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Tavel White
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Race: Half-elf, Class: Warlock
Background: Scholar/cultist, Alignment: neutral good
Patron Deity: Great Old One
Factions: Silent Circle
Ability Scores
Strength 8 (-1), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 14 (+2);
Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 18 (+4)
History of stats on talk page
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws:
Str: -1, DEX: +2, Con: +2, INT:+1, Wis: +4, Cha: +7
Skills: Half elf: Perception, Investigation; Warlock: Deception, Persuasion; Background (Scholar): Arcana, History
Tools: None yet
Languages: Common, Elvish, Undercommon, Primordial, Deep Speech
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Dagger
TRAITS, Feature: Cult initiate / scholar of far realms & elder gods
Attacks: Agnonizing Blast, Dagger
Armor Class: AC 14 (Dex +2, Studded Leather), Initiative: +2, Speed: 30ft
Hit Points: 38, Hit Dice: L5, d8+2
Personality Traits: Mysterious, charismatic
Ideals: Secret knowledge and power vs saving his soul, getting out alive
Bonds: Patron, Pandorym. Looking for father who initiated him as warlock, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
Flaws: Conspiracy theories, looking for hidden meaning in too many things. Impatient with stasis or indecision. Liable to act rash to break a long stalemate or delay.




Disintegration is quite painless, I assure you.
-From Beyond

"No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of the commonplace."
- Ex Oblivione

"The sun machine is coming down, and we’re gonna have a party."
- David Bowie, Memory of a Free Festival




Tavel was born in Sky Watcher, when his father was a mere scholar of the arcane, his happiest memories are from this time although he maintains no contact with anyone there. His extended family are probably still located in Sky Watcher. He spent most of his life after about age 10 in Water Keep and on various travels with his father, who was part of a cult / secret organization studying Pandorym. Tavel is an initiate into that order, which goes by a few names such as The Unchained and the Silent Council.

When Tavel was about 17, and he and his father had finally located a mysterious tome his father had been seeking. It was in an abandoned, but heavily warded tower, in the small village of Shepherd's Ford. Tavel has little memory of what happened that night, but when he awoke the next day his father Oron was mysteriously gone, and Tavel was bound to Pandorym and had new-found and unplanned powers as a Warlock. Tavel seeks out his father for explanation of what happened to him, and his mother. Tavel is torn between feelings of seeking his father out for vengeance and for more knowledge. He's lost his mentor & master who taught him secrets and gave him power, the only one who knows how his pact works and how his soul was sold. He feels abandoned. He blames his father for his mother leaving, or perhaps for killing her.


Father, Oron White

Oron, a full blooded elf, is (was?) a pandorym cultist and warlock. A former scholar of the arcance, Oron started seeking esoteric and forbidden knowledge and became shunned by normal magical communities, travelling around and treating Tavel as an assistant and lackey.

Mother, Erin Marger White

Tavel has vague but postive memories of his mother Erin, up until about his age of 10 or 12, when his father truly turned his full effort and obsession over to seeking power from the far realms. Tavel doesn't know why his Mother left, and his father Oron refuses to speak of it. This is another period of blacked out memories, like the night Tavel became a warlock. Tavel is half suspicious his mother is dead at his father's hand or sacrificed in a magical rite, half that when she tried to leave with him his father refused and stole him away in the night. As far as Tavel is still neutral good, it was by her influence.


Unlike a warlock in a Fey or Fiend pact, his communication with has great old one patron Pandorym isn't through speech and is often very unclear. He receives dreams and urges, secret insights, glimpses of power or new knowledge. Sometimes he is certain and obsessive about an urge to act that clearly comes from outside of him. Tasks or complications he receives from his patron shouldn't be explicitly evil to start, though they may be enigmatic, nonsensical, inscrutable and something that seems like it could be done to set up some evil act years or decades in the future, or mess with people who become important later.


He often dreams of a burned plain, on a dim world, nothing growing, under a large low hanging moon that is always full. In the center of the plain is a jumble of dark stony spires surrounding and mostly obscuring an inner open area with low cluster of battlement walls in turn surrounding a dark crystalline pyramid. He assumes this is where Pandorym lives, perhaps rules from or is bound into.


He seeks to understand and further his power, unraveling secrets and making them his own. He doesn't want to embrace and serve Pandorym, there is no worship or love there. He is bound against his will, without his consent, but is torn between love of the freedom and power it gives him and the knowledge that eventually his life won't be put towards his own ends and purposes. His Warlock Pact of the Chain is focused around binding and controlling, inflicting on others the cycle of use and abuse that is inflicted on him. He would free himself from Pandorym if he could, but only if he could maintain power and knowledge.

Possible Trajectory

As bound to Pandorym, an elder evil, Tavel's duties to obey and serve his patron will push his alignment away from neutral good towards chaotic neutral (mid-game) and then eventually towards chaotic evil (late game struggle to avoid this, mainly to stay in control of himself and be his own person, not to stay "good" necessarily).


Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Other: Skin pale / freckles


Personality Traits

  • Secretive. Charisma is mostly from seeming mysterious, confident, committed.
  • Sexuality: Straight, mostly?

Racial Traits

  • Darkvision: Darkvision 60ft
  • Charm res: Advantage on save vs charm
  • Sleep: Immune to magical sleep

Class Traits

  • Awakened mind: Warlock GOO pact: telepathic comm to any creature w/in 30 ft, one way (1st level Pact feature)
  • Pact of chain: Familiar, bonus forms, can defer my attack in favor of familiar's (Pact Boon)
  • Agonizing Blast: Warlock invocation: Add CHA modifer to damage of cantrip blast (Eldritch Invokation)
  • Mask of many faces Cast Disguise Self on myself at will without using a spell slot (Eldritch Invokation)
  • Repelling blast I can have creatures hit by any eldritch blast beam pushed 10ft away from me (Eldritch Invokation)

Spells (2 spell slots, both spell level 3; 3 known cantrips; 6 known spells)

  • Eldritch Blast: Cantrip
  • Friends: Cantrip
  • Minor Illusion: Cantrip
  • Armor of Agathys: Level 1 spell
  • Charm person: Level 1 spell
  • Disguise self: Level 1 spell at will, no spell slot expended (via eldritch invokation Mask of Many Faces)
  • Phantasmal Force: Level 2 spell
  • Suggestion: Level 2 spell
  • Hunger of Hadar: Level 3 spell
  • Hypnotic Pattern: Level 3 spell

Background Feature

  • BACKGROUND FEATURE: Understand specific symbols, lore, and even secret cult signals surrounding Pandorym. Research or information from these groups and cults: know where and who to get it from, takes less time. Understand general information about the Old Gods, more easily understand the signals, symbols, lore surrounding anything related to the Far Realms.


FEAT: Actor

  • Skilled at mimicry and dramatics, you gain the following benefits:
  • Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You have advantage on Charisma (Deception) and Charisma (Performance) checks when trying to pass yourself off as a different person.
  • You can mimic the speech of another person or the sounds made by other creatures. You must have heard the person speaking, or heard the creature make the sound, for at least 1 minute. A successful Wisdom (Insight) check contested by your Charisma (Deception) check allows a listener to determine that the effect is faked


  • Acrobatics: +2
  • Animal Handling: 0
  • Arcana: +4 (prof)
  • Athletics: -1
  • Deception: +7 (prof and advantaged from actor feat)
  • History: +4 (prof)
  • Insight: +1
  • Intimidation: +4
  • Investigation: +4 (prof)
  • Medicine: +1
  • Nature: +1
  • Perception: +4 (prof)
  • Performance: +4 (advantaged from actor feat)
  • Persuasion: +7 (prof)
  • Religion: +1
  • Slight of Hand: +2
  • Stealth: +2
  • Survival: +1


Tracking on character sheet

Other Important Individuals

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

  • Anything you want to start and keep track of