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  • Imperial Navy, the Empire's spacefaring force embodying Imperial power through its Star Destroyers and other warships, as well as the ubiquitous squadrons of TIE Fighters.
  • Imperial Army, the Empire's planetary invasion and occupying force known for its AT-AT walkers and heavy assault vehicles in addition to the courage of its front-line soldiers.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, the Empire's first-strike force, with their distinctive white armor, operating in hazardous environments across the galaxy.
  • Imperial Department of Military Research, the Empire's weapons research division that manages numerous top-secret projects.
  • Imperial Diplomatic Corps, the Empire's diplomacy branch whose ambassadors and negotiators ensure occupied populations adhere to the Emperor's dictates.
  • Imperial Engineering Corps, the Empire's engineering branch tasked with constructing garrisons and other structures of strategic value.
  • Imperial Survey and Exploration Corps, the Empire's mapping and exploration divisions attached to the Imperial Navy.
  • Imperial Surgical Corps, the Empire's medical branch operating in surgical theaters and aboard naval warships.
  • Imperial Military Police, the Empire's internal military police force that keeps order within the ranks.

Imperial Oversectors

Imperial Oversectors
  • Imperial Center Oversector (Oversector 1): Anaxes • Grand Moff Trachta.
    • Home of the 1st Sector Army, called the "Azure Hammer Command".
    • Naval forces include the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Whelm, and 57 capital ships.
  • Corellian Oversector (Oversector 2): Nubia • Grand Moff Fliry Vorru.
    • Home of the 2nd Sector Army, called the "Green Mantle Command."
  • Oversector 3: Chandrila • Grand Moff Kohl Seerdon.
    • Home of the 3rd Sector Army, called the "Steel Blade Command."
  • Oversector 4: Alderaan • Grand Moff Praji.
    • Home of the 4th Sector Army, called the "White Cuirass Command."
  • Oversector 5: Odik • Grand Moff Gann.
    • Home of the 5th Sector Army, called the "Shadow Hand Command."
  • Oversector 6: Praxlis • Grand Moff Weblin.
    • Home of the 6th Sector Army, called the "Black Sword Command."
  • Immalia Oversector (Oversector 7): Bilbringi • Grand Moff Marcellin Wessel.
    • Home of the 7th Sector Army, called the "Golden Nyss Command."
  • Bright Jewel Oversector (Oversector 8): Ord Mantell • Grand Moff Vanko.
    • Home of the 8th Sector Army, called the "Bright Jewel Command."
  • Relgim Oversector (Oversector 9): Paarin Minor • Grand Moff Denn Wessex.
    • Home of the 9th Sector Army, called the "Brazen Petard Command."
  • Quelii Oversector (Oversector 10): Taris • Grand Moff Tanniel.
    • Home of the 10th Sector Army, called the "Crimson Dagger Command."
  • Gordian Reach Oversector (Oversector 11): Korphir • Grand Moff Renau.
    • Home of the 11th Sector Army, called the "Blazing Claw Command."
  • Maldrood Oversector (Oversector 12): Lantilles • Grand Moff Therbon.
    • Home of the 12th Sector Army, called the "Cerulean Spear Command."
  • Trans-Nebular Oversector (Oversector 13): Ord Pardron • Grand Moff Byluir.
    • Home of the 13th Sector Army, called the "Iron Lance Command."
  • Tolonda Oversector (Oversector 14): Ryloth • Grand Moff Ravik.
    • Home of the 14th Sector Army, called the "Red Tails Command."
  • Sarin Oversector (Oversector 15): Qeimet • Grand Moff Kintaro.
    • Home of the 15th Sector Army, called the "Hook Nebula Command."
  • Pallis Oversector (Oversector 16): Chardaan • Grand Moff Coy.
    • Home of the 16th Sector Army, called the "Ivory Fang Command."
  • Dustig Oversector (Oversector 17): Vogel 7 • Grand Moff Lynch Hauser.
    • Home of the 17th Sector Army, called the "Chrome Shield Command."
  • Greater Seswenna (Oversector 18): Eriadu • Grand Moff Wilhulf Tarkin.
    • Home of the 18th Sector Army, called the "Night Hammer Command."
    • Naval forces include the Sovereign, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.
  • Javin Oversector (Oversector 19): Javin • Grand Moff Sulamar.
    • Home of the 19th Sector Army, called the "Dark Saber Command."
  • Tapani Oversector (Oversector 20): Talaan • Grand Moff Octavian Grant.
    • Home of the 20th Sector Army, called the "Emerald Banner Command."