Sutton Gardens

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The Sutton Family

  • Sir Richard Francis Sutton: The 5th Baronet of Norwood Park.
  • Beatrice Zoë Sutton: Sixth sister of the family, and Sir Richard's elder sister. She acts as lady-of-house.
  • Sir Arthur Sutton: Second son, and current heir.
  • Rowena Sutton: Ninth daughter of the family.


Sutton Gardens frequently hires out more servants as need demands.

  • Clifford Seaver: Butler; addressed as "Mr. Seaver." (Butler's room, Basement)
  • Isaac Corinth: Sir Richard's valet; addressed as "Mr. Corinth." (Valet's room, Third Floor)
  • Antonette Olaughlin: Housekeeper; addressed as "Mrs. Olaughlin." (Housekeeper's room, Basement)
  • Lorraine Christie: Cook; addressed as "Mrs. Christie." (Servants' Hall, Basement)
  • Bridget McGhee: Beatrice's Lady's Maid; addressed as "McGhee." (Lady's Maids room, Fourth Floor)
  • Angelica Clarke: Rowena's Lady's Maid; addressed as "Clarke." (Lady's Maids room, Fourth Floor)
  • Orion Commins & Bailey Greerson: Footmen; addressed as "Orion" and "Bailey." Traditionally, they may also be referred to as "James" (for Orion) or "Thomas" (for Bailey), but this is considered old-fashioned. (Mens' room, Basement)
  • Magdalene Male & Adell Finnerty: Maids; addressed as "Magdalene" and "Adell." (Maids' room, Fourth Floor)
  • Imogene Delagney & Maria Powall: Kitchen maids (sleep in scullery); addressed as "Imogene" and "Maria" (although the upstairs rarely know their names). (Servants' Hall, Basement)
  • Thomas McFadden: Coachman; addressed as "McFadden." (Bed & Coachman's Living Room, First Floor, Carriage House)
  • Kirby Marsden & Freddie Dabs: Grooms; addressed as "Kirby" and "Freddie." (Bed, First Floor, Carriage House)