Starfrost Mountains

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The mountains that surround the Anvil Vale are quite tall, and all but impassable most of the year 'round. Only in the hottest months of summer do some peaks break free of ice and snow, and during those times they are well-guarded by dwarven and human patrols.

Silvershield Vale

This valley - quite a bit smaller and higher in altitude than Anvil Vale - sits to the north of Anvil Vale proper, past Loch Hammer. It is a difficult to reach site, with something of a treacherous climb along snowy passes to access. It is filled year-round with deep, slow-eddying mists, and when viewed from the ledges that overlook it, it seems as though the mountains had reached into the sky to snatch down a fistful of clouds. When the moon rides full in the sky, however, the mists part to reveal Ylistaloré, an eladrin city of the Feywild. Ylistaloré remains in the Feywild most of the time, passing into this world for only the three nights of the month when the moon is full. At this time, the silver-haired eladrin of Ylistaloré (whose name means "Delicate in Argent Glory") come and go from the city as they please. The mountains around the city often ring with the song of the ethereal elfin folk, who brave the cold strangeness of this world for the experience of doing so, only to return home before the sun rises. Occasionally, some of the eldarin seek longer journeys from their homes, though they know they can return when they like on any full moon.