Tarle Sand

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Tarle Sand


 There is no shame in being bested by a clever opponent.  I make it a habit to kill my clever opponents.  ~Tarle


Goals: To become the best/richest thief in all Westeros.
Motivation: Excellence.
Virtue: Devoted.
Vice: Avaricious, Licentious.


Agility: 4

  • (Acrobatics:)
  • (Balance:)
  • (Contortions:)
  • (Dodge:)
  • (Quickness:)

Animal Handling: 3

  • (Train: 1B)
  • (Charm:)
  • (Drive:)
  • (Ride:)

Athletics: 3

  • (Climb,Jump,Run,Strength,Swim,Throw)

Awareness: 4

  • (Empathy:)
  • (Notice:)

Cunning: 4

  • (Decipher:)
  • (Logic:)
  • (Memory:)

Deception: 5

  • (Act: +2B)
  • (Bluff: +2B)
  • (Cheat:)
  • (Disguise:)
    • Add +4 to all test results (Treacherous)

Endurance: 3

  • (Resilience:)
  • (Stamina:)

Fighting: 3 (Axes,Bludgeons,Brawling,Fencing,Long Blades,Pole-Arms,Shields,Spears)

  • (Short Blades:)
  • +1D when near your Eagle

Healing: 2

  • (Diagnose:)
  • (Treat injury:)
  • (Treat Ailment:)


  • Common: 3

Knowledge: 3

  • (Streetwise: +2B)
  • (Research:)
  • (Education:)

Marksmanship: 5

  • (Thrown: +3B)
  • (Bows:)
  • (Crossbows:)
  • (Siege:)

Persuasion: 2

  • (Bargain,Charm,Convince,Incite,Intimidate,Seduce,Taunt)

Status: 1

  • (Breeding,Stewardship,Tournaments)
  • (Reputation: +1B)

Stealth: 4

  • (Blend-in:)
  • (Sneak:)
    • Reroll all 1's
      • Add +4 to Sneak (Furtive)

Survival: 2

  • (Forage,Hunt,Orientation,Track)

Thievery: 3

  • (Sleight of Hand: +2B)
  • (Pick Pocket:)
  • (Steal:)

Warfare: 2

  • (Command,Strategy,Tactics)

Will: 3

  • (Courage,Coordinate,Dedication)


Intrigue Defense: 10 {4(Awareness)+4(Cunning)+1(Status)+1(Lifestyle)}

Composure: 9


Combat Defense:

  • Base: 11
    • {4(Agility) +3(Athletics) +4(Awareness)}
  • In Armor: 11 (Padded)/10 (Ring) (Base + AP 0/-1)
  • Not Attacking: 13 (In armor + Defensive: 1 + Defensive: 1)
  • Single Strike: 12
  • Duel Strike: 11


  • Superior Throwing Knives: 4D(2B)+1
  • Superior Daggers: 3D+1 (4D+1 if Eagle present)


  • Superior Daggers: Damage 2 or 3 if Dual Striking
  • Superior Throwing Knives: Damage 3

Health: 9

Armor: Padded (AR:2, AP:0, Bulk: 0) Ring (AR:5, AP: -1, Bulk: 0)


  • Superior Throwing Knives (x24): Damage 4 Attack +1, Short Range, Fast 2
  • Superior Daggers (Matched Pair): Damage 2 Attack +1, Defensive +1, Offhand +1

Destiny, Benefits and Flaws

  • Destiny Points: 2


Blood of the Andals: 1/day +2 to any test, and when Testing Deception he may re-roll 1 die
Adept Negotiator: (Deception 3) - no penalty to Persuasion from disposition while my disposition is unknown
Lucky: - Re-roll a test 1/day
Furtive: - Re-roll 1's on Stealth, add agility to sneak
Sinister: - +2 Def (combat & Intrigue) First Round
Treacherous - Add +Cunning to Deception Tests
Double Shot (Marksmanship 5 (Thrown 3B) - Greater Action, Throw 2 daggers at -1D each
Weapon Mastery: - Damage +1
Armor Mastery: - AR +1, 1 less Bulk
Animal Cohort (Eagle): Gain +1D to Fighting when your Eagle is nearby.

Drawbacks and Flaws:

Bastard Born: - Persuasion -1D vs higher Status
Debt: Double all Purchase Cost - When you grow up in the slums you end up owing people. When you're a low-born bastard it's worse. Tarle owes the local underworld boss a Princely sum, and no amount of "Jobs" seemed to make a dent in it. Danyk finding him, and picking him up out of the gutter, doesn't change that fact; and if Tarle doesn't pay, his family will suffer for it. So Tarle skims a little off the top of any money he gets for gear to make payments.
Fear of.. Drowning: Tests facing fear -1D, roll 1D each turn overcome on a 6. - When Tarle was 5 his mother tried to send him to live with his Father, and perhaps learn a trade. His "Father" wanted nothing to do with a bastard and drug him to the sea wall. He tossed Tarle into the surf and the crashing waves slammed him repeatedly into the unyielding wall, knocking the wind out of him. Only the intervention of the Gods saved Tarle from certain death; As a panicking Tarle began to lose consciousness a stronger wave smashed him higher on the wall and his shirt caught on a large splinter of wood. Tarle hung there, half-drowned, and barely conscious, for almost an hour; His young mind unable to deal with what he was experiencing. His mother finally managed to convince a local man to climb down pull Tarle up, but the event left its mark.
Flaws - Healing (insensitive): Healing Tests -1D - Tarle has little regard for Life, and less interest in angering the Gods, so if they want you to die Tarle isn't going to interfere.
Supreme Arrogance: Subtract Cunning from Awareness tests - If you want to stand out in the slums you have to be the Best at something. Tarle considers himself the best Assassin in the Land and sometimes gets so caught up on how good he is that he misses something.
Nemesis He's got it out for you - When you get good at something someone is always going to be looking to knock you down. For Tarle that someone comes in the form of his Competition. A Bored, spoiled, noble, named Joseth Tobyn. Born to wealth, he secretly sneaks around committing crimes and killing people to pass the time. Time after time Tarle would track down a mark, only to find him already dead, or break into a shop to find his prize already stolen; And perhaps a trap waiting instead. And, since Joseth covers his tracks exceptionally well, no one would believe he was guilty of anything, especially on the word of a Bastard Street-Rat.


  • Coin: 100ss + 73gd
  • Notable Items:

Garron w/ Saddle

  • Garb:

Craftsmens Garb
Courtier's Garb (worth 300SS) Impressiveness Rating: 3
Entertainer's Garb
Godsworn's Vestments
Maester's Garb
Traveler's Garb
Peasant's Garb

  • Consumables:

Scent (4 uses)


  • To establish a Thieves Guild in Dawnspoint:
  • To establish an Assassins Guild in Dawnspoint:
  • To become wealthy (Land,Reputation,Coin):



Earned: 193xp+ 3 Destiny
  • Character Creation: 35xp
  • Book 2 Audit: 70xp
  • Book 2
    • Chapter 1: 10xp
    • Chapter 2: 7 xp
    • Chapter 3: 2xp
    • Chapter 4: 16xp
    • Chapter 5: 16xp
    • Book Two: 4xp + 1dp

Spent: 160xp; Unspent: 0xp

  • Awareness to 4 (30xp)
  • Marksmanship 5 (30xp)
  • Thrown, Steetwise +2B, Train +1B (40xp)
  • Cunning 4 (30xp)
  • Stealth 4 (30xp)
  • Reputation +1B (10xp)