The Radiant Fane-STC

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Storyteller Characters


  • Venerable Silk, Steward of the Sequestered Tabernacle
  • Unrelenting Wolf, General Martial Arts Badass of the Cult of the Illuminated
  • Ayesha Ura, Inner Circle member of the Cult of the Illuminated
  • Amaya, new Initiate of the Sequestered Tabernacle; Eclipse Caste Solar
  • Gabriel, new Initiate of the Sequestered Tabernacle; Zenith Caste Solar


  • Defiant Eminence, god of the Dehennen Mountains
  • Unwholesome Blossom, god of the nearby Wood aspected Desmense
  • Eternal Repose, Ghostly Curator of the Ministry of Radiant Exequies
  • Crystaline Pride Triumphant, god of Salt & Ice
  • Winter White Song, god of Winter death
  • Kind Fin Mother, dolphin goddess of the Zalvenesh people
  • Gold Tooth, Zalvenesh god of fishing and artifact salvaging (orihalcum toothed weasel)
  • Little Frost Thief, Zalvenesh god of frost ruined food (arctic fox)
  • Ice Cracking Roar, Zalvenesh god of holes in ice (polar bear)

Minor Characters

  • Fire's Daughter: Red-Haired Innkeeper Girl in Salt and Ice
  • Seafoam Frost: Priest, Son of Crystaline Pride Triumphant
  • Luminous Sea: Priest in Salt and Ice, present at the shrine of Kind Fin Mother
  • Rose Crane: Elderly woman, found dying in the barrens of the North. Escorted to the White Hills.
  • Rangers of the Vale: Rightful Envoy (bearded man with long dark hair), Winter's Arrow (blonde woman), Swift Dawn (sandy blonde man)
  • Priests of the Tabernacle: Sorrowful Haman (Blue Robe; bearded, with long braid down his back), Pious Adia (Blue Robe; woman with long red hair worn in braid), Sunrise River (Brown Robe; gruff man with long, unruly hair; master of work details)

The Garda