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  • The Silent Keeper: Mysterium • Cemeteries throughout London. A strange, wandering archmage of some power, the Silent Keeper can often be found in cemeteries and graveyards.
  • Tom O'Bedlam: Apostate • Throughout London. The mad wanderer, practically the archetype for madmen can be found nearly anywhere in London, from the most posh to the scummiest.
  • Devotion: Apostate • Throughout London. Devotion can be found anywhere in London, as she moves from workhouse to workhouse and church charity to church charity.
  • Lotus: Apostate • St. Johns Wood, the West End. An Acanthus of clear noble upbringing, Lotus dwells in a gracious garden house overlooking Regents Park in Northwest London.
  • Cat & Gander: Apostates • Stepney, the East End. A pair of black Londoner Apostates, Cat and Gander live in the Shadwell district of East London, home to a large black population.
  • Scarlet & Madame Shikra: Apostates • Lambeth, South London. A pair of compatriots in liscentiousness, Scarlet runs a Hellfire Club called the Knights of Saint Donatien, while Madame Shikra runs the Aerie, a successful brothel. They are both based out of South Lambeth, in Southern London.