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In the First Age, young Exalts were often referred to as Sky Children. Once a term used to denote one inexperienced and under 100 years of Exaltation, it takes on a new meaning in the Age of Sorrows. From their escape from the Blessed Isle, to confounding the Wyld Hunt, the saga now continues in this coming of age tale.

Player Characters

Chronicle Resources


Former PCs

Traveling Companions

Familiars and other Animal Friends

  • Wind Dancer, Falcon, Familiar of Zepher
  • Thunder from the Mountain, White Elephant, follower of Zepher

Shadow Court NPCs

  • Cadenza
  • Broken Quill

Questing with Idoru

  • Silver Heron

Old Friends

  • Gracious Resina, former fiancée of Shen
  • Brilliant Balin, son of Shen and Resina
  • Orase, son of Yisu
  • Yisu the Younger, brother-in-law of Shen

Future NPCs