Stone Lord Houses

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Stone Lords

House Dayne of Starfall (Major)

Of all the houses sworn to the Martells, few are as storied as the Daynes—and perhaps none as burdened by recent loss. The seat of House Dayne is Starfall Castle, which lies on the Torentine where it pours into the Summer Sea. The Daynes possess Dawn, a greatsword as pale as milkglass that legend tells was forged from the heart of a fallen star thousands of years ago. Both blade and star are depicted on the house’s arms. Unlike other storied weapons, Dawn does not simply pass from one head of the house to the next. Instead, only those members of the family who have proven themselves worthy are permitted to wield the weapon. These men are known as Swords of the Morning. Their arms are a silver sword across a silver falling star, on a field of lavender; their words are None So Worthy.

  • Lady Shierle Dayne is the lady of the House, and rules her brood with an iron hand from their seat at Starfall. (61 years)
  • Other House Members
    • Ser Luthic Dayne, the Sword of the Morning: Bearer of the ancient blade Dawn, Ser Luthic is the first-born and heir of Lady Shierle. His wife, Dellya is expecting their first child. (32 years, and 26 years)
    • Lauria Deltario: Ser Luthic's younger sister who has recently married Lord Angelo Deltario. She is a putting her expertise to work for House Deltario, servicing her husband as castellan of his Castle. (20 years)

House Dayne of High Hermitage (Knightly)

A cadet House, the High Hermitage Daynes are charged with the defense of High Hermitage, an ancient Dayne holding. They are sworn to the greater House Dayne proper.

  • Ser Nestor Dayne is the current Knight of High Hermitage, as the head of this cadet branch of landed knights is titled. (36 years)

House Blackmont (Major)

The eponymous seat of House Blackmont sits near the point where the two rivers flowing south from the Dornish Marches meet to form the greater Torentine. The Blackmonts have a history of being an unruly house, mounting endless raids into the Dornish Marches as well as attacks against their neighboring houses. They are considered one of the great houses of Dorne. Their arms are a black vulture with a pink infant in its claws, on a field of yellow; their words are Aught That Is Required.

  • Lord Dafyn Blackmont, called the Scavenger Lord, has a dark temper and a matching reputation. (33 years)

House Fowler (Major)

Skyreach is located near Prince’s Pass, and the head of the house also inherits the title of Warden of the Prince’s Pass. Their arms are a blue hooded hawk on a field of silver; their words are Let Me Soar.

  • Lord Franklyn Fowler recently inherited lordship of his House and its seat of Skyreach. As is the norm for the heads of his House, he has been named "Warden of the Prince's Pass". (27 years)

House Manwoody (Major)

The seat of House Manwoody earned its name when the founding member of the house slew a King of the Reach in the distant past, a deed also commemorated on the family arms. The castle lies approximately halfway through the Prince’s Pass. The House's arms are a crowned white skull, on a field of black; their words are Death Favors None.

  • Lady Ermesande Manwoody, called the Lady of Skulls, is the Lady of House Manwoody. She has a reputation for harshness, although she is a just woman. (42 years)