local servants toward the new, outland retainers? There is some degree of resentment at being removed from the castle, including some executions.
    • What happened a decade ago involving his wife? In 2510, Lord Marshal Jaroslav Zima (Lord Marshal of the Visizena Province, Lord of Blut Pool, in charge of army) gathered soldiers and mercenaries and attempted to kill and overthrow Baron.
      • Lord Antonin Rochlov led some loyalists along with Leinhart and a group of Imperial Mercenaries, fought off Zima's forces.
      • In the fighting, the Baron's wife Ruzena was killed, along with another half-dozen Von Drachenhoffs. Leinhart was made a permanent advisor and Zima was forced to retreat back to Blut Pool.
      • As a result of the coup, the southern 4/10s of the barony was seized by Zima and continues to be held to this day.
    • Is anyone under suspicion? Baron has no tolerance for deception and the like, and if he suspects anyone even a bit, they are removed. He trusts: Leinhart, own family, Lord Antonin Rochlov (childhood friend), Radovan Petrovich (hunchback, one of most trusted advisors). Frequently removals come after Radovan has spoken with Baron. Radovan acts as chancellor for barony, but does not bear the title.
  • Venture to meet Leinhart.

Session Ten & Eleven: 29th Brauzeit

  • We get Rumors: 5 Town, 3 Castle, 3 Soldiery
    • Wulfhilde hears of shambling dead (Town)
    • Magnus hears that the baron sent troops to Luther's Ferry and they found mutants (Soldiers)
    • Ravandil hears that the family performs necromantic works; pushing and learns that "I saw them" is actually more like "my granny saw them", plus seeing a shambler some two years ago (Town)
    • Wulfhilde hears that his servants consistently suspects servants born in the barony of being in league with his enemies or lords (Castle)
    • Magnus learns that Lord Marshal Dumbach was made LM because he prefers to have mercs in charge of his soldiers; a good portion of the nobility holds a grudge over that (Soldiers)
    • Ravandil learns Lord Antonin Rochlav has been the baron's right hand since taking over the role of bailiff from his father and is exceptionally loyal. He is also one of the wealthiest people other than the baron. (Castle)
    • Wulfhilde learns that the baron keeps a mutant around to act as torcherer; Radovan; if he can't do so, he has girls from town brought up to sate his freakish lust. (Town)
    • Magnus learns that the Drachenhoffs are mutants - all of them, except not Chaos mutants. (Town)
    • Wulfhilde learns the Drachenhoffs have ruled for over five hundred years. First were from Empire. (Castle)
    • Magnus learns that the Left-Handed are gearing for war against halflings. "The Left Handed" are likely worshippers of Renault. (Town)
    • Siegfried hears that Jaroslav will pay mercs more. (Soldiery)
  • Siegfried dreams, seeing fog and mist, hearing the murmur of voices.
    • As he walks, he hears a woman's gentle laughter, which turns mocking just as he falls into a crevasse deep into the earth.
    • He lands in dark, damp earth, where he is grasped by skeletal hands that try to drag him into the ground.
    • Blood begins to well up around him.
  • Alonzo is waiting for Aldrick for sword training.
    • Isadora (holding a rapier) finds him, both are looking for Alonzo, and they find him writing in the gardens.
    • Alonzo reminds him of their appointment, and Aldrick questions her desire to learn how to fight.
  • Siegfried goes to talk to Sister Nina, to ask her about his dreams.
    • She writes it down for Father Siegmund. She interprets it as a warning against the undead.
    • Returning from the consult, he encounters riders along with Marshal Dunbach
    • He then finds Alonzo who is training Aldrick and Isadora.
  • Alonzo and Siegfried are invited to an officer's dinner by the returning Marshal, at the Stone Cask.
    • While there, they talk with morose miners, who tell them of the disappearances of eight miners.
  • Wulfhilde is fetched from her stillroom into the depths of the castle, by a serving girl on behalf of Heinrich.
    • She is taken down to the dungeons and heals Irina.
  • Magnus sees a weird Hollow Man with the witch sight in the Tin Quarter
    • Magical disease, preyed on his life-force or spiritual force, practitioner of magic who'd burned out their magic, interactions to something that damages the vital essence
  • Ravandil encounters a bookbinder named Tadeus who turns out to be a member of the Society of the Quill. Talked to him and offered to help him recopy damaged signatures in books.
    • Got Magnus to help copy when he receives a note asking for him to come to Valantin's.
    • End up traveling with Magnus and Wulfhilde to Valantin's. Ravandil remains outside, watching with magic for folk as Wulfhilde heals some of the thieves inside.
    • While she is treating them, a small group approaches, one of whom has some minor magics swirling around them.
    • Ravandil warns them and is pulled inside, when the group arrives and turn out to be the heads of the thieves. They are Decidedly Unfriendly.

Session Twelve: 30th of Brautzeit

  • We are heading into a mine. What the fuck are we thinking?
  • Vampire murdered the blackguard and two soldiers and we NOPE'd the fuck out of there.

Session Thirteen: 30th - 31st of Brautzeit

  • Heinrich wants to collapse the tunnel
  • Wulfhilde recalls that the undead soldiers wore the livery of Drachenhoff, in Sylvania.
  • Return to castle, discover that Marshal Dunboch has been arrested for freeing Irina.
  • Wulfhilde and Ravandil approached by Lady Szygorny claiming that Dunboch is likely innocent. We agreed to assist.
  • We began investigating, and learned that the case against him is circumstantial at best, due to it being based on his owning keys.
  • Orders from Dunboch seemed to clear the gate, plus someone on the inside left the postern open.
  • Ravandil communed with a tree and learned about someone from inside unlocking the postern gate and then granting admittance to halflings, knocked out Siegfried, and then brought out the assassin and allowed her to escape.
  • We all talked to the local business alliance (Cyril, priest of Reynald, head of thieves guild) who noted that he'd be happy for us to murder some halflings; he'll have them attack and draw them away from the Sign of the Drunken Dragon.
  • Believed that Mirabella Harfoot, the owner of the Sign, is likely to know what is going on.

Session Fourteen: 31st - 32nd of Brauzeit

31st of Brauzeit

  • Attack the Sign of the Drunken Dragon, take out sentries, end up speaking with the matron of the halflings, who asks us to leave them out of it in exchange for a future favor. Gives us a set of copies of the castle keys.
  • Discover that it was Pavell Szygorny. End up going to his home, we arrest him. Find evidence in his study, including a bag of dhar-tainted drug.
  • Go back to castle, wake the baron, to report what has happened.

32nd of Brauzeit

  • The next morning, Pavell demands a trial by combat, and the executioner volunteers to champion him. Siegfried offers to champion the baron, and murders the executioner in one blow, and then executes Pavell as well.
  • The baron asks us to attend him after getting a bite to eat.
  • Meet in his council room to discuss dealing with the vampire.

Session Fifteen: 32nd of Brauzeit

  • Fighting vampire
  • Best quality axe with a rune of cleaving
  • In lair, find a comfortable cot, a number of notebooks, pieces of dwarvenwork, 20 dwarven skeletons being put together, pouch with 110 gold crowns in Reichsmarks
  • Refers to her as Lady von Karstein

Session Sixteen: 17th of Kaldezeit

  • Been two weeks
  • Traveling to Ostrava, discover an empty hamlet, discover it was abandoned.
  • Find out Ostrava is dealing with beastmen who are taking people
  • Get to one stead who can't get out and so we settle in to help defend them from the tithing barn.
  • Sgt. Othmar + six soldiers, being sent to re-secure the station
  • Homesteads: Maurebek (first stead attacked, 2wk ago), Sarka (one we first encountered)
  • Mirek Lannek, reeve, early 50s weathered look, thick full beard,
  • Tanglethorn Forest
  • Ludek Sakora, innkeep (elf racist)
  • Konrad Raznik, forester, took elf arrow

Session Seventeen: 19th of Kaldezeit

  • Ravandil preparing for siege, growing hedges at river bridges, plus another bridge.
  • Magnus takes the temperature of the locals, finds and dissuades one group from leaving, finds folks who are nearly lynch mob-y against Ravandil
  • Wulfhilde convinces the reeve to set up the hall in his house as an infirmary, gathering Alonzo and some servants and grannies to get cots, bandages and other goods prepared.
  • Siegfried assists with the construction of fortifications
  • Evening Rumors
    • Magnus hears about three Imperials, who some of the locals claim are responsible for getting everything riled up. They are staying with the miller.
    • Three men from University of Nuln. Renting a couple rooms. Barnabus Netzach (professor of antiquities, early 50s, grumpy and ill-tempered), Rudolph Jaeger (early 40s, professor of antiquities), Leo Reese (early 20s, assistant, fearful)
    • Wulfhilde hears from the older women who are talking about a small group of rough and tumble strangers who go to the mill, to meet Jarmil Miska. Once a month or so.
    • Siegfried hears about the occasional child born wrong, which the midwife "takes care of it," taking the mutants out to the forest to die. • Ludek Sakora is a notorious liar, almost none of his stories are true, so he's not a viable source of information.
  • Selnin of Athel Loren

Session Eighteen: 20th of Kaldezeit

  • Selnin of Athel Loren, spellsinger
  • Delath, leader of the warriors
  • Attacked a sacrificial site and then turned into trees, wait for the warband to converge, waited for elves to attack, who pull most of the band away, leaving the shaman behind for us to kill: shaman, bestagore, and a handful of gores.

Session Nineteen: 20th of Kaldezeit

  • Pursued by beastmen.
  • Arrive in town and set to getting the town ready.
    • Ravandil finds a missing kid, while Magnus calms an out of control horse.
    • Seigfried intimidates people out of their unsafe home and gets them to moving the cart
    • Wulfhilde organizes a retreat out of the left side of the river, assisted by Alonzo.
  • Nubbins & puppers pack burst out of the surrounding farmland

Session Twenty: Winter Months Downtime

  • Lord Starosta of Hangman's Ridge, northernmost of the border towns arrives at court. At a party thrown for him, Radovan is obnoxious and handsy with Wulfhilde, and she chastises him.
    • That evening, as she is undressing, she finds a note from him asking her to meet him. She does so, and he asks to begin training her as a spy for him.
    • He tells her that the Baron is sending her on a tour of the various noble estates as a healer, and Radovan wants her to seek out information while she is there.
  • While Siegfried spends time in Drachenschloss, courting Gretchen. Baron speaks with him about his intentions toward her, and suggests that he speak with Captain Andrej about possible accommodations for the two of them.
    • Alexandra, a gorgeous woman, comes up to table; is familiar with Baron. She was turned back at the pass from the snows.
    • She journeyed to Priory of Saint Isabella where her sister is being cared for.
  • Ravandil spends time with Delath, learning woodscraft and moving from waystone to waystone.
  • Magnus learns from Selnin, learning the Amber Winds magics.
  • Siegfried asks Gretchen to marry him.
  • When elves return past Ostrava, go seeking at the temple
    • Cross a bridge over a ravine, follow the road until we reach half-buried pillars, several of which have tumbled over. Can see where mounds are, but precious little else.

Session Twenty-One: 9th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Lady Tatiana Szygorny comes to us with a reassignment, asking us to venture to Boltmere, where there have been an increase in problems, including riots, early arrival of spring fever, and other related issues.
  • While on circuit, encounter a troop of zombies and skeletons carrying two sealed coffins.
  • As Siegfried, Alonzo, and Wulfhilde travel by barge to Boltmere, and encounter a grisly tree hanging with the corpses of halflings, with a wooden marker that indicates "Boltmere belongs to us"
  • Boltmere is at a confluence of the Vistalva and Untbad Rivers, built around three hills. Population of around 10,000 people.
    • Largest is "Broken Top," which is where the main fortification (Grazny Spire) surrounded by wealthy houses. Upthrust of stone that overlooks the mere.
    • Hill of Raven Ridge, full of small houses and mausoleums (main Garden of Morr).
    • Hill of xxx, a lower ridge packed with businesses and houses, including multi-story tenements.
    • High enough ground below them has stilt houses and wooden walkways.
    • Long section of dock along Vistalava River, with ties for upwards of 70 small boats, and a dozen large barges. "Swampskimmers"
    • Shambles where a lot of refugees have ended up.
    • The plantations, small hamlets around Boltmere
    • The outskirts, area between plantations and Boltmere.
  • When they share their names, a runner is sent to Grazny Spire, and they are guided to it.
    • Along the way, they note a lot of wealthy clothing, but also signs of distinct poverty and deprivation.
    • Town watch and soldiers do not have well-kempt armor, with signs of a lack of discipline.
  • Escorted into the tower and brought into a sitting room. Governor Lagorio is meeting with someone else.
    • After five minutes they hear a gunshot, and the sound of a woman shouting at someone to do their job.
    • They are then shown into her company, wearing silks with a brace of pistols at her hip.
    • She welcomes them, introduces Brianda Galiana Adeleta Lagorio.
  • Discuss difficulties, most of which seem to center around the sale of Vana Sapphire, a plant with strong medicinal and indigo dying properties.
  • Bernard Bavra, commander of Boltmere Guard
  • Spread out to investigate area
    • Magnus turns into a raven and eavesdrop among the refugees, who are largely Imperials, and protected by the Last Light of Sigmar
    • Wulfhilde casts about for signs of Reynald worship, but doesn't discover any on an initial check. Does over hear a rumor: finds sources for vana sapphire at apothecary's, hears about a fight down by the docks where the knives came out, when some halflings tried to move on the trade and the cartel murdered them for it.
    • Siegfried and Alonzo explore the town, discovering a lot of the old construction is of Erebian make, and exploring the Three Hills. Hear rumors of Sigmarite mendicant preaching in the Shambles about how Vysocine has fallen to corruption - turns out to be Lucas Vogt.
    • Ravandil investigates the land around Boltmere, looking for good bodies of moderate depth water, and a place to set up both raft-plots and house boats, discovering the Mere is perfect for this. Approaches the Governor and manages to convince her of the fitness of the project.

Session Twenty-Two: 10th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Head down to the Shambles, with all four of us
    • Discover they need more living space, need more food, and if they have any more interruptions in food, they are suffering from deprivation.
    • Those involved in the riots or who are seen as itinerant have a chance of being picked up by the guard and pressed into slavery.
    • They are immediately suspicious of Ravandil, and avoid talking to him
    • Magnus discovers that the Imperial Refugees have 3 leaders among them (Berthold Brook, a community leader and organizer; Father Conrad Fehr, former village priest of Sigmar; Lukas Vogt, a street preacher)
    • The Last LIght of Sigmar is its own faction/group, arriving as a group
    • A lot of the slaves have started to get ill, and it's spreading through the plantations. The owners do nothing, considering it cheaper to replace rather than heal.
    • Alchemists are regarded as being shady and secretive, assuming they are poisoning the mere.
    • Talk to Lukas Vogt: He is preaching fire and brimstone against the nobles who are corrupted by Chaos
    • Craziness. Dude covered in tattoos. Has pouch a quarter full of the warpstone drug (aka warpweft, or tapestry) as well as a stoppered metal vial that roils with dhar.
    • Guard recognizes the contents of the flask as wyrd. A new drug of some kind. Wyrd makes you "better," increasing your abilities. Very expensive.
    • Found out works for Captain Zita, a bargepike.
    • Wyrd likely gained from the Cartel.
    • Magnus listens at the docks Lord Honza Hruska (lord of the lands around Boltmere) is in deep debt to the Cartels.
  • That night, Siegfried has a dream of a tree rising from a lake, winking lights among its branches. There is a rancid oil on the surface of the water, and two types of flowers (vana sapphire and a pale yellow flower that stinks of meat) strangle the tree with its vines.

Session Twenty-Three: 11th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Magnus begins arranging a hunting trip.
    • Bloods his spears on crocodiles.
    • Learns that the hunters don't have problems with the refugees, or issues because of them. They talk about some of the crazy swamp settlements.
    • They also discuss that some of them are heading over to the Swamplight (to acquire Tapestry), a front for the cartel, through which the drug trade is carried out.
    • Others discuss how much they find Gov Legorio high on their list, and she spends her time at the House of the Red Cat, in an "everyman's brothel."
  • Ravandil and Alonzo go to speak with the Temple of Morr, to make sure they're aware of the undead seen in the swamps as well as determine what they want.
    • Church of St. Petruvska, a spired temple. The Garden of Morr here is made up of mausoleums and coffin oven walls.
    • The Augur Danica Macek, a member of the clergy.
    • Suggests relocation of refugees, esp the Last Light of Sigmar, who are heretics that believe the other gods are dead.
    • The LLoS have interfered with the collection of the dead, and attempting to deal with the dead themselves.
  • Siegfried and Wulfhilde go out to the plantations. They are given three soldiers to accompany them to Master Reznick's plantation.
    • Stopped by a guard, who tells them to go to the house. They are stopped by an overseer. Manage to speak with the plantation owner, who mentions that he employs 30, but has 100 slaves.
    • Mentions that the slaves have been restive and difficult, unruly and inclined towards work stoppages, with a few trying to rise up.
    • Don't maintain much health care, occasionally depending on visiting apothecaries, Sisterhood of Shilea, or Brotherhood of the Quill.
    • Spend some time checking books and then investigate the slave quarantine quarters. They discover basic care there, but that not only is one man infected with Neglish Rot, but so is the healer there.
  • Ravandil and Alonzo stop by the Merchants' Guild, who suggest we speak with Zikmund Baren, Apothecary.
    • Want to engage with business. Facing difficulties with the riots, periodically.
  • Governor Longorio poisoned, we determined what it is, and we'll need ingredients to heal her, so we turned her into a TREE.
    • Silias' Tears was the poison

Session Twenty-Four: 11th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Magnus calls on the captain of the guard to inform him that we're in charge now.
    • He basically doesn't believe we didn't poison her ourselves.
  • Magnus & Wulfhilde go looking for apothecary
  • Siegfried & Ravandil go searching for faithful of Shielya
  • Alonzo visited by Zikmund Baren, who is concerned about the status of the governor and tries to discuss trade matters regarding the Merchant's Guild (river traders, apothecaries, and dye-makers)
  • Riot, which we put down
  • Introduced to Grigor Camella, in charge of Drachenwardens (road wardens); shows up with news.
    • Most of Drachenwardens aren't here; they're operating on the river and keeping track of barge-pikes.
    • During riot, found fighting during the riot in the Shambles: some fighting in Last Light territory near warehouses vs unknown assailants; Lord Hruska helped break up the rioting in the Shambles.
    • Heard rumors from swamp skimmers that people have gone missing from the swamp.
    • Tells of criminal organizations: Cartel controls sale of drugs in city and interest in brothels; Work closely with plantation owners. Most street crime is done by
      • the Inked (vana sapphire tattoos, violent, operate out of the docks, Palava Hill, the Shambles)
      • Nakvrana (purely in Raven Ridge, not violent but have ugly rep, run protection rackets and quite lethal), and
      • the Green Street Boys (operate out of portions of Palava Hill and Shambles, had some issues with refugees, run protection rackets, drugs for Cartel, pandering, gambling, robbery).
    • Shows us to the pigeon coop, for sending messages to the Baron.
  • Met Jonas, the book-keeper from the treasury. Hired him to do work determining who is taking graft.

Session Twenty-Five: 12th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Have a meeting with the captain of the guard about putting together the militia.
  • Send runners to the leaders of the refugees (3 leaders) asking them to come and see us at the tower.
  • Wulfhilde works on acquiring materials for the antidote.
  • Three leaders come out: Lucas Vogt, Berthold Rook (educated, cultured), and Father Conrad Fahr (older village priest).
    • As they approach, we hear the three believe disagree as to whether the meeting is a trap or not.
    • We ask them their opinion of the Last Light. They did not approve, by and large.
  • Zikmund Baren, apothecary and merchant's guild rep.
    • Concerns that goods aren't reaching them
    • Concerns that their workers/employees aren't reaching them
    • Expenses are being driven up because of medicinal needs
    • Lord Honza Haruska may have ties to
  • Jonas walks up with letters and papers, suggests getting Zikmund Baren to start work on the antidote
  • Get out to see the plantations that have already been checked.
    • Discover the lay priest of Shieyla is a plague priest, with two slaves as minions.
    • I Sleep him and we have to fight the minions
    • Follow up and check on the group who is traveling around and make them aware of what to look for
    • Slaves spoke of the "Forgotten Ones" who are there to help the slaves make it through their hardship, and to help the refugees

Session Twenty-Six: 12th – 13th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Track through the swamps, come across stagnant pools, track the escaped slaves back into the city of Boltmere, to a soup kitchen in the Shambles.
  • Discover that the soup kitchen is run by "the Forgotten," and only set up about a month and a half ago. Claim to be run by local merchants.
  • Speak with captain and have him start gathering people.
  • Find Grigor Camella, the head of the Drachenwardens, to speak with some mercenaries.
    • Suggests the Iron Hands (commander Vasily Pachenkin of Kislev), dangerous, take rough tasks and are expensive. Are in town, may be available for work; disciplined even when in camp.
  • Ravandil renews the spell on the tree while Magnus, Siegfried, Wulfhilde, and Alonzo go to speak with the mercenaries.

Session Twenty-Seven: 13th of Jahrdrung, 2523

  • Arrive at the top of the tenement to discover a temple space. Fought and killed the cultists within.

Session Twenty-Eight: 11th of Sigmarzeit, 2523

  • Beginning of mercantile season.
  • Finished the ritual, sought out the Grandfather Oak, the oldest tree in the area. Spoke with its dryad and promised to plant an oak sapling of the tree for every acorn I use.
  • Alexandra von Niemand, rich noblewoman, here trading and displaced due to Storm of Chaos. Engaged to be married to the Baron.
  • Lord Yaroslav (asshole who kicked off a bunch of things) has moved small force of troops into the Svoboda Gap, 20 miles from Boltmere.
  • Trade Delegation starts when everyone gets there.
    • Groups come in to bid/negotiate for the dye and medicinals for vana-sapphire.
    • 10 shares of dyes, 5 shares of medicinals
  • Trade Delegation Factions
    • Countess of Nuln - elector counts of Empire, one of 11 most powerful people in the Empire.
      • Lord Alrich von Hoeck, a known Bright wizard.
      • Countess long since responsible for funneling resources and support to Baron von Drachenhoff.
    • Imperial Merchant's Guild, major merchant guild.
    • Margrave of Montreau
    • Lord Yaroslav Zima of Blutpool
    • Princedom of Bhoma
      • Almost always accompanied by a couple of priests of Mor, and several members of the Society of the Quill
    • House Madhuried, a trade delegation from the south, representing a major elven trade house out of Ulthuan
  • Ravandil created elf charm. Set up sapling on a plantation (free) and cast spell to prevent blight
  • Dealing with Cartels
    • Talk to people in the Swamp Light, a tavern; Siegfried, Alonzo, and Wulfhilde charm some folks and get us a meeting
    • Plantation Owner who is always a bit light on his sapphire numbers; Magnus and Ravandil get him to agree to arrange a meeting
    • Mr Grey, Mr Blue, Ms Red
    • Had terse discussion, they leave a bag (with a bag of 25 gold crowns for each of us and a small snuffbox filled with tapestry, a single vial of wyrd, plus ANOTHER THING, plus a note "more gifts can always be provided to those who are our friends")

Session Twenty-Nine: 12th - 13th of Simarzeit, 2523

12th of Simarzeit, 2523

  • Received a pigeon that a barge coming from the Copper Hills was sighted, and inbound.
  • Wulfhilde received an invitation from Master Sigmund (apothecary guildmaster) to tea at his shop
  • Grigor Kamela (ranking drachenwarden) asks to speak with Siegfried and Alonzo.
    • Says the barge with the delegation from Baron Zima is delayed and overdue. Made its way through the gap early yesterday but has not arrived at the closest watchpost.
    • Also has orders to prepare for security arrangements to prepare for a delegation from the Baron.
  • Master Sigmund and Wulfhilde have a meeting over tea. He offers to teach her alchemy.
  • Delegation of the Margrave of Montreau
    • Sir Gascard of the Roses, one of the delegation of the Margrave of Montreau. Need medicines because they were dumb and usurped land then couldn't defend it against greenskins.
    • Abbey of St. Alteria, abbey with a chapterhouse for the Order of the Righteous Spear, templars of Myrmidia. Training ground; strict policy of absolute neutrality.
    • Alice, court scribe for Montreau

13th of Simarzeith, 2523

  • Next morning, barge is still not there.
  • Rider comes up, barge that has delegation from Countess of Nuln has arrived.
    • Lord Alrich von Hoech, Bright wizard, heads up the delegation.He and Ravandil end up drinking together, and end up in bed together.
    • Accompanied by a woman, daughter Avalinda. Who goes out drinking with Siegfried.

Session Thirty: 13th - 14th of Simarzeit, 2523

  • Magnus flew out to espy the barge. He finds the representative, a priest of Ulric, meeting with Lord Honza Hruska. Discovers they are planning to attack and take Boltmere.
    • Priest of Ulric spots Magnus in raven form and puts an arrow through him.
    • Magnus flees, carefully making his way back, though injured.
  • Magnus arrives in bird form and enters his sister's window, getting her to stitch him up.
    • He then sees Lord Alrich exit Ravandil's chamber, and asks Ravandil about it. He is disappointed to learn that Ravandil had no thought of manipulating or cozying up to him at all.
  • Magnus and Ravandil talk to Lord Alrich about Magnus' status as an elf-taught magus, and Alrich offers some advice and says he'll provide a reference.
  • We go and discover which mercenaries were involved in Lord Honza Hruska's plot. We turn two of them, discover that Bernard Bavra was turned as well, though he cops to it (he has a gambling problem). The third company simply asks to leave, and we let them.
  • The priest of Ulric arrives, and is split off from his men.
    • When he arrives just inside the tower, Ravandil notices that some thing in his pouch roils with dhar. He confronts him, demanding that he turn it over.
    • Tired of the back and forth, Wulfhilde shouts an order for the guards to seize him, and he draws his blade and attacks, dealing Ravandil a grievous blow.
    • Battle is joined. Part way through, he destroys whatever is in his pouch - it summons two Khorne-demons, who ravenously attack Ravandil.
    • An arrow from Wulfhilde kills the priest of Ulric (now revealed to be a Khornite).
    • Ravandil is cut down and killed by one of them, and the rest of the group finish them off.