Shattered Covenant NPC List

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Active NPCs

Aleystra Tezrin

  • Took the news of her ex-husband’s death well
  • Nice lady

Amrath Mulnover

  • The Castellan of the Hunt Lord’s Keep
  • Served the creepy-ass undead Lords of the Hunt

Asmi Meirshann

  • Rieve of Mud Creek
  • Taking advantage of the desperate and missing people, purchasing property at steep discount to enhance her personal holdings.
  • The dowager was Not Happy about that, mostly due to the threat to her power and the status quo


  • Orc of the captured tribe
  • Agreed, along with the other orcs, to work together to defeat the giants


  • Proprietor of the White Stag inn, Noanar’s Hold

Bantler Obroron

  • Captain of the Guard at Blackwood Manor

Belinda Anteos

  • Head of the Sword Coast Trader's Bank
  • Creepy Clingy Ex to Duke Maldwyn Daggerford

Behuvar Almisravyn

  • Flosshin Estate Major Domo

Father Bonsyl of Waukeen

  • Human Cleric in Mud Creek
  • Told group about Asmi’s actions toward the people of Mud Creek


  • Druid
  • Blackbranch Forest
  • Pyrvaris lit her damn forest on fire.
  • Ahkeron was caught in the flames

Dame Eriscree

  • Knight of the Shields of Twilight, Protectors of Twilight House

Sir Darfin Flosshin

  • Sun Elf
  • Older than Daggerford
  • Advisor to Daggerford Dukes

Lady Dauntless

  • Blink Dog
  • Helped the party navigate to the Blackwood Barrow

Delfin Ondaban

  • Wizard
  • Retainer to the Dutchess
  • Provides magical defense to Daggerford

Lord Dendos Nandar

  • Brother to the Patriarch of House Nandar

Drisarra of Warden Wood

  • Dryad, near center of Warden’s Wood
  • Known in Warden for having a beautiful singing voice
  • Wardenfolk avoid contact
  • Told party of the Grung (fishfolk) who had been attacked by giants

Uncle Dunlis

  • Darburl contact in Nightstone
  • Stablehand at inn
  • Captured by the orcs and giants


  • Guard from Nightstone
  • Travelled with the party to Waterdeep to warn House Nandar about the Zhent

Elund & Siraeth

  • Refugees from the Giant attacks
  • Siraeth is with child
  • Handed off to Mother Arcri

Saer Ensenin Dunen

  • Order of the Golden Lion
  • Half-Elf Paladin of Torm
  • Gave party information about the giant/ogre raiding party SW of May Creek


  • Bronze Dragon
  • Friend of Two-Keys
  • Unluckiest bastard alive

Filarion Filverdonson

  • Sun Elf Bard at Happy Cow in Daggerford
  • Harper
  • Nice Digs
  • Introduced Ahkeron to Sylyra

Finityr Starcloak

  • Moon Elf Guard Captain at Flosshin Estate

Gilras Mawlzelyn

  • Patriarch of the Blackwood Barrow

Captain Glauragh

  • Is the one who made a deal with a Red Wizard for slaves
  • At the Bonehill


  • Proprietress of Lady Luck tavern in Daggerford

Grethokk Longfang of the Hornlords

  • Orcish Druid protector of Hunter’s Hill
  • Let us know we need to hunt down Deer Dope for his helmet
  • Nice guy


  • Fish folk N of the Dryad of Warden Wood

Halthelyn Terr

  • Genderfluid Half-Elf
  • Reive of Gilleon’s Hill

Hyral Mystrum

  • Priest of Lethander in Nightstons
  • Is preparing Darthag for burial, wants us to contact his wife in Triboar

Hurgmin Irast

  • Scholar from Neverwinter
  • Dick.
  • Scholar of giantish runes
  • “Hired” to come to Nightstone with us to study Ahkeron’s tattoo
  • Okay, he’s a USEFUL dick.

Ibraeos Ugundar

  • Paladan of Talos
  • Captain of the Stormblades

Imessa Maelzelyn

  • Matriarch of the Blackwood Barrow

Sir Isteval

  • Former Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr
  • Retired, now helping Morwen, Dutchess of Daggerford

Istra Mylchan

  • Wizard for hire, helping to protect Blackwood Manor

Jothiah Anteos

  • Brother of Belinda Anteos
  • Known Troublemaker
  • Damn Dirty Slaver


  • Member of the Watchful Order
  • Assisting with Magic support as Bendos’ bodyguard

Kelia Darkthorpe

  • Met in Nightstone
  • Zhent
  • Hiding from the orcs, with a flying serpent up her sleeve
  • Killed the Nightstone guards after guaranteeing them safe passage


  • Orc from the Broken Hill tribe
  • Came into town to check on his friends
  • Agreed to our peace plan


  • Hurgmin’s Captain of the guard
  • ALSO a dick
  • Dead one, in this case


  • Kid from Nightstone
  • Survivor of giant attack, rescued from orcs
  • Knew of Uncle Dunlis

Lady Miretha

  • Hurgmin’s patron

Morak Urguey

  • Dwarven owner of the Nightstone Inn
  • Not Happy with the Zhentarim presence in Nightstone
  • Asked if we would deliver a letter to Marcum Shalk in Brinshander, the son of a couple who died in Nightstone

Morwen, Duchess of Daggerford

  • Recently took over from her asshole brother who set up Scalefist to take the fall for his crimes
  • Two-Keys and the Darburl helped clear his name, removing the Duke from power and bringing Scalefist into the Darburl.

Myssera Flosshin

  • Student Wizard

Nanthoe of the Zhentarim

  • Captain of Zhentarim mercenary guards
  • Had been hired by Asmi Meirshann to guard Mud Creek & act as a private army
  • Contract renegotiated by Dowager Xiria Blackwood, to work directly for her instead

Narth Tezrin

  • At the Lion’s Share
  • Aleystra’s husband


  • Tiefling innkeeper at the Triboar Arms
  • Quite friendly and helpful

Nenkin Danniker

  • Zhent contact in Daggerford
  • Wants us to check on Blackwood Manor, they’re near Mud Creek


  • Flew in on a giant vulture
  • Asked Zephyros to join a death cult, I think
  • Yup, and it was a bad idea

Orlil Nightfeather

  • Head Guard of Stillwater
  • Concerns that Stillwater is in imminent danger

Orlilar Lhammin

  • Blackwood Manor Bailiff

Countess Sansuri

  • Owner of Lyn Armaal, the floating castle that laid siege to Nightstone

Sherlen Miller

  • Captain of Daggerford Constabulary
  • Warned group of the bullywugs in the marsh. Fanged and nastier than usual.

Shiel Chevabyr

  • Recent inductee to the Blackwood Barrow
  • Was a farmwife, Changed to save her life after she was caught in a giant raid

Somesil and Vunin

  • Steel Dragon friends of Drisarra
  • Mother used to guard Warden Wood

The Stag Lord

  • Group met while attempting his capture
  • We are some of the only people who know his face
  • Was operating out of Neverwinter Wood
  • We had captured him, but he escaped while we were arguing about what to do with him
  • Humiliated by Two-Keys during The Stag Hunt, and he wants revenge.
  • Real grudge holder, sacrificed Father Dlarhund and called The Wild Hunt down on the Darburl leadership.

Sulyl Johdavro

  • Captain of Waterdhavian Guard


  • Harper
  • Cleric of the Goddess Eilistraee
  • Met in Daggerford, Through Filarion

Teltess of Selune

  • Priestess of Twilight House

Trelt Sal

  • Werebear ranger, protecting the dryad in the Blackwood
  • From the Blackwood Barrow


  • Warband leader of orc band sent to check on the town
  • Distrustful but willing to listen and work together
  • New leader of the Broken Hill Tribe


  • Hobgoblin, captured and interrogated about slaving
  • Recruited into party for 90 days, for induction into the Zhentarim
  • Gave us information on his Captain, Glauragh


  • Guard from Nightstone
  • Traveled with the party to Waterdeep to warn House Nandar about the Zhent

Whorbi Worldstone

  • Harper agent
  • Arrived in Nightstone to assist House Nandar

Dowager Xiria Blackwood

  • Son/Daughter Dyselle and Windwyc
  • Grateful for the party checking-in
  • Hired party to check on her troops and assist in removal of hill giant


  • Treant of Elfwoods

Xolkin Alassandar

  • Leader of the Seven Serpents
  • Sent to Nightstone to take control of city for the Zhentarim


  • Giant Wizard
  • Flew his castle into Nightstone to study the Nightstone
  • Seems like a nice guy?
  • Asked us to let him know if we find the Nightstone, then gave us a lift

Zindra Winterbow

  • Half-elf guide
  • One of Pyrvaris’ buddies

Past NPCs


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