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Theurgia, Voice of Pelor

Character History

Work in Progress

Age: 15 years since last re-incarnation

Motivation: Main stated goal is to accomplish Pelor's Will. Unstated goal is that she wants to understand why her memory of her last incarnation is almost impossible to remember, and why the parts that she can recall are disturbing and violent. She's almost afraid to find out what happened, but she's afraid even more of NOT finding out what happened. Theuriga is also usually unable to recall the exact details of her Covenant with Pelor until the situation requires that she recall some particular part.

Traits: Austere but polite. Theuriga has secrets even she does not know. She's generally quiet and composed, especially in social settings where she might be seen as a bit of a wall flower, but she can be intimidating and downright vindictive in combat settings.

Appearance: Timelessly beautiful as all Deva usually are, her age is impossible to determine, without asking. She puts effort into her appearance, as a Voice of Pelor, she must look the part or else dishonor her deity.

Background Timeline:

  • Pre-Incarnate Theuriga agrees to Covenant with Pelor while still in the Astral Sea. Details of Covenant are very vague and hard to remember now that she is incarnate.
  • Theurgia 'awakens' afloat in small oasis at the edge of desert region - discovers a small and slightly poor Monastery of Pelor nearby.
  • Taken in by Monastery as honored guest and pupil.
  • Elderly Abbot of monastery becomes very found of Theuriga over the years. Names her after his deceased favorite pupil from years ago.
    • Note: Theuriga understands that the Abbot is wistfully wishing that the deva is the reincarnated spirit of his former pupil, this is NOT the case, but Theuriga says nothing to deny the possibility. She is very fond of the Abbot. Certainly he is the only person she's really become attached to during this incarnation.
  • Theuriga has flashes that she assumes are from her previous incarnation. They are dark and disturbing, and cause Theuriga a great deal of stress and worry.
  • Theuriga begins having flashes of anger, almost kills a petty thief attending to con the Abbot. Reluctantly plans to leave the monastery, 'for their own good'.
  • Theuriga almost immediately is 'called' by Pelor to leave the monastery anyway.. Despite their poor status and lack of resources, they give Theuriga nearly everything they can spare, and bless her in Pelor's Name.
  • Unsure of exactly what Pelor's Will is, other than that she leave the comfort and safety of the Monastery, she wanders.


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