Templars Episode 1 NPCs

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The Scions

The Scions that the Band has been sent to meet and possibly recruit.

Note: Sorry about the pic size on some of these. :D

Brandt Hammerich


A young officer in the Bundeswehr, Germany’s Federal Defense Force, Brandt’s divine parentage was originally unknown (though it was later discovered to be Thor). There have been signs of his possessing divine strength, however — most recently he was arrested for a bar fight in which he nearly killed several men barehanded while drunk. They don’t really expect any trouble, but would definitely like the Scions to help keep things peaceful.

Ultimately, while Rikert nearly scared Brandt off entirely, it was Reginleif's persuasive words (and her nature as a Valkyrie) that swayed him. He accompanied her, though retained contact information for the Jonathan Davies, of the Naos Group Special Project Team.

Sarah Kingston


A young woman based out of Seattle who works as a fetish model. As far as they have been able to research, her divine parent is most likely Hel, of the Aesir. She’s been severely bipolar for years, and she was verified as being at an outbreak of hungry dead in the area recently. Several eyewitnesses can verify that she fought them off. She has also been seen by her friends in the graveyard near her house, supposedly speaking to no one.

Ultimately, the Band learned that she was approached by Rikert, and accompanied him to Germany.

The Bad Guys

Rikert Drager

The Creepy Thin Man (damn it...)


Rikert and Riley Bannon very nearly killed one another. It was only because Lora Brovik fired off her gun in his mouth while he lay there attempting to heal that he was beaten. Though the coup de grace blew the top of his head off, Reginleif indicated that he was einherjar, leaving doubt as to whether or not the Band had seen the last of him.


The bitch with the spear


The beauty to Rikert's beast, Reginleif is one of the Valkyrie of legend. A persuasive speaker as well as an able fighter, Reginleif revealed that she is associated with a group known as the Heirs of Hyborea.

The Naos Group

Shannon Donnelley

Director of the Belfast Fanum


A woman in her mid-40s or so, the director of the Belfast Fanum met the Band as a result of Lora's grievous injuries at the hands of Reikert. She brought them the Cup of St. Brigit, a relic which granted them healing capabilities. Surprisingly, she indicated that the Board of Directors had decided that it was perhaps best that the cup be left in their hands, given the dangerous nature of the work they do.