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Legal Name: Augustus Beverly Corwin Jr.
(he prefers Gus, but family calls him Bev; Gus is his dad)
Metatype: Dwarf, Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 32, Sex: Male, Height: 4' 2", Weight: 200 lbs.
Street Cred: 0, Notoriety: 0, Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 0, Total Karma: 0
Primary Lifestyle:
Nuyen: ¥190
Licenses: None
Other Identities: None
Combat Info
Armor: 12 (Armor Jacket (AR 12+1 Electricity Resistance)
Ranged: Defiance T-250
Melee: Combat Axe
Condition Monitors Physical: 12 Stun: 10 Overflow: -
Body: 7, Agility: 5, Reaction: 5 (6), Strength: 7
Willpower: 3, Logic: 2, Intuition: 2, Charisma: 2
Edge: 1, Essence: 6, Magic: 5, Resonance: -
Initiative: 8+2d6, Matrix Initiative: , Astral Initiative:
Composure: 5, Judge Intentions: 4, Memory: 5, Lift/Carry: x/x kg (x/x lbs), Movement: Walk x, Run x, Sprint x
Physical Limit: 10, MentalLimit: 3, SocialLimit: 5
Active Skills:
Agility: Blades 6 (axes+2), Gymnastics 1 (+2), Locksmith 1, Longarms 1, Sneaking 3 (urban+2), Unarmed Combat 1,
Strength: Running 1 (+2),
Logic: First Aid 1
Intuition: Perception 1,
Charisma: Animal Handling 1 (+1 non-prey, +4 raptors), Intimidation 1 (+2),
Knowledge Skills: Urban Brawl 2, Shamatic Society 1 (PacificNW+2), Magical Theory 2, Clubs & Bars 2
Languages: English (N), ASL (N)
Positive: The Beast's Way (Thunderbird), Natural Athlete
Negative Qualities: Deaf
Adept Powers: Critical Strike (blades), Enhanced Accuracy (blades), Enhanced Perception 2*, Improved Reflexes 1, Combat Sense 3, Improved Potential (Phys) 1, Berserk 1*
Heaven (Talismonger Shaman 2/2)
Bastien (Bouncer @ Crusher 495 1/1)
Commlink or Cyberdeck
My cousin's car.


Born: November 24, 2041 in Seattle, WA.

Who is Temper?

He prefers to be called Gus, though his family all adoringly call him Bev. Gus is what they call his father. His cousin uses a street name, 'Tantrum', so Gus chose the often appropriate name 'Temper' for when they work together.
He's a native-born resident of the Redmond barrens in Seattle, having grown up in a large dwarven family. Growing up he did a lot of labor jobs until he was old enough to get bouncer and security gigs, mainly at bars and clubs. He always did have a good work ethic and dedicated himself to whatever job he had at any given time.
He's a huge fan of the Seattle Screamers, our local Urban Brawl "sports" team. He even put together a Fantasy Urban Brawl League with several of his friends and coworkers that he's quite proud of.
He's gay, but doesn't have the best track record with dating, his relationships often falling apart due to his anger management issues. He has a tendency to gravitate towards burly ork types, much to the horror of his parents. That axe he's always carrying around with him was a parting gift (he stole it) from a prior relationship with an ork ganger named Marvin. They still occasionally get together to "discuss" him giving the axe back, though there is very little actual discussion from what I understand.
Gus is a vegetarian, which is conveniently easy to pull off when almost everything affordable is made of vat-grown soymush. He's afraid of heights, though he refuses to admit it. He insists on helping decorate for Yuletide each year, gets up atop a ladder and then just freezes like a fat, little gargoyle perched up top until someone coaxes him down. And he has a strange quirk where he has a burning mistrust of "those shifty people who are always wearing sunglasses", suspicious that they're goal is to hide their eyes from others, regardless of whether or not they have AR feeds going on their side of the lenses. And he tends to be a mother hen to those he feels protective of.

The most significant thing in his life so far was not only the most tragic, but the most transforming.
When he was 17, he had saved up enough money and was undergoing surgery to receive his first bit of chrome, a simple headware comlink installation by a local street doc. A sudden storm quickly rolled in and the van where the procedure was being performed was directly struck by lightning. The last thing Gus would ever hear in his life was the loud boom of thunder just before the blinding flash that ushered him into darkness. He was in a coma for three weeks before waking up. He told me he was lost, trying to find his way back, until a voice in his mind had told him that it was time to wake up and led him out of the darkness that had swallowed him up during the storm.
Gus was diagnosed as having severe and permanent brain damage, which had resulted in total loss of hearing. Due to its severity, even augmentation could not cure it. He might have fallen to despair, except that his mother and family were always there to ever push him forward. His mother encouraged him to learn ASL, though he didn't much see the point given that the glasses, and now the contacts he wears, they had gotten him had AR voice-to-text. He mostly uses the ASL he's learned to be vulgar and insult people unknowingly in public.
After the accident, the voice that identified itself as the Thunderbird would come to him in dreams from time to time. This birthed a newfound spirituality in him, which eventually led him to a small group of likeminded seekers who sought wisdom and enlightenment led by myself, Heaven.
Gus has a small yappy dog that his mother insists was crossbred with a devil rat, which is how she earned her name, Rat. Her teeth are very sharp and she in not fond of myself. Or anyone from what I've seen. He plays guitar...badly. He originally picked one up for the sole purpose of being a distraction from the axe he hides in a compartment beneath it. A stray thought struck him at some point that he should actually learn to play the thing he's always carrying around with him. And the rest of the world suffers for it.

Combat Gear


  • Seattle Screamers Official Armored Jacket: AR 12 +1 Nonconductivity


  • "Lucy", Combat Axe
  • Defiance T-250 Shotgun
  • Knucks

Lifestyle & Identity


  • Comforts & Necessities: 1/2
  • Security: 2
  • Neighborhood: 1
  • Points: 2 (x, x)
  • Cost: 500¥
  • Entertainment:
    • xxx: x


  • Carried: MetaLink comlink w/ Sim Module & Trodes (headband), Optical Contacts w/ ImageLink, Silver Credstick, Locksmith Kit, False-bottom guitar case, crappy guitar
  • Stored:


  • His general aesthetic is jeans and a tank top with his official Seattle Screamers armored jacket worn over it. The look is completed with ratty sneakers, a simple metal headband worn around the back of his head (temple-to-temple), bandages wrapped around his palms, an assortment of chains and shamanic charms worn around his neck and large gauged onyx plugs in his ears. He has a few Thunderbird inspired tattoos, as well as a Seattle Screamers tattoo and that of the Sagittarius sign. He has a small bald patch along a scar on the back of his head from a botched cyberware procedure.


  • Insert Name Here:
    • Licenses: -
    • Credit: 0

Family, Friends, Allies & Contacts

Talismonger (2) & Head of the Storming Skies Society
A shaman recently arrived on the Redmond scene, Heaven has gathered a small society around herself, made up of others who share her vision for Redmond as a place free from crushing poverty but also free from the constraints and emptiness of corporate life. She works as a talismonger out of the Plastic Jungles, where she maintains a domicile that is lodge, talismongery, and green house all at the same time.
Crusher 495 Bouncer (1)
Bastien is the head of security at Crusher 495, and in charge of hiring other security as necessary for shows. He takes a great deal of pride in his work and what Crusher 495 has accomplished over the years and intends to see that its legacy continues as long as he has any say in it.